It’s the download time. According to solution on Quora, a study reflects that by 2013, the average length of a YouTube video is approximately 3 minutes and also 30 secs long.

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What around Vine videos?

Well, there is no Avg. Length because it’s restricted to around 6 seconds. Therefore, the won’t even take friend that lengthy to download Vine videos.

With that being said, let’s see how you can get started.

How come Download Vine Videos on her iPhone

Mivezi is a complimentary Cydia tweak that enables you come download Vine videos directly to her iPhone’s Camera Roll.

There is no need for a computer or tangled third-party apps from the app Store. Majd Alfhaily, the man who emerged SaveCloud, is the author and also the tweak is now easily accessible on his repository.

Launch Cydia > sources > EditAdd Alfhaily’s repository at apt.alfhaily.meSearch for Mivezi native there and Install appropriate away

Be sure to have actually the main Vine application prepared as this tweak will be enforced right within it.

Once Mivezi is installed, open up up her Vine app. To save any video to your iOS device, every you have to do is tap on the 3-dot symbol on the bottom right-hand corner of every video and select Save come Camera Roll.


Download Vines ~ above the Computer

That was simple right?

If friend don’t have a jailbroken device, here is another method just because that you.

Go on Vine Downloader and also paste the connect of details Vine video clip you want to download. ~ that, affix your iPhone into a computer.


Open increase iTunes and transfer that video to your iPhone or iPad.

How to save Vine Videos without Jailbreak

The two methods shown above will either call for a jailbroken maker or users using their computer. The one we will be using below is an application from the application Store to assist you conserve your favorite Vines.

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Open her iPhone or iPadGo to the application Store and download Video Downloader for Vine or click hereLogin utilizing your main Vine accountTap ~ above a video clip you want to saveSelect the green switch that says, “Add come Download” at the bottom the the video clip playerWhen done, go to the Downloads ar of the appTap on the video and pick Save to Camera Roll


And you’re done. Conserve all those Vine videos before they go straight to the graveyard.