Whether you are around to steal a basic or you space on third ready to operation home, knowing exactly how to slide into a base have the right to be the difference between scoring a point or gift tagged out. When a slide may seem like an easy task, there space a couple of pointers the you should think about to perfect her slide. Today, we room going to look in ~ a few tips on just how to slide into a base.

Practice renders perfect and learning the ideal sliding posture will make all of the distinction when it come time come execute the slide. To practice, her posture, every you require is yourself and also some room to sit on the ground.

Start by sitting on the ground v your legs out in prior of you. Now take one leg and fold it under her opposite knee to form a number 4. On your forward foot, save your toes sharp forward and outwards. To figure out which foot you desire to put forward, shot the figure 4 sample both ways to check out which feels more comfortable because that you.

For many players who are appropriate handed, putting their appropriate foot out is usually more comfortable. Because that left handers, the left leg is usually more comfortable out.


Keep her Hands Safe

Going into a slide, you space going come be moving your human body at a decent price of speed, most likely toward one more human being. This can result in potential contact, therefore making certain that you are maintaining yourself as safe as feasible is vital.

Your hands and also wrists have the right to be an area the can end up being injured in a slide if not positioned correctly. To save them the end of damages way, place your hand in the air throughout your slide. This will stop them being stepped on, smashed against, or jammed during the slide. That is additionally a great way to store your balance together well.


Practice, Practice, Practice

Sit in this place while convert up a few different sport to watch which feels most comfortable for you. As soon as you have a position that friend like, organize it for a couple of minutes to aid train your muscles and also get them provided to going into that position. This will aid to loosen them up and adapt them to the on slide position.

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To assist practice the slide, friend will want to an initial practice top top a slippery surface. This deserve to be with a item of cardboard, slip and also slide, or any type of other slick surface that will certainly make sliding easier. This exercise will permit you to gain the movement down v the least amount of danger for injury.

Using a cone or base, set it in ~ the finish of the surface ar to acquire an expertise of how you should slide come make ideal contact with the plate. Friend will desire to note a 3-5 foot distance from the plate to act as a slide zone.

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Once you have mastered the on slide on a slippery surface, you can start to exercise on an actual baseball field. Understanding and getting provided to exactly how it feeling to slide on dust will give you the practice you should perform at your best when it’s game time.

Now that you have actually a much better understanding of just how to slide right into a base, acquire out there and also practice to take her baseball skills to the following level!