The Pit Bull is amongst the most athletic each other of dog on the planet. Strong, agile, courageous, and tenacious creatures that will leave girlfriend in awe through their abilities. Castle excel in strength competitions, agility and obedience. These lovable power homes are tremendous jumpers, and also we’ll take a look at part high flying instances of exactly how high a pit bull deserve to jump.How high have the right to a Pit Bull Jump? The over average american pit bull terrier can jump upwards of 4-5 feet high vertically. Though if we space to account for their ability to climb together well, the highest pit bull jump tape-recorded was an astonishing 13 feet, or 4 meters, vertically.

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I’ve searched high and also low throughout the net to find some the the most amazing pit bull athletes. Below are some truly astonishing tasks that are leaps and bounds past incredible displays of athleticism.Let’s dive into some instances of just how high a pit bull deserve to jump, and some precautions as a pit bull owner that you may want to take.

The Parkour Pit Bulls

Before us JUMP right into things below I feeling I need to clarify what i am introduce to when I use the term Pit Bull. This is not a each other of dog, yet rather a classification or team of dog breeds. The breeds are primarily the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Bully.Some the the examples I will show listed below refer come one or all of these breeds. So to store it simple, i’m gonna say Pit Bull. Gained it? Good. Stop go.The highest possible vertical jump recorded of a Pit Bull to be by a sweet tiny 2.5 year old girl named Antara. She is Mexico’s cool Champion that Vertical wall surface climbing, v an astonishing leap that 13 feet increase a upright wall.Antara’s Owner Rafael Caraveo Saldivar had been training her for these species of doggie olympics because that over 18 months. Practicing she vertical leap and also climbs 5 time a week for a couple hours every day.Now I understand what some of you might be thinking, climbing is no the very same as jumping. This is true. However, when you watch the video below you will certainly see just how high Antara is by the time she begins her climb. If ns am to it is in perfectly moral I wouldn’t even speak to it a climb as lot as a catapulting herself more upwards.She no touch the wall until she is at least 4 feet up. She just makes call with the wall surface twice top top her ascent to 13 feet. Us could separation hairs here however I would contact that one hell of a jump!
Now Antara is definitely an outlier. Some would even say a trained professional. That is however, no coincidence that her being a pit bull has lent chin to this kind of athleticism.Pit bulls are organic athletes in this sense, and also jumping is simply one that the main traits castle possess. Your vertical jump height may not be in the Guinness World publication of records, however they are very agile. Pair that v their natural inclination because that obedience and also the sky’s the limit.Take among my favorite examples in TreT the Urkrainian parkour dog legend on YouTube. This American Staffordshire Terrier has some of the most amazing videos i have ever before seen.His capacity to jump on, in, through and also between miscellaneous obstacles is merely poetry in motion. TreT makes scaling a 6 foot wall look easy. His capability to balance ~ above the smallest of surfaces while jumping throughout 10 foot gaps is a true testament to the pit bulls agility and tenacious spirit.

Both TreT and also Antara space trained professionals. A many work has gotten in their advance as girlfriend can plainly see. Under the ideal handler this can present us all how amazing pit bulls can be together athletes. This also demonstrates how high a pit bull deserve to jump.With the being said, this may not be what every owner wants v their pit bull. We have actually all heard stories of a dog scaling a fence and roaming about the neighborhood. Sometimes just exploring, other times it have the right to lead to injuries of other people and pets, consisting of the rogue dog. Here space some helpful tips and also tricks to help you understand why your dog might be jumping the fence and also how to protect against it from happening.

Why Is my Pit Bull Jumping The Fence?

There space a selection of factors why her dog could be jumping the fence and escaping out into the world. The is necessary to know these miscellaneous reasons to aid prevent them native happening in the future. Here we will certainly be finding reliable methods to deal with the underlying issue. The outside human being can be a dangerous place for a stray dog, and understanding is the very first step to correcting the issue.


Often unwanted behaviour in dog stems from boredom. A dog absolutely requirements to be fine exercised and spend top quality time through his/her owners. Specifically pit bulls, that are amongst the most loyal dogs out there.Are friend spending sufficient time through your dog? perform they get enough exercise? are you keeping them holy spirit stimulated? If your dog is escaping, where do you usually find them? Is it what they uncover interesting, like an additional dog’s house, a children playground or institution yard?Make certain you are providing your dog one outlet because that that energy by offering him/her with enough exercise. A great walk everyday, play fetch, spending more time through the family, engaging them v a fun and interesting toy, functioning on some training an abilities and exercise with castle everyday.These an easy activities might make every the distinction in her dog’s level that boredom, and prevent future escapes to look for entertainment elsewhere.

New friend & Bowchicka WowWow

Yup it is right, her dog may be looking for a little action from husky under the street. Dogs seek companionship with various other dogs, and also the mating instinct, particularly in unneutered males is an incredibly solid driving force to scale that fence and also go cruising. On the companionship side of the concern one of the most obvious ways to alleviate this longing in her dog is to get one more dog. If the is no an option get them the end socializing with various other dogs an ext often. Take it them come the park, walk for a walk through the neighborhood dog, species playdates in her yard.When it pertains to the unneutered males, and also mating in general, the best solution is to nip that problem in the bud is to take it them in to get fixed. This will certainly not just fix your fence dance problem, but there are numerous health benefits connected with neutering her male dog.


Dogs have actually a natural prey drive. Some more than others. Therefore this deserve to lead to Fido see a squirrel scamper across the top of her fence and he is off to the races. Nothing have the right to stop him from his main objective of acquiring that squirrel.This one is a small trickier come curb. Nature is what it is. Aside from extr training to perhaps modify this prey drive behaviour you will must look to alternate methods. These different are based on transforming your atmosphere rather 보다 the dog.Which leads united state to much more of the preventative measures you can take to keep your Pit bull native jumping the fence.

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How To stop My Pit Bull indigenous Jumping end The Fence?

Sometimes you must get an innovative to prevent your dog from their escape attempts. If training, or addressing several of the an essential issues mentioned over isn’t the solution, climate it’s time to turn to changes in her environment.Assess your fence and also any structural flaws you may have. Ask some additional fencing products like hog cable under the fence deserve to prevent any kind of digging escape attempts.Another cheap and effective technique would be to download a PVC roller system. A quick attachment to the top of your fence the would protect against your dog from gift able to climb over the top.