Even though we don’t have the awesome principle of ‘Trick or treat’ in India, Halloween has become a huge part the the party society here. Every year, cafes, restaurants and offices hold Halloween parties with costumes and also themes come celebrate the holiday. Have actually a party coming up however your costume is quiet undecided? This Halloween, take costume incentive from how I Met Your mother like a bro (geddit? geddit?). Here are every the ‘Happy Halloween’ moment from the TV collection that offered us cosplay ideas like no one else.

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1. 1997 – Salt, Pepper and also Cumin


It was their freshmen year (or what we contact the an initial year of university in India) in 1997 once Marshall, Lily and also Ted dressed as salt, pepper and also cumin shakers for Halloween. It is a an excellent costume idea for a pair as salt and also pepper. They always come in a set, similar to you and your bae.

#GetTheLook: take it a chart paper in white and black. Plunder it around your human body to do a characterized circle. You can write the indigenous ‘Salt, Pepper’ on every if you want or just the initials choose Marshall and also Lily. Usage a spaghetti strainer as headgear to finish the look.

2. 1998 – Lady and the Tramp and their bowl of Spaghetti


The year after, Lily and Marshall dressed as the cute doggies from the Disney movie, Lady and also the Tramp, and also of course, Ted dressed together their key of spaghetti the they share. Remember?


#GetTheLook: gain a grey dog costume and another one in brown indigenous a costume rental store. Trade Ted for an actual key of spaghetti and also make her cosplay important romantic.

3. 2000 – Lewis and Clark and their Canoe


Lewis and Clark are renowned adventurers that went ~ above a two-year-long expedition across America, discovering sea paths for trade. That’s what Marshall and Lily dressed as for their an initial Halloween in the apartment. Ted couldn’t have actually picked a better object than their canoe. 

#GetTheLook: get a 19th-century ship captain’s costume indigenous a costume rental store.

4. 2001 – Sonny and Cher and Hanging Chad


2001 was the year as soon as Ted’s Hanging Chad look made its an initial appearance. And the very first time he met Slutty Pumpkin too! Marshall and also Lily dressed together the entertainment artist duo, Cher and Sonny, wherein Marshall dressed as Cher and Lily as her husband Sonny.

#GetTheLook: because that Cher, every you require is an OTT dress and also her iconic ‘poker right hair through fringes’ wig. Because that Sonny, a spread out collar shirt through a west end it, vintage sunnies i m sorry are ago in trend now and also a moustache. Because that Hanging Chad, well, you deserve to simply make it at residence using a cardboard and rope.

5. 2005 – Captain Jack Sparrow and his Parrot, Hanging Chad and Barney as peak Gun/Devil/Penguin


This is about the time as soon as Pirates the the Caribbean was all the rage. Marshall dressed together Captain Jack Sparrow, the most beloved pirate ever, if Lily dressed together his parrot. Although, Jack and his flask the rum sound choose a much better love story to me. Together usual, Ted dressed together Hanging Chad in his search to discover the Slutty Pumpkin.


Barney, who had come to be a component of the corridor by the time, had three Halloween costumes starting with Tom Cruise from Top Gun, adhered to by the Devil and also a penguin. You have the right to pick one of two people of this costumes however, evil one is the many popular an option among cosplayers of these.

6. 2006 – Dr Frankenstein and also his monster and also a scared Villager


The legend that Dr Frankenstein and his scientific experiment that unleashed a monster is brand-new to no one and same goes for Marshall and Lily’s cosplay that 2006. Just when us thought exactly how Ted would third-wheel this time, the dressed together a scared villager through his spear, a fake torch and a absent tooth. 

7. 2007 – C3PO, R2D2 and also the Robot Luke’s Uncle virtually bought native the Jawas


Every HIMYM pan knows how large Star battles fans Ted and Marshall were. One Halloween, Marshall and Lily dressed as C3PO and R2D2. Ted, top top the various other hand, dressed as a robot who is as necessary to the Star battles narrative together Luke’s uncle.

8. 2007 – Present and also Thank friend Note


This year Halloween costumes were influenced by a misunderstanding. Marshall wanted to repeat Ted the he hadn’t offered Marshall and also Lily a wedding present. So, that dressed favor one. Ted, want to repeat Marshall the they hadn’t sent him a give thanks to You note in return because that his wedding present, therefore he traded his Hanging Chad for a thank You note. Needless to say, neither of them got it.

#GetTheLook: take a cardboard box and also make feet in that for her head and also your eight to comfortable fit in. Gift wrap it pretty v a ribbon and also voila! Wear simple black garments underneath to not drive the attention away.

9. 2010 – The Matador and also the Bull, hot dog and Johnny Lawrence native The Karate Kid.


To the office party in ~ Goliath National financial institution where Barney and Marshall worked, Marshall and also Lily decided a bull and also matador costume, Ted wore a hot dog costume when Barney lugged his all-time favourite movie character, Johnny Lawrence (the negative kid indigenous The Karate Kid) come life. The is amazing just how Marshall and also Lily always coordinated their costumes top top Halloween. #RelationshipGoals

10. 2011 – Apollo Creed, Vancouver Canucks Hockey player, and also Hanging Chad


Just as soon as Robin uncovered that Barney is a quarter Canadian, she gifts him a Canadian Mountie costume to wear come the year’s Halloween party. Yet Barney being Barney, dressed as Apollo Creed, the boxer native the Rocky films. Robin dressed together a hockey player native the Vancouver Canucks, her favourite hockey team. Ted is ultimately reunited with the Slutty Pumpkin in this episode. That is the last time the wears the Hanging Chad costume (for reasons known to all).

11. 2016 – Lily together the White Whale/Moby Dick


The last Halloween has actually Marshall dressed together Ahab, a angry Israeli king, and Lily dressed as Moby cock or the white whale that chews turn off his leg on among his voyages. Lily to be pregnant with her third child in the collection making the whale costume look at weirdly hilarious.

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#GetTheLook: wear a white unitard indigenous head to toe. Ingredient it through a round of document around your tummy and tail. Repaint the whale’s challenge on her tummy to finish the look.

Here space all the Halloween illustration from just how I Met her Mother:

1. The Slutty Pumpkin – Season 1 x illustration 6

2. Canning Randy – Season 6 x episode 7

3. The Stinson Missle crisis – Season 7 x episode 4

4. The Slutty Pumpkin returns – Season 7 x illustration 8

5. The Poker video game – Season 9 x episode 5

6. Critical Forever (Part 1) – Season 9 x illustration 23

You’re welcome and also Happy Halloween, Y’all!

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