DLC - Trespasser (Story Achievements)

Trespasser is the third and last DLC because that Dragon Age: Inquisition. This DLC deserve to only be began if you have actually an finish game conserve after beating Corypheus. You will certainly head back to the Winter palace two years after the loss of Corypheus to attend the Exalted Council. This council will certainly be the last possibility you have actually to record up through old friends and decide the last fate the the Inquisition.

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This DLC to add 11 accomplishments for a total of 240 GamerScore. Only 4 that the success can in reality be obtained while play the brand-new content. The remainder of the achievements will call for a partial play with of the main video game with new special Trials that deserve to be toggled on and off from the game"s alternatives menu.

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This guide will begin off by extending the new content and also will follow v the partial play with at the end taking care of the various trial achievements.

The Winter royal residence - The Exalted Council

To start this DLC you will should start the battle Table operation "Attend the Exalted Council". As mentioned simply a 2nd ago, you must have actually an finish game conserve after beating Corypheus because that this battle table operation to appear. Make certain you have every little thing done the you desire done in your playthrough prior to beginning the Exalted Council. Once this operation is selected you will be locked the end of every previous areas you have ever been too. That method Skyhold as well!! You"ve been warned.

So if you"re prepared to start start the operation and you will be transported 2 years into the future whereby you room attending the Exalted Council at the Winter Palace. After ~ the intro step you will be the end in the Palace"s Courtyard.

The an initial thing you need to do currently is enter your menu settings. Push Start, select alternatives and climate Trials. Make certain to toggle on the trial go Softly. This trial will promote specific enemies to do them stronger. By transforming this trial on ideal at the beginning of this DLC I had the ability to unlock the accomplishment Trial of the Emperor just prior to the ending, so hope this will work for you too. If not, you"re walk to need to do one more partial playthrough of the whole game quiet -.-

Now that you have control of your Inquisitor you deserve to run roughly the Winter royal residence Gardens because that a while and catch up v your companions. Speak to everyone and also you"ll be able to see the impacts some the your choices have had on your companions resides over the last 2 years. There"s a couple of other there was no sign sidequests you deserve to look out for when you"re experimenting this area as well.


Cullen now has a dog. If friend spam your search function and discover all the expensive dog treats hiding in the gardens girlfriend will get a quick cut scene through the new pooch and which will reward you through the Cudgel of the Gold-and-Ebon Queen.There will be Harlequin"s stealthing roughly the palace. If you can gain your Inquisitor to method them stealthily indigenous behind you will be able to catch them and receive +2 dexterity each time. There space 5 Harlequin"s that have the right to be recorded in the Winter Palace and you will obtain the Brand Schematic if girlfriend can manage to capture all 5 that them.Lastly, there room tilted paintings situated throughout the Winter Palace. Fixing any type of painting the is not hanging appropriately will provide you +2 toughness each time. There space 5 paints that deserve to be fixed: in the bar, in a small room come the phibìc of the bar, in the bathhouse, and two on the peak floor the the royal residence that have the right to only it is in accessed after you create the very first Exalted board of directors meeting.

Now the you space done catching up v your companions you will should talk v Teagan Guerrin and Cyril de Montfort before you deserve to move on with the key quest. Both males are significant with quest markers on your map. When you have talked with both ambassadors you will be able to head to the palace entrance to cause the very first Exalted council meeting.

The the supervisory board proceedings will not gain too far along, before you space interrupted by a messenger stating the Leliana would favor to speak through you. Rudely leaving the board of directors meeting and meet up v Leliana who will notify you the a dead Qunari has been uncovered inside the palace.

You will certainly now must use your search role to monitor the Qunari"s blood trail increase a nearby trellis. This will certainly take you to the optimal floor that the royal residence (only time you"ll it is in able to access those last tilted paintings). Proceed following the blood trail right into the adjoining room whereby you will find an energetic Eluvian.

Head v the mirror and also you will have the ability to choose her party members to tag along right into the Crossroads.

