How lot does a music video clip cost?

A music video cost counts on so numerous factors that, occasionally I really don’t know how to prize this question without scratching mine head and looking a tiny baffled. Part clients look in ~ me through a poker face reasoning that ns am one of two people resisting to give them a price or, the we space too expensive.

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The fact is the every song, every artist, and also genre needs a different approach. I know how much a music video clip cost in 2018! Music Videos walk from $10,000 to $200,000 together an median (with very few being created 2,000,000 or more) Yes, $10,000 is really cheap and also $200,000 is not lot if you compare it to Music Videos the were made many years ago. The Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson music video clip for the tune “Scream” had actually a budget of $7,000,000. Madonna’s music video for “Express you yourself ” to be $5,000,000.

Think those are huge numbers? Well, yes, however watch the results! The artist and also director had actually the liberty to repaint on the film canvas every the visuals, themes and stories castle envisioned because that these Music Videos. Because that them, that wasn’t around cost, but creating the ultimate piece for this artists and their good songs.

Director: Cesar Perez

Continue analysis the people is her oyster …

Director: Cesar Perez

There is not answer about the expense of a Music video if you execute not respond come the following questions.

What resources do I have to come up v a an excellent concept?What will be the size of my crew?Do I need to shoot in Studio?Do I require Cranes, Drones, Stabilizers?What camera are we going to use?Do I need a Choreographer?Do we have to travel?

There space many an ext things to be asked, those are just a couple of you should ask before pricing your Music Video.

In the next paragraph, I will tell friend what is our strategy before we give the artist a price.

First, we need some straightforward information indigenous the artist in bespeak to figure what the visuals because that the music video clip will be. We always listen come the song, no one, however many times in order to recognize the meaning, the artist statement, etc. We have to develop a pitch because that the client (artist) simply to understand if we room on the ideal track (basically if they like our idea). Let’s to speak they love our idea! just then, we will put together a budget that consists of every little item the we need for the music video clip ( Crew, Props, Locations, Permits, short article Production, etc) The artist and his manager will authorize the budget, offer us a deposit and give united state the environment-friendly light.

What carry out you execute next?

Storyboards and shot-lists are created in stimulate to notify everyone (crew and also client) about the angles, scenes, shots and also the visual method to the music video. In your budget, friend should have accounted because that the video clip production crew. You have the right to have as many crew positions as your spending plan will allow.

The enlarge the crew, the much more you have the right to accomplish. Several of this players are Director, manager of Photography, Assistant Director, art Director, Gaffer, Grip, Makeup and Hair.

How lot does every crew member gets paid?

It yes, really depends, if they room SAG-AFTRA (Screen actors Guild – American Federation that Television and also Radio Artists), or they room Independent and also don’t belonging to any kind of Union. Prices differ a lot, it relies on her Country, State, Education, etc. This is a very competitive industry, there are world barely make a living while others trip in personal jets.

The bigger the video clip crew, the much more it will cost. If you arrangement to shoot the artist with a team of dancers in number of locations, we need to go through a relative huge crew. The artist and also the dancers would probably need hair and also make-up, wardrobe, etc. You better get a choreographer if you room going to have actually dance scenes in your Music Video.

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You claimed the Artist need dancers in the Music Video?

The manager of Photography will more likely imply a crane in bespeak to get nice swaying shots native above, or steady video camer to follow the artist and also the dancers. As soon as you space filming only one performer in a small single location, occasionally you can gain by with a small crew and simple equipment package.

There might be times as soon as you can reduced some corners.

Planning is always crucial, even more, as soon as the spending plan is small. Sometimes music managers want to reduced too way too countless corners and also the production triangle gets thrown the end of the window! we talk about the triangle in the complying with paragraphs. Music Videos deserve to be very conceptual, sometimes that offers the director some flexibility to create with a minimal budget. Periodically minimum resources are sufficient to create an outstanding music video. The most essential thing is to have a talented artist, good performances, a very creative director and a experienced crew to help him attain his vision. It is good to understand that In today’s music industry, the marketability of one artist counts on the success the his music videos. One of two people if you have actually tons that cash or none, develop a ide that breakthroughs the artist career. Mediocre Music Videos can destroy an artists career!

Director : T. Demos

Below i would choose to list few of the world you absolutely want to have in your video production crew. Just as I stated before, the size of her crew will affect your budget, an imaginative choices and much more likely the top quality of the Music Video. Who space the most necessary players (besides the director)?

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The role of a Music video clip Director. 

The music video director’s main responsibility is to produce a Music video that breakthroughs the artist’s career. An excellent Directors will work with format that currently makes the artist unique and what his pan love the (her) for. The score is to make a memorable and also entertaining music video for this artist. The director must produce compelling visuals, the appropriate mood, and also themes for the artist’s music video. His far better allies room his experience. Creativity, crew and people’s skills.

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What skills does a Music video clip Director have?

The music video clip director must have actually a an extensive knowledge of pop culture, art, and cinematography. Every song, every artist, and every music genre demands a various approach. Some Directors specialization in a details genre, part music video clip directors will occupational with any type of genre. The music video clip director is the “creative leader” the the crew. He will pick the shoots, the sets, the cast and will supervise the modifying process. The will breakthrough or damage your career. Obtain an competent director or you will certainly regret it!

