A valence electron is an outer shell electron and also may participate in the development of a chemical bond. Ok however how plenty of valence electrons does an atom that Platinum have?In the situation of Platinumthe valence electron is2,3,4.

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Now let\"s examine the facts about Platinum...

Platinum Overview

Platinum Valence Electrons


Atomic Number

78Learn more about theatomic number.

Atomic Mass

195,08Learn much more about theatomic mass.

Atomic Symbol


State at 20 °C



Rare, an extremely heavy, soft, silvery-white metal.


Used in jewelry, to do crucible and special containers and also as a catalyst. Used with cobalt to produce very solid magnets. Also to make standard weights and also measures. Resists corrosion and acid attacks except aqua regia.

Name Origin

Spanish: platina (little silver).


Produced native deposits of native, or elemental, platinum.


Discovered By: Julius ScaligerYear: 1735Location: ItalyWant to learn more details and also data around Platinum (Pt)? examine my Elements an extensive List.


Are you having trouble expertise the basics of atomic elements? This video will walk you through:What is an elementWhat is a substanceWhat elements look likeHow a small number of atoms can be join and kind completely different substances

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