How is energy linked with food stored?a.potential power in chemistry formb.kinetic energy in chemistry formc.potential power in mechanically formd.kinetic power in mechanical form
How is energy associated with food stored? a. Potential power in chemical form b. Kinetic energy in chemical type c. Potential power in mechanical kind d. Kinetic energy in mechanically form
The phosphorus cycle different from the biogeochemical cycles in that:it go not have an atmospheric walk not have an oceanic reservoir.there is no assimilation of phosphorus.there is no decomposition the phosphorus. The phosphorus cycle different from the biogeochemical cycles in that: it does not have actually an atmospheric reservoir. (More)
Thiobacillus denitrificans is a varieties of bacteria the obtains its power from carbon dioxide and also inorganic compounds such together nitrogen in that environment. It is offered in bioremediation (natural cleansing) of groundwater that includes excess nitrate, enabling the nitrates to it is in removed. Just how does Thiobacillus denitrificans help bioremediate groundwater?nitrificationdenitrificationnitrogen fixationdecomposition Thiobacillus denitrificans is a varieties of bacteria the obtains its energy from carbon dioxide and inorganic compounds such as nitrogen in that is environment. < that is supplied in bioremediation (natural cleansing) of groundwater that contains excess nitrate, permitting the nitrates to be removed. Thiobacillus denitrificans help bioremediates the groundwater by denitrification. > User: Which finest describes the an unfavorable impact of human water use? Food deserve to be developed in dried areas.Increased runoff carries fertilizers.Food have the right to be developed through dryness years.Water have the right to improve the livelihood the farmers. The following finest describes the negative impact of person water use: enhanced runoff carries fertilizers. (More)
Actinobacteria sp. Are fermenting biology (which execute not use oxygen come breathe) referred to as chemoorganohetereotrophs. This way they break down organic material and also convert it to not natural material. Which component of the carbon cycle go this describe?photosynthesisrespirationdecompositionassimilation
Actinobacteria sp. Space fermenting organisms (which perform not use oxygen to breathe) referred to as chemoorganoheterotrophs. This means they breakdown organic material and convert that to inorganic material. This explains the decomposition component of the carbon cycle.

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Aquifers room _______.a.structures provided to move water indigenous city come cityb.created with evapotranspirationc.densely packed snow close to coming to be glaciersd.layers that porous rock or sand
How go capillarity assist sustain life?a.Plants use capillarity to move water from their roots to your leaves.b.Capillarity permits water to kind droplets.c.Animals depend on capillarity to keep their human body temperatures.d.Water’s capillarity enables many various substances come dissolve in water.
Capillarity aid to sustain life through plants usage capillarity to relocate water from their roots to their leaves.


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* The EPIGLOTTIS stays clear of food or liquids from acquiring into the lungs. User: waiting is passed indigenous the trachea into ... product is something produced by human being or mechanical initiative or by a organic process. User: find the product of ... Yoga is accomplished through coordinated breathing and an accurate body movements. User: _______ extending ...

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