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Many things represent largesse.

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Having her cake and eating it, too. That expression around throwing in everything however the kitchen sink.

Then you’ve obtained Fire Emblem Fates special Edition.

Following the positive solution for Fire Emblem Awakening, Nintendo determined to provide fans of the franchise an ext of what they desire in the many literal method possible. Fire Emblem Fates comprises of not one, no two but three various games, each v their very own story and missions spread out across 20-plus chapters that unfold choose a soap opera. I guess you can say the throws in the kitchen sink together well.

The method is ideal captured in the game’s “special edition,” which combines Fate’s three titles — Birthright, Conquest and Revelation — in one parcel while throw in some extra goodies to boot. These incorporate a hardbound art publication with more than 80 illustrations and also a towel pouch that’s huge enough come fit one 3DS XL. It is pretty lot a steal in ~ $80. So much so that the package sold out quickly, much to the dismay of series fans who acquired left out. It’s like renowned amiibo almost everywhere again.


The great news is the fans can still acquire all three gamings separately, at a higher cost, the course. Fans who miss out on out ~ above the distinct edition also have to wait till March come play the 3rd Fates game, Revelation. The concern is even if it is it’s worth getting all three gamings separately. Because that folks who want the finish Fates experience, my answer would be yes. That’s since unlike Pokemon variants, which throw in version-exclusive monsters however still sell what’s essentially the very same game, Fates’ three titles room three different experiences. Yes, they mainly share the exact same overarching story and crucial characters, with some exceptions. In ~ the very same time, each also offer their own distinct missions and take top top the Fates’ tale and also different mechanics. Let’s take it a look in ~ all three to provide you an idea in case you’re deciding which adventure to begin with or buy if you missed the end on the one-of-a-kind edition.

For starters, every three games have a shared beginning — pun so entirely intended. You start as a member of aristocracy who wraps up her training in the kingdom the Nohr, permitting you to set out in the real world. It turns out, however, that the beloved siblings girlfriend remember farming up through aren’t your true family. Instead, friend soon discover that you initially were a member the the royal family members of competitor kingdom Hoshido, till you to be kidnapped together a child and brought to Nohr.

Once you with the sixth chapter, friend are forced to make a decision about which kingdom to side with. Choose the Hoshido kingdom and also you’ll embark top top the Birthright story v your blood family, which feels more like the straightforward and righteous course of the two key games. Pick Nohr and you will finish up playing the occupation storyline, which has actually you effecting readjust from within with the family members you flourished up with. Select neither and you will trigger Revelation’s tale where you leaving both families. So far so good, right?

Despite share the exact same world, however, the stories and missions are different for all 3 from the 6th chapter onward. Birthright and also Conquest, in particular, will have particular members of your two family members meet certain, uh, fates relying on which variation you pat and additionally have exclusive characters and classes for their respective versions as well. Hoshido’s army, for example, has a much more Eastern feel, replete through ninjas, samurais and shrine maidens. In contrast, Nohr has actually a much more Western medieval vibe. Storywise, Revelation feels like the much more canon storyline that the three, providing a more comprehensive summary of the main plot as well as access to nearly all the characters.

Storytelling and missions, however, are not the only difference between the three games. Birthright, because that example, plays an ext like the previous Awakening game. This means you’re allowed to replay step to improve your levels and amass much more materials, making that an easier experience overall. Conquest, meanwhile, allows you no such luxury. For starters, you can not replay chapters, which boundaries your grinding options for experience and resources. This way you’ll have to pay close attention as much as which characters to develop. Missions additionally typically have an ext objective range outside of simply killing all opponents in the map. All in all, conquest is the tougher video game of the two, specifically for persons who prefer to play v permadeath on. Revelation, meanwhile, combine the characters and also mechanics that Birthright and Conquest, including the grinding and also mission objectives for a much more complete experience.