The Crossroads


Your party will currently be in the Crossroads. You start of at ar #1 top top the Map. Continue following the blood trail to an Eluvian directly in prior of girlfriend (Map place #9). It will certainly be inactive. There will certainly be one more blood trail bring about the right, however, which leads to an energetic mirror.

Instead of following the blood trail come the Eluvian at Map ar #3 favor your claimed to as soon as you get in the Crossroads right here you have the right to head automatically left to uncover a skeleton. You can acquire a map off the skeleton i m sorry will start a room treasure hunting side search that you"ll have the ability to do when you go back to the Winter Palace. The map will display you the location of a covert halla statue situated at the Winter Palace. Uncover the 4 halla statues situated near the frostbite behind the bar, in the main fountain, on height of the bathtub house and also at the height of the stairs to the appropriate of the main palace gates. When you have found all four you have the right to return to the skeleton here to complete off the next quest. You"ll get +1 to cunning everytime you discover a statue and also +6 as soon as you go back to the skeleton. You"ll additionally receive a employee schematic for finishing the quest.

You have to now take an additional detour about the ago to Map ar #2 first. Head with the Eluvian here and you will finish up in the exit Chateau. In here will be a chest. Once you walk to unlock the chest you will certainly be attacked by demons. Death all the demons and then girlfriend will be able to open the chest for a distinctive ring dubbed The Hand the Cuts. There are 4 of this chests come open and each chest has a piece of armor that provides up The Taken form set. Collecting every one of these will certainly unlock this achievement:

CoronerFind all of the wearable item that comprise the bring away Shape.


2 guides


After arriving at the Elven hill Ruins you will certainly be within of the Vine-Covered Tower. Climb up the staircase and also go behind the enntrance gate to uncover some violet flames (Map place #1). These will certainly kill friend instantaneously if girlfriend walk into them unprotected. Her inquisitor will soon obtain an Anchor Discharge ability which grants a few seconds of invulnerability when provided which will permit you come walk safely through the flames. If you"d rather not wait you can additionally use a mage with obstacle to walk with these flames. Opened the chest below will price you v a Superb Belt of Urgency.

Next head come Map location A and head v the Eluvian over there to cross over to the Bridge. When you arrive at the bridge you will check out Qunari throughout the various other side. You won"t be able to cross this area yet. There is a damaged statue piece on a pedestal the you will need to fix in order come raise the bridge. Because we can"t move forward simply yet, head with the Eluvian to her left at Map ar B.

You will currently be at the smoking Tower. You will certainly come upon some spirits. If friend drank indigenous the fine of Sorrows girlfriend will have the ability to bypass fighting them. If not you will have to fight them before moving on. Do your method to Map ar #2 and have her mage cast barrier again to reach the chest previous the violet flames. After that head come Map location #3 and interact through the Mosaic there. The wall surface will disappear and you will be able to pass through and interact v the Eluvian on the various other side in ~ Map ar C.

You will departure out the other side at the quiet Tower. Rise the stairs around this tower and also make your way to Map location #4. Below you will communicate with one more mosaic. Go into the structure and also make your means down the stairs and also interact through yet one more mosaic. Go into the dark room the the mosaic to be blocking and also your Inquisitor"s anchor will certainly flare up. This flare up will grant your Inquisitior the Anchor Discharge ability. This capacity can be supplied to irradiate dark places and grant you and also your nearby party members short-lived invulnerability. Usage this capacity now by pressing

to light up the room. You should grab the frostbite in the center of the room. This will trigger a fight with some spirits. Clean the room and also then retrace your measures all the method back to the bridge at Map ar #6. Communicate with the broken pedestal here and also you will finally be able to make your way towards the Qunari across the bridge at Map location #7.

