A standard skateboard deck weighs in between 2-5 pounds, which way without trucks, bearings, wheels, and also grip and you standing on it! In addition with trucks, wheels, and bearings totals variety around 7-10 pounds.

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This fluctuates relying on the materials you purchase. Over the years providers re-engineered their commodities using stronger, lighter materials for maximum performance for skateboarders.

You might think this is a strange concern to ask. However, looking into this further made me realize people want answers on points like:

Does a lighter skateboard enhance performance?Concerned around if her weight is a problemIn foreign lands on one airplaneIf lighter boards snap quickerDoes that matter?

Weighing mine Skateboard Parts

Skateboard PartWeight (Grams)
Deck (Shop Deck)1148g
(56mm)Wheel v Bearing74g
Bones Reds (1 Bearing)21g
Krux (No wheels Or Bearings)329g
Krux (With Wheels/Bearings)484g

A Lighter Board enables You To perform Tricks Better

Skateboard decks like “Helium” emerged by Element is a board constructed with great replicating internals the what looks favor the inside of a cardboard box. This style is not only one of the most unique, however stated one of the “lightest skateboards ever.” Elements breakthrough of the featherlight, another instance designed v thinner layers reducing weight.

Increased power is an issue up because that debate. It’s common to suggest that that will, as it’s a product marketed to fix a problem. The inquiry is, what will it fix for you?

They Break yes, really Easily

Number one complain is just how easy castle snap. Not saying this is true, many boards rest within reason. Landing wrong goes numerous ways leading to early on demise.

Size is an essential to understand. Because that example, a 7.5″-7.75″ width will certainly flip much faster than a wider board. However, smaller boards are ideal for kids starting out. I began with a 7.5″ and also gradually relocated to one 8″. Also, larger feet and small boards will be uncomfortable come skate.

How much Weight A Skateboard Deck Holds

Another problem is if a skateboard deserve to handle a many weight. I understand guys 280+ that piece parks all day long! Don’t let her weight be a concern if you’re interested in skateboarding. Limiting beliefs are dangerous and keep you away from expressing yourself.

You’ll it is in fine v a constant deck, however I’d a stiffer pair that bushings because that mobility and also strength is recommended. A broader deck will likewise feel far better to ride.

Are Cheaper Skateboards Heavier?

You might wonder if cheaper plank are an ext substantial in weight than skilled completes. Load comparisons space relative, but quality aren’t the same. expert setups are safer, an ext reliable, with quality grade materials. It’s lot harder to find out tricks, and also maintain speed which is critical.

Trucks are The Heaviest component Of A Skateboard

Skateboard trucks are the most essential component of any kind of setup girlfriend choose. They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. Designed native steel, titanium, aluminum, and also magnesium. Preference upon this decision will more than anything else. This is because they’re the longest lasting, and define your skating.

Whether you like low, medium, or high van is something to consider. Because that example, everyone rides live independence trucks and for an excellent reasons. In the start I hated them due to the fact that they room heavy! Long behold they came to be one of my favorite. Make sure to try a couple out to check out what girlfriend prefer.

Tensor make several of the best, and also the lightest van on the market.

Hollow Skateboard Wheels

Another misunderstanding is that hole wheels do a dramatic affect in weight reduction. Several of the ideal companies produce them, but don’t think lock will change the method you skate.

Skaters comment they’re at risk to flats spots, i beg your pardon I discover to it is in a myth. This problem is resulted in by too much power sliding. I’ve never occurred this issue, for this reason it’s never ever a problem.

Bringing A Skateboard on A Plane

It might worry you if the weight that a skateboard will be an concern getting on an airplane.

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On the airline, most will allow you to lug it together a carry-on relying on length. Some size restrictions may apply on part airlines. Southwest’s airline statement:

“They might substitute southwest Airline for a carry-on or a confirm bag. If the skateboard fits under the seat, it require not be in a bag or covered, but it does should be placed with the wheels up so it doesn’t roll. If stowed in one overhead bin, a skateboard have to be stowed with the wheels up and also needs to it is in in a bag or wheels spanned (trash bag is acceptable) therefore as no to damages other articles.”


If you’re wonder if a lighter skateboard solves far better flip tricks or skating, it’s not. Prefer I said before, trucks will certainly be the most far-ranging factor you want to consider. Understand the sensation you get riding them. You’ll uncover that in her skateboarding journey, you’ll find what fits your format of skating.