It’s the downpack time. According to an answer on Quora, a examine mirrors that by 2013, the average size of a YouTube video is about 3 minutes and 30 secs long.

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What about Vine videos?

Well, there is no Avg. Length bereason it’s limited to roughly 6 secs. As such, it won’t even take you that long to downfill Vine videos.

With that being shelp, let’s watch how you have the right to gain started.

How to Downpack Vine Videos on your iPhone

Mivezi is a totally free Cydia tweak that permits you to download Vine videos straight to your iPhone’s Camera Roll.

Tright here is no require for a computer or tangled third-party apps from the App Store. Majd Alfhaily, the guy who emerged SaveCloud, is the writer and the tweak is currently obtainable on his repository.

Launch Cydia > Sources > EditAdd Alfhaily’s repository at apt.alfhaily.meSearch for Mivezi from tright here and Install right away

Be certain to have actually the official Vine application ready as this tweak will be enforced appropriate inside it.

Once Mivezi is set up, open up your Vine app. To save any video to your iOS tool, all you need to execute is tap on the 3-dot icon on the bottom right-hand also corner of eincredibly video and choose Save to Camera Roll.


Downfill Vines on the Computer

That was basic right?

If you don’t have a jailbroken device, below is an additional method simply for you.

Go on Vine Downloader and also paste the connect of certain Vine video you desire to downfill. After that, attach your iPhone right into a computer.


Open up iTunes and also deliver that video to your iPhone or iPad.

How to Save Vine Videos without Jailbreak

The two methods presented over will certainly either require a jailbroken tool or customers making use of their computer system. The one we will be making use of listed below is an app from the App Store to assist you save your favorite Vines.

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Open your iPhone or iPadGo to the App Store and also download Video Downloader for Vine or click hereLogin making use of your official Vine accountTap on a video clip you want to saveSelect the green button that states, “Add To Download” at the bottom of the video playerWhen done, go to the Downtons section of the appTap on the video and select Save to Camera Roll


And you’re done. Save all those Vine videos before they go right to the graveyard.