A 100 g ball on a 60-cm-long string is swung in a vertical circle about a point 200 cm above the floor. The tension in the string when the ball is at the very bottom of the circle is 5.0 N. A very sharp knife is suddenly inserted, as shown in FIGURE P8.56, to cut the string directly below the point of support. How far to the right of where the string was cut does the ball hit the floor?

A 100 g ball on a 60-cm-long string is swung in a vertical circle about a point 200 cm above the floor.

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The string suddenly breaks when it is parallel to the ground and the ball is moving upward. The ball reaches a height 600 cm above the floor. What was the tension in the string an instant before... View Answer
A 0.400-kg object is swung in a vertical circular path on a string 0.500 m long. If its speed is 4.00 m/s at the top of the circle, what is the tension in the string... View Answer
A 800-kg ball is tied to the end of a string 1.60 m long and swung in a vertical circle. (a) During one complete circle, starting anywhere, calculate the total work done on the ball by (i) the tension in the string and en) gravity. (b) Repeat part (a) for motion along the semicircle from the lowest... View Answer
A 20 g ball is fired horizontally with speed v 0 toward a 100 g ball hanging motionless from a 1.0-m-long string. The balls undergo a head-on, perfectly elastic collision, after which the 100 g ball swings out to a maximum angle ? max = 50°. What was v 0... View Answer
A 100 g ball and a 200 g ball are connected by a 30-cm-long, massless, rigid rod. The balls rotate about their center of mass at 120 rpm. What is the speed of the 100 g... View Answer
1. Does Nokia have a truly global strategy, rather than just a series of regional strategies? Explain.2. Consider the different global marketing environments discussed in the text. How do these environments differ in developing versus developed countries?3. Discuss Nokia’s global strategy in... View Answer
It is believed that some data, N = 100, can be modelled by X~Po(2.9). The table of expected values is: a. Find r. b. Find s. Write your answers to 3 decimal places. View Answer
Automobile repair costs continue to rise with the average cost now at $367 per repair (U.S. news &...... a... will be less than $250? c. What is the probability that the cost will be between $250 and $450? d. If the cost for your car repair is in the lower 5% of automobile repair charges, what is... View Answer
Using the following assumptions calculate the levelized cost for each technology: Solar Farm...... a) What is the levelized cost of wind and solar? b) How do the levelized costs of wind and solar calculated here relate to their capture prices? View Answer
A 60 g ball is tied to the end of a 50-cm-long string and swung in a vertical circle. The center of the circle, as shown in FIGURE P8.57, is 150 cm above the floor. The ball is swung at the minimum speed necessary to make it over the top without the string going slack. If the string is released at... View Answer
The physics of circular motion sets an upper limit to the speed of human walking. (If you need to...... a... kg person with a typical leg length of 70 cm. Give your answer in both m/s and mph, then comment, based on your experience, as to whether this is a reasonable result. A “normal” walking... View Answer
On February 1, 2011, Garzon purchased 6% bonds issued by Integal Utilities at a cost of $80,000, which is their par value. The bonds pay interest semiannually on July 31 and January 31. For 2011, prepare entries to record Garzon’s July 31 receipt of interest and its December 31 year-end interest... View Answer
Mark, age 28, is insured under an individual medical expense policy that is part of a preferred provider organization (PPO) network. The policy has a calendar-year deductible of $1000, 75/25 percent coinsurance, and an annual out-of-pocket limit of $2000. Mark recently had outpatient arthroscopic... View Answer
James builds brick walls for custom homes. His annual sales are approximately $300,000, and his...... a. Compute the net profit margin for both James and Tom. b. Compute the asset turnover for both James and Tom. c. Compare the profitability of these two firms, and discuss the similarities and... View Answer
Elegant Decor Company\"s management is trying to decide whether to eliminate Department 200, which...... a.... Component 3.

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Reconcile the company\"s combined net income with the forecasted net income assuming that Department 200 is eliminated (list both items and amounts). Analyze the reconciliation... View Answer
The beginning inventory for Dunne Co. and data on purchases and sales for a three-month period are as follows: Transaction Units per Unit Total Apr 3- Inventory 25 $1200 $30000 Apr 8- Purchase 75 1240 93000 Apr 11- Sale 40 2000 80000 Apr 30- Sale 30 2000 60000 May 8- Purchase 60 1260 75600 May 10-... View Answer
Quansi, Inc., reported the following on the company\"s income statement in 2012 and 2011: a. Determine the number of times interest charges were earned for 2011 and 2012. Round to one decimal place.b. Is the number of times interest charges are earned improving ordeclining? View Answer

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