Dragon period games are well-known for their remarkable characters and story. Yet have you ever wondered as soon as Corypheus put on a birthday hat?

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Dragon age has always been a collection of cool proportions v dozens the unique personalities to autumn in love with. Dragon Age: Inquisition, the most recent installment in the series, is the biggest yet. There are much more companions, advisors, allies, and also a castle complete of side personalities to conversation with.

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The just downside the this wonderfully developed world is that it deserve to be difficult to store track of everyone. Every player has actually their favourites, however every character is someone"s favourite. By the end of the game, numerous of the companions have actually gone their different ways, therefore it"s an ext important than ever before to keep in touch. Here"s a brief reminder of their details and stories when the fans room waiting because that Dragon Age: 4.


18 The Inquisitor

The player character in Inquisition is a purposefully empty slate because that the gamer to style as they choose. More character customization choices appear 보다 ever prior to with beards because that female Dwarves, racially particular tattoos, and also an entirely new playable race - the Qunari.

Age: This is approximately the player"s discretion, but at least 18 and also at least old sufficient to be combat-ready there is no being as well old

Birthday: Inquisition starts in 9:41 Dragon, for this reason - suspect the protagonist is at least 18 years old - 9:23 Dragon or earlier

Height: between 4" and also 7", based upon information about the maximum racial heights


17 Corypheus, The Elder One

Corypheus is the major antagonist that Inquisition. End the course of the game, fans discovered that the was component of an old chantry story explaining the creation of Darkspawn. The story goes that thousands of years ago, number of of the most an effective Tevinter mages known as magisters entered the Fade and reached the chair of the Maker.

The chantry insurance claims that attempting to find the golden City to be a sin the pride, which turned it right into the black City and also sent the magisters earlier into the civilization as the mangled an initial Darkspawn. Corypheus, top top the other hand, cases that, upon reaching the gold City, the magisters found its throne empty. Till now, Corypheus had been trapped in a Grey Warden prison - but, newly freed, he"s spring to restore Tevinter to its former glory.

Age: never stated, but he claims to be among the magisters who reached the golden City in the Fade, native which the Chantry cases the Darkspawn were created, subsequently discovered the old God Dumat, and also started the an initial blight in the year -395 Ancient. Detect Dumat would have taken time and also we don"t know at what age he gone into the golden City, but if we"re generous and also say he to be 20, he would still it is in at the very least 1,376 years old

Birthday: Never stated

Height: never ever stated, yet assumed to be about 8"2" in his post-Darkspawn kind

Cullen Rutherford is just one of the couple of characters to show up in all three Dragon period games. In Dragon Age: Origins, the Hero meets the in Ferelden"s one of Magi wherein he to be serving as a templar. In DAII, Cullen has actually been advocated to Knight-Captain and transferred to Kirkwall. There, he eventually helped take under Meredith who had gone mad with power.

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In Inquisition, pan learned the Cassandra recruited Cullen into the Inquisition just following the Kirkwall Rebellion where he serves together the military leader that the organization and also tactical torture to the Inquisitor.

Age: 30

Birthday: Born approximately 9:11 Dragon with no real day given but, as soon as asked by Josephine"s messenger when the player reaches Skyhold, that replies that it has actually "already passed". The complete base game takes ar over one full year, therefore we may assume the his date of birth is early in the year

Height: never stated, but speculated based upon in-game references to be around 6"1"

15 Josephine Montilyet, The Diplomat

Josephine Montilyet is one Antivan noblewoman rotate diplomat. She charm, grace, and also careful deal-making (learned from her teenage exploits together a Bard) earned Josephine great reputation together the chief ambassador native Antiva to Orlais. Thus, she is acquainted with Orlesian politics and totally in love through its culture. Her family was once a naval powerhouse in Antiva, but poor luck and Rivaini pirates at some point forced them into exile and also crippled their fortune. Now, Josephine serves together an ambassador and diplomatic advisor to the Inquisitor.

