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Fans the the Frozen and also Frozen 2 movies have wondered, “How plenty of strands that hair walk the animators give Elsa?” It’s a good question! The answer is absolutely walking to surprise you. Uncover out below!

How numerous Strands the Hair go the Animators provide Elsa in Frozen?

How plenty of Strands of Hair walk the Animators provide Elsa in Frozen?

After the sequel, Frozen II, came out mine wife and I checked out the bookstore and picked increase a copy that The art of Disney: Frozen II.

It’s pack chockfull of remarkable photos, illustrations, animations, interviews, behind the scene info, and also so lot more.

Whether your favorite is Anna and also Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and also Sven, or any type of of the other amazing characters, there’s literally miscellaneous for anyone that’s a pan of the Frozen movies and franchise.

We to be floored by the lot of love, care, and also dedication that goes right into making the Disney movies.

So, that being said, the first thing friend should understand is the the Frozen and also Frozen 2 Disney movies space painstakingly crafted, designed, and animated.

As you deserve to see in the new Frozen 2 Documentary collection on Disney+, there’s no detail that is left come chance.

Everything small thing requires the significant attention come detail and also creativity the Walt Disney computer animation has been recognized for because the really beginning!

One of the coolest and most exciting details revealed so far is the number of strands that hair that the animators gave to Elsa. It’s a wild number, and you’re never going to believe it!


How plenty of strands that hair go the animators provide Elsa? 400,000 strands the hair!

Can you think that?!

As you can see in the over graphic, Rapunzel had actually a chuck 27,000 strands that hair in she movie, Tangled.

But, Elsa had actually many, many an ext than the number!

Here’s an additional fun fact…

What crash course did Disney animators need to take as soon as making Frozen? lock were forced to take it a meteorology course, to find out all about snow and also the do of eye crystals. They learned all about snow native the experienced himself, Cal Tech’s Dr. Ken Libbrecht (or “Dr. Snow”).

What execute you think around this stunner stat? Elsa has actually 400,000 separation, personal, instance strands of hair in the Frozen movies.

Let me recognize in the comments and on society media!

Have a wonder day!

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