Those vital differences aside, the gamings mostly share the very same inner workings. This includes the My castle mechanic, i m sorry offers different resources indigenous Birthright or Conquest but esentially beat the very same way. Think the it as a minigame of sorts wherein you construct up her base with assorted shops and quarters, which have the right to be used to interact with your team members together well. It additionally has an digital component wherein you have the right to visit friends and vice versa for some battling or unit recon. It’s certainly amusing but not as engaging as the true meat the the game, i m sorry is the combat system.

The system has some new features, including a brand-new weapon-type triangle that’s currently grouped in pairs. Lances and knives beat swords and magic, which consequently beat axes and also bows. That rock-paper-scissors mechanic extends come weapon colors, through red beating green, environment-friendly beating blue and blue beating red as much as typing advantages. The first time your main character transforms into a dragon, you’re notified that details weapons transaction extra damage due to the fact that they’re able to pierce her scales, adding another great of strategy come encounters. Durability isn"t really an concern with weapons this time roughly but their product (iron, steel, silver, for example) affect which buffs and debuffs lock grant. For field maps, in enhancement to bonuses and also disadvantages listed by details terrain, your protagonist additionally can usage their dragon strength to connect with specific spots and change the area. These include leveling mountains of ice, evaporating rivers or freezing them.

Units additionally can have additional synergies in the ar via positioning and improved relationships. Having characters next to each other, for example, can provide boosts and also bonuses because that attacking or guarding in battle. Girlfriend can also pair up and combine two units right into one if you’d like. Personalities that have special relationships, choose couples, likewise get also stronger in battle when fighting together. Speak of relationships, marrying that characters enables you to develop offspring, which have to please min-maxers. That’s since kids usually have improved stats, making them comfortable on the battlefield. Yes, I know that type of came out sounding weird yet you recognize what ns mean. Include character leveling and the myriad class you have the right to aim for and there’s a many to perform in Fates. The adjustable challenge also renders the game quite obtainable to players of all ability levels.

Speaking that “weird” stuff, the decision to take out specific content has actually caused furor prior to the game’s relax in the West. Back I absolutely understand pertains to purists have about such changes, the honestly together a minor change in the grand system of things that ns don’t think it damages the experience. As someone that covers business, I definitely understand wherein Nintendo that America is comes from given the potential blowback native leaving that stuff in. Yes, it’s preferable come play the video game as the creators officially envisioned it but looking in ~ the in its entirety picture, this isn’t a hill that’s worth dying for together what acquired taken out isn’t what renders this game great. Instead, it’s the solid manufacturing values, strategy mechanics, breadth of content and also improved storytelling, which i found an excellent overall regardless of a few rough edge here and also there.

If yes something precious complaining about, it would certainly be the minimal quantities that the unique edition, which i think is the definitive way to reap the game. Just based on the disappointment of genuine life friends and people I’ve interacted with online, i honestly feel negative for those that really want the unique edition but weren’t able to gain it. In addition to having actually to resolve a piecemeal technique for the finish Fates experience, people who miss out on out top top the one-of-a-kind edition also will need to wait till march to gain Revelation, i m sorry feels a little bit like adding insult to injury. The video game should at least have a normal finish edition v all 3 games, also without the picture book and also pouch. Storytelling, while enhanced from Awakening, can still will to tropes at times with few of the dialogue making friend shake your head at times. Also with every its drama, however, the funny quips and conversations indigenous time to time are actually quite amusing.

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Fire Emblem Fates build on the strengths of Awakening by serving up three an excellent games while presenting boosted storytelling that’s backed by outstanding production values. The piecemeal approach to enjoy it the complete Fates experience for those who miss out top top the distinct edition is unfortunate as it unnecessarily punishes the many loyal fans. Because that gamers who want much more Fire Emblem, however, having actually not one however three gamings to pat in Birthright, Conquest and also Revelation quite much equals gaming heaven.

Rating: 4.5 the end of 5Cost: $79.99 for unique edition, $59.99 each for Birthright and Conquest; $19.99 because that Revelation

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