Age: never ever stated, yet her writer estimates that she is in between 27 and 29

Birthday: Never proclaimed

Height: never stated, yet assumed come be approximately 5"5"

Leliana was a fan favourite native Origins, and also outrage over she minuscule function in DAII earned she a prominent place in Inquisition. A previous Bard rotate Chantry sister who was promoted to Left Hand of the Divine, Leliana has a well-off and facility backstory that gives she improvisation skills and a lengthy list that connections. She is the perfect spymaster and also advisor come the Inquisitor. Leliana is likewise one that the 3 women which the player deserve to make the next Divine or head that the Chantry.

Age: Uncertain, but the origins toolkit claimed she was 24-26, for this reason by the moment of Inquisition, she would be around 35

Birthday: Never stated

Height: never ever stated, but assumed to be about 5"7"

13 Morrigan, The Apostate

Morrigan is just one of the the strongest mages in Dragon Age and certainly the coyest. As a young woman, she to be plucked native her family members by Flemeth, a Witch the the Wilds. Morrigan joined the Hero"s mission in beginnings reluctantly after Flemeth raised her together a hedge mage with distinct magical abilities and also shapeshifting expertise.

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Morrigan at some point left Flemeth for great and go on to sign up with the royal court in Orlais as Empress Celene"s magical advisor. This is wherein she meets the Inquisitor for the an initial time and also she joins them when they depart the Winter Palace having actually been assigned together the Inquisition"s liaison.

Age: never stated, yet assumed come be 28-32 based upon backstory

Birthday: Never declared

Height: never stated, however assumed to be approximately 5"8"

Blackwall began life together Thom Rainier, a male from the free Marches. He was a expert warrior in ~ a young age, winning the cool Tourney in his youth with the aid of an Orlesian Chevalier. The Chevalier available to mentor Thom after ~ he"d won, however Thom refused. He squandered his winnings and was required to take it up mercenary work and then join the Orlesian royal Army. Thom and his squadron of guys got recorded up in Court politics and also ended up killing innocent civilians. Because that this, Thom would have been executed - if not for the Grey Warden Blackwall that recruited Thom into the order. Yet when Blackwall passed away and Thom had actually no proof the he"d been recruited, he feared the Grey Wardens would assume he"d murdered Blackwall. So, he took Blackwall"s identity and also began hike the country - trying to honour his memory - as soon as he is met through the Inquisition"s party.

Age: never stated, however he is recognized to have been recruited by the original Blackwall in 9:36, making that at least 25, however he is assumed to be in his beforehand 40s

Birthday: Never proclaimed

Height: never stated, but assumed to be around 5"9"

11 Cassandra Pentaghast, The Seeker

Cassandra Pentaghast doesn"t look at or act choose it, but she"s got royal blood. The Pentaghast family members is part of the Nevarran royal lineage. When her parents to be executed for taking the wrong next of an effort to fall the Nevarran king, Cassandra and her brothers were left in the care of one uncle. To cope, the siblings take it up swordplay and dreams the dragon-fighting. After she brother"s death, she uncle sent Cassandra far to end up being a Seeker. It to be there that her reputation led she to become the right Hand of the Divine, and also found the Inquisition with Leliana.

Age: 36-37

Birthday: Born in 9:03-9:04

Height: never ever stated, yet assumed to it is in approximately 6"

Vivienne was never one come play by the rules. Presented to it is in an extraordinary mage and witty player of the game from a young age, she prospered in the Orlesian court. Regardless of a scandal or two, Empress Celene made decision Vivienne together the "court enchanter" when she take it the throne.

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The role, up till that time, was essentially a court jester, but Vivienne rotate it into an advisory position to the Empress regardless of the truth that mages are not claimed to hold political power. Her long experience in ~ court likewise made she a fashion icon and also hostess of exorbitant parties. Once the Inquisition rises to power, she reaches out to castle herself.