Now the you have finally crossed the bridge your party will now arrive in ~ the forget Sanctuary. The last component of this area. Friend will need to clear the end the Qunari in this area before entering the sanctuary. You can run around the external of the sanctuary area, however there really is nothing to see or do about the outside. For this reason you deserve to just go into right far if you desire to. Friend will need to fight off much more Elven Spirits and Qunari. Make you method to map location #1. You should now have actually cleared out every one of the adversaries inside of the sanctuary. Over there is a hidden chest situated in the upper level on the south Side, clogged by purple flames that you can gain if friend want. The main goal below is to resolve the very first Lateral Thinker puzzle. Resolving all 4 the the Lateral Thinker puzzles will certainly award you with this:

The clue to this Lateral Thinker puzzle is: "The Dread wolf keeps its gaze on the light that illuminates the way forward". For this puzzle you will need to light the Veil Fire brazier ~ above the wall surface that the Dread wolf statue is straight looking at. Usage a mage come energize the brazier the the statue is feather at. You will certainly then need to press the button on the frostbite which will certainly make the statue"s eye light up and reveal a staircase hidden listed below it. This will additionally unlock a loot crate in former of the statue. Make sure you prey the box, you"ll gain the bow Arrowwood, prior to heading down the stairs. The equipment to the puzzle is shown in this photo below:

You have the right to now head down the stairs and also interact with an additional mosaic. You will now be in the covert Armory. If friend head into the room instantly to your left after girlfriend pass with the mosaic there will certainly be a wall surface blocked with crates you can damage to acquire a treasure chest. You will certainly now need to clear the covert Armory area of much more Qunari. Loot all of the dead Qunari"s bodies. A Qunari Shock Trooper should have actually some order on the outlining a Qunari plot come infiltrate Halamshiral. You can likewise look roughly the next rooms come find one more note around an Unknown certified dealer who assaulted the Qunari (This room is the one simply to the left the the Eluvian in this area if you are looking straight at it). You can now head back to the Winter royal residence to update your torture on the situation. Head with the Eluvian significant by the quest marker in this area. Friend will now be ago at the Vine extended Tower. Usage the lever in this room to open up the gate. If you head right into the room directly across from the one you are currently coming the end of you will certainly find an ext crates impede a wall. If you rest the crates you will be may be to accessibility a hidden Eluvian that will certainly take you back to a formerly inaccessible area that the smoking cigarettes Tower, whereby you will certainly now be able to get the chest. Now backtrack ago to the Vine spanned Tower and also the initial Eluvian you gotten in this area through. You need to now go and also update your advisors ~ above the Qunari plot earlier at the Winter Palace.

After you have actually updated her advisors back at the Winter palace you will now have a quest marker noting the Eluvian supplied to get earlier to the Crossroads indigenous the Winter Palace. This Eluvian is in the room under the top-right hand stairs of the palace. As soon as you enter ago into the Crossroads a new path will have actually opened up that you have the right to follow to the Deep Roads.

The Crossroads 2

To relocate onto the following section girlfriend will want to head along the brand-new path to Map location #5. Before heading into the Eluvian here, head approximately the back to Map place #4 to get in the hidden Hollow. Right here will be one more treasure chest the once interacted with will generate demons. Death the demons here and loot the chest. You will be awarded with an amulet called The Eye the Weeps. This is the second piece the The bring away Shape. Exit out the this area and head end to the Eluvian in ~ Map location #5 to go into The Deep Roads.

The Deep Roads

You begin off in the Deep roads at Map ar #1. This area is much much more linear 보다 the vault Elven Ruins. You will have to take treatment of part Qunari in this area prior to moving through to Map place #2. In ~ this allude you need to start heading under the stairs case. You have the right to use the Inquisitor"s Anchor Discharge ability to irradiate the way when it it s okay dark. For the next tiny bit you"ll be fighting off Deep Stalkers instead of Qunari. In ~ Map ar #2 you will notice that there are several gaatlok barrels prevent a caved in area here. This area leads to the 2nd Lateral Thinker puzzle. Girlfriend won"t it is in able to access this area until you finish The shattered Library afterwards in the story and also upgrade girlfriend anchor capacity more. So because that now simply keep do your means through the greatly linear map.

