Players will certainly come across a variety of dirty 7 Statues in Genshin Impact, and also cleaning each of the statues will provide players part rewards.

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Genshin impact How come Clean the 7 Statues
Genshin Impact has a most content, and not all of it is easy. Players will need to wander the free-to-play, open civilization of Genshin Impact in search of clues as to how to end up some that them. Among the not-so-easy puzzles is exactly how to clean the statues of the Seven.

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Updated may 27, 2021 by Mina Smith: With some new locations and the growth of Genshin Impact"s map, there are now an ext Statues that the Seven currently in the game. This article has been updated to incorporate these brand-new locations.

how to Clean the Statues that the Seven

Genshin affect Statue the the Seven
The Statues that the seven are all over the civilization of Genshin Impact, representing the 7 gods of your world. Knowing that the main character"s sisters or brother was stolen by a god, the players must examine each that the god statues they come across. The statue in ~ Starfell Lake is just one of these, and also it is cleaned in the same method that all the other statues have the right to be. It will store players liven while lock await the brand-new content that the video game is always releasing.

Genshin affect Sucrose Jean Xiao Venti
The cleaning of the statues will certainly require having actually one the several characters with Hydro or Anemo. Over there are right now seven total characters in the video game that accomplish that requirement. Just a couple of them are S-Ranked, highest possible on the Genshin Impact character tier list:

Barbara (Hydro) Jean (Anemo) Mona (Hydro) Sucrose (Anemo) Tartaglia (Hydro) The Traveler Venti (Anemo) Xiao (Anemo) Xingqiu (Hydro)

In order to adjust out a character in a party, football player just need to summon Piamon and rearrange who is just one of the 4 in a party. Pick the Hydro or Anemo (wind) character v the d-pad ~ above PS4 or PS5 or 1-4 tricks on PC.

as soon as the Hydro or Anemo personality is the avatar that the party, they should use their Elemental Blast skill. Aim the skill directly at the dirty statues, climate jump and glide at the statue. The mix of the gliding and the wind or water will clean it enough for whichever Genshin Impact twin players chose to communicate with it.

Map that all places of Statues of seven in Genshin Impact

Rewards for Cleaning a Statue the the Seven

together for why Genshin Impact players would certainly bother clean a statue, over there are number of benefits for those who space not above minimal cleaning labor. Cleaning and also offering element oculi to statues provide players rewards that are worth a tiny elbow grease come get.

Cleaned statues end up being waypoints for fast travel restore parties to complete health permits players to adjust elemental talents give players blessings because that leveling Adventure ranks

Hopefully, players will acquire to see even more statues and Hydro and Anemo personalities in upcoming updates.

Genshin Impact is available for mobile, PC, PS4, and also PS5.

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