Age: never stated, but around 44, because she was moved to Montsimmard Circle when she was 19 and, in a separate account, is provided as gift there in 9:16 Dragon

Birthday: Never proclaimed

Height: never stated, however assumed come be approximately 5"10"

9 Cole, The Compassion Spirit

The initial Cole to be a human apostate mage the befriended a heart of compassion as soon as he was approximately 12 years old. Unfortunately, Cole"s father learned of his wonder abilities and also attempted to kill the child, however Cole eliminated him first. He to be arrested by templars and also tossed right into a dungeon to be sadly and also utterly forgotten. Young Cole ultimately starved come death. The heart of compassion, unable to aid him, instead became Cole. This is the reality that the player meets in Inquisition - one v the memories and personality of the initial Cole, however the heart of a Fade creature. Neither human being nor spirit.

Age: The original cole died at period 12-13, and a character approximates him to currently be around 21

Birthday: Never declared

Height: never ever stated, but assumed come be around 5"7"

as the very first Qunari companion since Sten (who was written prior to the race was properly fleshed out), steel Bull"s character fills in a most gaps around Qunari the the fans have actually had since Dragon Age II. He was born into the Qun where youngsters are taken far from their family, raised communally, and also assigned an suitable job once they reach adulthood. Despite Bull to be strong, he to be assessed come be as well disobedient to it is in a an excellent soldier. Thus, he was inducted as a Ben-Hassrath - a branch the the Qunari priesthood committed to protecting the faith. He operated as a spy, smuggler, and also in other work until he to be reassigned to walk undercover in Orlais. This is wherein he established his own mercenary company: The Bull"s Chargers. When the Inquisition rises come power, The stole Bull is bespeak to with out and offer his assist in exchange for information.

Age: never stated, but he is recognized to have been recruited by the original Blackwall in 9:36, making him at least 25, yet assumed to be in his beforehand 40s

Birthday: In the Trespasser DLC, if the Chargers survived, they ask the Inquisitor for their help to give The steel Bull a date of birth present; it appears to it is in summertime in Orlais, for this reason his birthday is most likely mid-year

Height: never ever stated, yet assumed come be 7"-7"5", depending upon whether you counting his horns

7 Dorian Pavus, The Tevinter Mage

Dorian is a Tevinter mage with buckets of wit, charm, and also magical aptitude. However, he brought disgrace come his household by openly denouncing Tevinter"s slavery, miracle hierarchy, and also other viewed flaws. Together a young man, Dorian"s dad tried come "correct" Dorian"s homosexuality by making use of blood magic in the surname of perpetuating the magical bloodline of residence Pavus.

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Dorian deserve love from plenty of fans together a depiction of LGBTQ+ family members struggles, conversion therapy, and also dealing through trauma through humour. With this in mind, and also since Dragon Age: 4 will certainly be set in Tevinter, pan hope the Dorian returns and also that his friend and also fellow LGBTQ+ neighborhood member Maevaris Tilani additionally makes an appearance.

Age: 30

Birthday: 9:11 Dragon

Height: never stated, but assumed come be around 6"

Sera is a young Elven woman who detests many other Elves. Denouncing lock as as well "Elfy," she no talking around a mutual Elven experience, Elven history, or the defect Elves challenge in modern Thedas. As an orphaned child, she was embraced by a human being woman in Ferelden who psychologically abused her. After ~ her adopted mother died, Sera rejected any inheritance and also instead join the "Friends of Red Jenny", a net of interconnected lower class people who assassinate, steal from, and also generally pester their wealthy abusers -- frequently giving profits back to the poor. This internet of friends makes Sera a beneficial addition come the Inquisitor"s party.