Continue on v Map place #3 and #4 until you reach a Hideout at Map location #5. Here you will fulfill a previous Templar native Kirkwall referred to as Jerran. That signed up for the Qun ~ the occasions at Kirkwall and also has been to teach the Qunari every little thing he knows about lyrium. Unfortunately for Jerran he currently believes the Qunari are crazy together well and also is having 2nd thoughts around having assisted them. After your conversation with Jerran friend can chose to either death him or let the go. It"s all up to you!

After her leave Jerran you will run into much more deepstalkers. Around Map place #6 is one more purple fire blocking a endowment chest containing a sigil. There"s additionally another locked sweetheart chest that you have the right to open prior to you overcome a lengthy bridge right into the following area. Once you space fighting the Qunari along the method you can detonate the gaatlok barrels v fire and electricity or you can manually detonate them. They can aid take the end the Qunari quite quickly. They shouldn"t have left your explosives laying everywhere the location .

Your ultimate score right currently is to make it to Map location #8. Right here you will fight a pretty strong Saarebas (Qunari mage) in addition to several various other Qunari. Make sure to take out the Saarebas as fast as girlfriend can. Loot the endowment in this area and also pick up the gaatlok primers.

You will now have 4 pursuit markers on her map in the four corners that Map place #7. Head to every of these locations and use the primers right here to blow up the towers and all of the Qunari"s gaatlok. Once the 4th area is blown increase the cave will begin to flood. Now it"s simply a matter of backtracking your means out the this whole area if fighting Qunari. If you let Jerran bolt you"ll discover his dead human body on your means out and also can booty an amulet off of him. Head earlier to the Winter palace to update your advisors.

Back at the Winter royal residence you will get an additional cutscene. Her advisors will inform you the there has been a situation between on of the Inquisition soldiers and also an Orlesian servant. Girlfriend will need to decide whether to take her Inquisition soldier or the Orlesian servant into custody. Doesn"t really matter either way. Once you decide her Inquisition soldier will certainly pass ~ above a note to you the Leliana will translate. The note tells you the the Viddasala have the right to be uncovered through an Eluvian by a bookcase.

Head back to the Eluvian in ~ the Winter Palace and also make your method back come the Crossroads.

The Crossroads 3

Heading back into the Crossroads for the third time currently you will finally open increase the remainder of the map. Make your means over to Map location #5 whereby you simply finished off with the Deep Roads. Follow me the east side of the island you will an alert a red machine that you have the right to now communicate with. Doing therefore will begin to produce a path. Head end to Map ar #6 and also enter the Eluvian below to acquire to the forgotten Tower. Below you will discover the third chest because that the Coroner achievement. Communicate with the chest, kill the Revenants and then loot a belt called "The tie That Guides". Make your method back out to the Crossroads.

You will now want come head back over to the island in ~ Map place #5 and interact v the red machine to the South. You can now head end to Map ar #8. Prior to heading into the Eluvian top top this island lets complete our first achievement because that this DLC. Head up and around the stair here and make your means over come the island in ~ Map place #7 in the very South. Get in the Eluvian right here to acquire to the ancient Jail. Just like the 3 times before, communicate with the chest, death the demons and also loot the chest. Friend will receive your fourth and also final item of the Taken shape armor set. It"s a quite cool looking human body armor piece dubbed "The Skin the Stalks". You"ll get the schematic for this armor too in addition to the adhering to achievement:

You"ll start off in the wrong Library at Map location #1. If you leave out the this initial room and walk every the method around the back you will find an exit camp that Sandal Feddic"s. He"s left you part goodies.

You"ll currently want to start heading down the route towards to Map ar A. You will certainly run into an Archivist that will to fill you in a bit around what is walk on. If friend head down the route to the left of the spirit rather of heading increase the stairs girlfriend can uncover a "secret shop" where you have the right to buy the shield The best Defense and it"s schematic. Not sure what the skeleton requirements all the money for?

Now head back to the Archivist and up the stairs come the key platform. Girlfriend will watch Qunari in the street on an upside down island. Interact with the red an equipment to raise some stairs. Friend will need to find a couple of more of this to raise all of the stair though. Proceed following the path approximately to the Eluvian at Map location A. Head through to with the Courtyard in ~ Map ar #2.