The Producer (or line Producer) will certainly make sure that locations, permits, insurance, and equipment are secured and also ready for the shooting day.

Another crucial position is the Producer (or a line Producer). He/She will certainly make sure that locations, permits, insurance, and equipment are secured and also ready on the shoot day. This is another person the beginners rarely have in their crew. A an excellent producer will conserve you money and time. He will make sure that everything is prepared (locations, transportation, permits, insurance, etc). Your day will certainly go smoother and also stress-free when a good producer is holding your back.

One crew member that will absolutely make or break her music video clip is the manager of Photography (D.P)

He/she is in fee of the camera and lighting department. The main duty that the D.P is to create every shot through the right camera angle, camera movement, and also lighting. The ideal camera angle and lighting is correct as soon as helps the audience gain immersed in the story, not when you have actually a “cool shot” as some might think.

Director and D.P occupational together as one unit composing every shot and advancing the story with the visuals castle create. In music videos, there is much more freedom, and also you have the right to do part crazy things. There could not it is in a story and also the track might contact for all kind of stylish gimmicks. As long as the director’s an imaginative decisions help sell the artist every little thing is fine.

The Assistant Director.

Some productions don’t know around the prominence of having a great A.D. (Assistant Director) ~ above set. They merely forget to hire one. He/she is the crew member that helps the Director and also runs the set. When you don’t have a great A.D, the Director has to run the collection by himself. That is a damaging scenario, mine friend!

The director must be responsible for the creative decisions, not controlling the set and maintaining track the time. He is responsible because that the performances, deciding camera blocking, lighting, and also every single creative decision, and also that is a lot on his shoulders. Anything rather is A.D and also Producer’s territory. When a director has actually to manage a crew, that will influence his creative decisions and also will display in the last piece.

The art Director. 

In music videos, you can go there is no this guy if you desire to create a an excellent music video. The arts Director is responsible of colors, style, look at of sets, props and even wardrobe. The works directly with the Director and also Director the Photography. The Director has a vision for the sets, the colors, the look and feel of the video. The arts Director analyze this vision into functional sets. This is another key crew member the you rarely see in a beginner crew. The arts Director is as crucial as your Director of Photography, he create (or dresses) the sets wherein the music video clip will take place. Large budget Music Videos also have a production Designer (Head of the art Department). In this case, the arts Director is taking orders indigenous the manufacturing Designer.

The notorious production triangle. Great – quick – Cheap.

Keep in mental that with a little crew, whatever will take much more time. You need a really well-developed plan and also schedule in stimulate to do it happen. I prefer to to compare a film set to a really sophisticated factory or machine. Every single crew place is critical part of the filmmaking machine. When you don’t have actually all the essential parts (crew, equipment, art direction, A.D, Producers, Gaffer, Grips, etc) friend are absent parts of the machine.

Not having all the parts will an outcome in going over schedule, expending much more money, not obtaining all the shots, etc. The best means to describe the cost-quality balance is through the infamous film production triangle. It is just one of those things you find out in film-school and also never forget. Plenty of artists, production companies and directors will overlook this triangle. Much more likely the results are not what lock intended. In part cases, you have to do v what you have, however always try to store a balance. Understand your budget and make the music video clip that will adapt to that budget. You will certainly not do Madonna’s “Express Yourself” with $10,000.

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The triangle works favor this; when you have actually (2) corners that the triangle the third is compromised. If you want your music video clip to be good and should shoot the fast, it will certainly not it is in cheap. If you desire it to be cheap and good, it will take much more time.


Some Music Videos are filmed with a very little crew the no more than 5 crew members.

The variables that influence a music video clip cost space many, for this reason let’s gain to it! You can film a Music video in a park with an iPhone, or you can movie it in a luxury yacht with two peak of the line ARRI Alexa Cinema Cameras, a helicopter and also a crew of one hundreds people.

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Reiterating what you have currently read in this post, there are plenty of things come take right into account when budgeting for a Music video clip (Concept, crew size, locations, art direction, wardrobe, makeup, lighting package, camera package, etc, etc). We have actually shot many music videos v a skeleton crew the 5 and with a very minimal budget. Some clients have actually sizable budgets and can purchased a huge crew with expensive Cinema Cameras ( Alexa, RED epic ), Anamorphic Lenses, optimal of the line accessories and also many work of pre-production, production, and post-production. If this is no your case, we can still develop a an extremely professional music video. Ours formula is to develop a ide that adapts to your budget while maintaining quality and also marketability. What we don’t indicate you do is go v a concept that goes beyond the artistic and also technical possibilities. That is among the key reasons why some music videos fail totally. That takes a many experience to spending plan for a minimal budget music video. The takes experience and also a very specific collection of cinematic skills.

I will protect against rambling and also get to the point in question. Exactly how much walk a music video cost? 

Our music video clip Production Packages start at $ 4,000 and that includes 1 job of shooting / 1 filming ar / Alexa or Red Camera / lamp / Grip and a skeleton (small) crew.  Once again, the more resources you put into a Music video clip Production the better. The music videos presented in this short article were shot with a tiny crew and didn’t expense a fortune. In this cases we did not go past our expectations room the final result is good. Keep an eye on the triangle!