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I was simply wondering if anyone to know of a total being offered these days the is striker fired v a hand-operated safety and also decocker. Something choose the taurus 24/7 agree ds. My dad has actually one and I love the gun yet taurus doesn"t do them anymore and also I haven"t been able to uncover anything even remotely comparable to it. If anyone knows of something prefer it please let me know. Thanks.
Also it has a double action pull giving you another chance to get a misfire to work. It"s one more feature ns would like to have. Thanks

Walther P99/S&W SW99, and also clones of lock coming the end of Turkey (Canik TP9).Not certain if lock have 2nd strike capability, yet that’s a poor idea anyway, imho. Never had actually a quality, centerfire defensive round ignite top top a second hit...better to immediately go to failure drill than wail far at a dud primer.
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Canik and also Walther p99 do have second strike however no hand-operated safety also there"s the magnum research p99 clone however I can"t remember the specific model atmSent from my LGL84VL using Tapatalk
Well hell correctly its attention if it wasnt i wouldnt be delivering it!Beretta PX4 40swSR9PF9Sig mosquito 22Keltec p3at
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Walther P99/S&W SW99, and also clones of lock coming out of Turkey (Canik TP9).Not sure if castle have 2nd strike capability, however that’s a bad idea anyway, imho. Never had a quality, centerfire defensive round ignite ~ above a second hit...better to immediately go to fail drill 보다 wail far at a dud primer.
Canik are junk guns. Appropriate there v Hi-Point, FMK, and also Kel-Tec. Protect against them at all costs. GunBroker would be a place to acquire the P99 or SW99. Walk Sig do anything prefer this?Sent from mine SM-N950U using Tapatalk

Canik space junk guns. Appropriate there through Hi-Point, FMK, and Kel-Tec. Protect against them at all costs. GunBroker would certainly be a ar to obtain the P99 or SW99. Walk Sig make anything favor this?Sent from mine SM-N950U utilizing Tapatalk
Don’t own any kind of Caniks myself, but the human being I understand with Caniks would certainly beg to differ with you–and, from what i have seen, they’d it is in right. The TP9SFX is a entirety lot that gun because that the money (but doesn’t meet any of the OP’s criteria), and every one i have played with ran fine.And no, Sig doesn’t make anything the meets the criteria.

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There room no attention weapons; there are just dangerous fights v his mind; the weapons room incidental.--Jeff CooperThere is a reason they shot and make little bullets plot like big bullets--Glockmann10mm
I have actually both the P99AS and also the P99 Compact and also they have second striker capability, DA/SA, decocker, and also the decocker physically block the striker for reholstering under safer conditions when you deserve to not look at at your holster. Amazing ergos, specific as any type of weapon ns own, and a delight to shoot.
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Why do I desire these features? since they work for me. I know everyone is different however they suit me just fine. I"ve had actually several guns with a manual safety and also it"s never ever been an issue for me. I like carrying cocker and also locked. I know some world say it just adds a step prior to you deserve to fire, which is somewhat true, yet if you practice (which you have to do if carry) it"s not an issue. My safety and security is off prior to the my assistance hand also makes contact. I choose the decocker in the respect the after a fire fight you have the right to decock the gun so you"re less likely to have an inadvertently discharge while your heart is racing and also the adrenaline is pumping. This bring me to the double action pull. Once decocked ns still want the pistol to go bang once I traction the trigger. As far as negative primers i agree just get rid of the negative round and shot again. The being said I like DA also for the reason that guns can dirty and have misfires. I dont plan on throwing my gun right into a dirt puddle yet say you expedition while to run for covering or you obtained shot in the arm and also drop the weapon. Just a simple fact the **** happens. Now I"m no saying pull the cause 5 or 6 time to try and make the total fire. If the doesn"t job-related after the 2nd pull then chamber a new round. Again this are simply my opinions yet you inquiry so i tried to describe my reasonable behind them. Together for the proposal I evaluate the tips and also I"ll inspect them out. Feel complimentary to store commenting. Thanks