Age: never ever stated, but it"s stated in canon the she played v a toy that the Jennies acquired during Origins, making her 20 or younger

Birthday: Never proclaimed

Height: never stated, yet assumed to be about 5"5"

5 Solas, The Dread Wolf

Solas is an Elven apostate mage who cases to have actually spent his life travelling Thedas and making friends through spirits of the Fade. Uneven Sera, he is unabashedly Elven, but he share Sera"s disdain for modern Elves as he considers them come be thoughtlessly worshipping what scraps that their society they have left. Though he cases to have actually joined the Inquisition after witnessing the creation of the Breach, players uncover by the finish of the video game that the is actually an Elven historical figure known as Fen"harel, the sharper God or "Dread Wolf". Players intend to follow him down and also pull much more answers about his to plan from the in Dragon Age: 4...if they can forgive his hat from the Winter Palace.

Age: never stated, but his writer estimates the physical human body to be in his early-to-mid 40s; assuming the Fen"harel was lively at the starting of Arlathan, that is at the very least 8,541 (but could be much older)

Birthday: Never declared

Height: never stated, but assumed come be about 6"5"

Varric Tethras to be a companion of falcon in DAII who is lugged over to Inquisition since Cassandra, that is in search of a candidate to be Inquisitor, has actually been questioning him around Hawke"s location. He stays to join the hit upon see the devastation at the holy place of sacred Ashes. Former to and also during DAII, Varric is a writer of well-known serial novels and acts as a spymaster, preserving a network the contacts and also trading v the Dwarven sellers Guild.

Age: 40

Birthday: 9:1 Dragon

Height: never stated, yet assumed come be about 4"8"

3 Dagna, The Arcanist and Artificer

Dagna very first appears in a tiny side-quest in Origins. Together a Dwarf, who race has been exposed to raw lyrium because that so long, she can"t do magic or even dream. She begged the Hero to help her with the circle of Magi for this reason she can study and also learn around what she couldn"t do. She reappears in Inquisition as a full-fledged Arcanist.

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The Dragon Age series has been an ext and an ext invested in the nuanced politics of a people full of magic which is progressively questioned because that its discrimination versus Elves and mages. But this all pipeline very little room to tell pan what they don"t already know around the Dwarves. Dagna"s research study helps elaborate a small on this details in Inquisition.

Age: 30

Birthday: 9:11 Dragon

Height: never ever stated, but no taller than 5"

Flemeth is thought during Origins to it is in a straightforward Witch that the Wilds, if likewise being one who has been prolonged her life by acquisition over the body of she daughters. Though the player can pick to kill Flemeth in Origins, DAII reveals the she regulated to escape and alludes come something the player can"t understand going ~ above behind the scenes. In Inquisition, fans learned that Flemeth is actually a mrs possessed by the spirit of Mythal, an old Elven goddess. Before the player can process this information, Flemeth is seemingly eliminated off through Fen"harel.

Age: Flemeth, indigenous the initial Chasind legend who killed Conobar, was claimed to it is in born in 3:00 Towers, do the woman Flemeth 741; presume that Mythal was lively at the starting of Arlathan, she is at the very least 8,541 (but might be much older)

Birthday: 3:00 Towers or sometime before -7600 ancient

Height: never stated, but the Flemeth indigenous the initial myth was said to it is in 6"6"

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1 mommy Giselle, The Chantry Sister

mom Giselle is a Revered mother of the Chantry that was nearby with magnificent Justinia V. She was the head the a Chantry throughout the an initial blight and also earned renown for her work-related with the Fereldan refugees. Giselle opened the food stores to the community in the id that their belief would sustain them, but this displeased the Chantry heads in Val Royeaux. When they sent Giselle food, she to be told to distribute it an initial to the clerics climate to Orlesian peasants then to the Fereldan refugees and, lastly, to the Elves in the alienage. Giselle famously refused this instructions. In Inquisition, mommy Giselle help Cassandra, Leliana, and the Inquisitor by rallying clerics because that the cause, dealing with refugees in Haven, and also otherwise exhilaration in her spiritual duties based out of Skyhold.

Age: never stated, but she is assumed to be a little younger than magnificent Justinia in her beforehand 50s