MCPS Outlines changes to Quarantine Guidelines

The Maryland room of wellness (MDH) and the Maryland State room of education (MSDE) revised college quarantine guidance on Oct. 27. If specific criteria room met, students might not need to quarantine, or may be asked come quarantine for a reduced duration of time. This brand-new guidance is expected to alleviate the variety of Montgomery county Public colleges (MCPS) students compelled to quarantine and also participate in online learning. Check out the full message in ~ the link listed below for the specific guidance.

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COVID-19 vaccinations for 5- to 11-Year-Olds

Pfizer"s COVID-19 vaccine has been authorized for 5- come 11-year-olds. MCPS is partnering through the county"s room of Health and Human Services and also Holy overcome Hospital to offer a number of complimentary vaccination clinics for children at schools and county sites.

Other household members who have not obtained a COVID-19 vaccination, or who need a Pfizer booster, will be able to do so at this clinics together well. 2/3 the the sheep for youngsters 5 come 11 will be listed by pharmacies, pediatricians and other healthcare providers and about 1/3 will be provided by the health department. Citizens are urged to take benefit of the many sources that are offering vaccinations.


Schools and also Offices will Close the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Nov. 24

The plank of education and learning passed a resolution on Tuesday, Nov. 9 to close every schools and also offices ~ above Wednesday, Nov. 24, the day prior to Thanksgiving. Nov. 24 was initially scheduled to it is in an early-release job for all staff and students. Schools and also offices will currently be closed native Wednesday, Nov. 24 v Friday, Nov. 26. Child care may be easily accessible as originally scheduled; please check with the provider for details. Schools and also offices will reopen ~ above Monday, Nov. 29.


Feedback seek on Proposed institution Calendar because that 2022-2023

MCPS has developed three calendar scenarios the reflect different start and end days for the 2022-2023 school year. Additionally, one scenario (Scenario C) shows the full spring break at a different time than the various other two scenarios.(Scenarios A and B).All draft scenarios include:

A minimum the 180 instructional daysFull spring breakContingency daysA couple of additional early on Release work on September 14, December 7, and also March 15 for school-based experienced development.

Please share your 2022-23 calendar feedback top top the options here. The plank is scheduled to embrace a final school calendar ~ above December 2, 2021.







MCPS Meals Information

MCPS will offer meals in ~ no charge to all students for school year 2021–2022!The United claims Department of agriculture (USDA) has granted waivers because that meal organization for this school year. This waivers allow all student to get the meals at no charge, regardless of free or reduced-priced status. MCPS will market breakfast, lunch, snack, and supper on every instructional college days.

Nutrition is an essential to a student"s capability to learn. We continue to be committed to offering nutritious, tasty meals. All our meals will certainly be to plan to satisfy nutrition requirements for the healthy and balanced Hunger cost-free Kids act (HHFKA) through registered dietitians.

For much more Information about Meals and to See institution Lunch Menus

MCPS equity Journey

Race, ethnicity, and culture play a powerful role in teaching, leading, and also learning. For numerous years, MCPS has actually worked proactively to provide a rigorous, systematic education come students, however the reality remains that not all students attain at the exact same high levels. The MCPS equity journey claims, boldly, the a public education and learning must serve all students and this belief is central to district values, strategic planning and also budgeting. Find out more

A Student"s overview to Rights and also Responsibilities / 2021-2022

In order to ensure a safe, productive, and positive learning environment, Montgomery ar Public schools (MCPS) posting two files that assist students, parents, and also staff and understand institution rules and also regulations; the expectation for college student conduct; and also the possible consequences for violating the rules. Additionally on this page are the MCPS Guidelines because that Respecting spiritual Diversity and the Guidelines because that Student gender Identity.

Digital Citizenship/Your character Counts

Using social media and also other digital devices in a responsible, respectful way that enables individuals to communicate freely and share concepts without the hazard of intimidation, harassment or abuse.

Family math Support Center

Online assistance for students and families to aid build proficiency in mathematics

Key basic Indicator (KFI) Data

KFIs assess major infrastructure elements in a range of categories. KFIs are materials of a facility that taken together carry out an all at once description of an separation, personal, instance school"s facility condition.

Learn more Here

Safe schools & college student Hotline

The Safe institutions Maryland guideline Line is an cotton reporting system used to report risks to the security and/or wellness of students. Use this cost-free and anonymous tool to permit authorities recognize of any threat to schools or if a college student is in crisis.

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Be a Hero! journey a Bus through MCPS

Be a Hero! Students, families and also MCPS need bus drivers. You will love being among the team! MCPS offers pay beginning at $19.53/hour, paid training to achieve a advertisement driver’s license and also an chance to complete a considerable school bus operator maintain program.

Safe paths to School

Whether walking, riding her bike, control or acquisition the bus; this website provides safety tips to ensure every one of us get to school and also get house safely.

Dates to Remember...

Monday, Nov 22Early relax DayEarly relax Day (All Schools)Tuesday, Nov 23Early release DayEarly relax Day (All Schools)Wednesday, Nov 24Holiday (Schools and also offices closed) - all SchoolsThursday, Nov 25Holiday (Schools and offices closed) - all SchoolsHoliday-Schools and Offices ClosedFriday, Nov 26Holiday (Schools and offices closed) - all SchoolsHoliday-Schools and also Offices close up door


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