On the key platform behind the Archivist you will notice more Qunari on an "inverted island". Activate the red an equipment to raise a part of the procedures needed to acquire there. However, you should raise much more portions in stimulate to with the Qunari. Follow the route to find another mirror to enter the Courtyard.

In the Courtyard there space 2 Eluvians. That does not matter which order friend head with them however for this overview we will certainly be heading to the Eluvian up the much shorter flight that stairs come the north at Map location B first.

Going v the Eluvian at Map ar B will carry you to the damaged Tower in ~ Map place #3. You"ll pass v a ring that creepy spring statues before, heading up the staircase to find an additional Archivist. At Map ar C go v the Eluvian to get to the Scholar"s Retreat at Map location #4.

At Map ar #4 you will be able to do another Lateral Thinker puzzle. To deal with the Lateral Thinker puzzle in this area ("When the Dread Wolf"s rigid is bright, light burns in a ring that the dead") compelled for the accomplishment you will need to do the following:

First make all of your party members host Position in ~ the Eluvian in ~ Map location #4-C.Then take your Inquisitor and also head ago up the stairs to wherein the Elven murals are. Approximately the ago of the murals is a violet flame area. One component of this area holds a treasure chest. Pass with the flames utilizing the Inquisitor"s anchor discharge and you will have the ability to head up some stairs and reach a statue that the Dread Wolf. Press the button on the statue and also the statue"s eyes will certainly glow green.Now move to one of you characters that you have actually holding position at the Eluvian. V the character you will want to conveniently run through the mirror to gain to the island at Map place #3. If girlfriend remember once you came into this area over there was the ring that creepy feather statues. Hop down to the statues in this area and they will certainly all have their braziers lit through veilfire.Quickly communicate with among the statues braziers to light a veilfire torch. This occasion is top top a pretty fast timer. As soon as you have a torch lit the braziers will go out on the statues shortly after. You have the right to relight them with your new torch if you"d like.Now make certain your Inquisitor has the torch in hand and head back over to Map location #4 and the Dread wolf Statue there. Over there is a veilfire that you can light right here near the statue. This will certainly unlock the box located on the statue i m sorry you have the right to now loot for a distinctive sword called Rime.

If the written description was as well confusing for this puzzle

girlfriend can examine out this YouTube video to help you out:

Now that you"ve gained that puzzle out of the way, girlfriend will want to activate the red device to advanced another part of stairs over at Map place F. You might want to store that veilfire torch v you because that the next Eluvian area as there is a little an enig you"ll have the ability to trigger with it. The red device is found down a collection of stairs to the the opposite of the stairs the you come increase from in this area. So walk up the stairs, hang a right where you see all of the murals and in that area you will see a set of stair going under which will take you to the red device. Currently you deserve to start retracing her steps back to the Courtyard in ~ Map ar #2. Follow me the method you will certainly be assaulted by more Qunari.

When you return to Map ar #2 your Inquisitor"s note will flare increase again and also you will obtain the Anchor Blast ability. This upgrade enables you to damage all adjacent enemies in addition to granting you temporary immunity.

You will currently head up the longer trip of stair come Map location #2-D and head with the Eluvian here. Top top entering turn immediately left and also interact through the swarm that bees here to achieve Fade-Touched Honeycomb. After that head up the stairs come have an additional chat with the Archivist. Afterwards head through the Eluvian at Map ar #5-E appropriate behind them.

When you acquire to the following area in ~ Map place #6, instead of heading under the stairs right away, sneak end to the alcove to the South. If friend still have actually your veilfire torch v you you"ll find a rune here that says "Behind You". Have to be a Dark Souls reference. Automatically after reading this you"ll be struck by a bunch the spiders and also a fear Demon . Once you"ve defeated these males you have the right to grab a Superb Amulet of barrier off the are afraid Demon. Through them dead you can head under the stairs and also find the last red maker in the north West of the lower area. Communicate with the machine to raise the last part of the stairs to the upside down island. Now retrace her steps back to the Courtyard at Map place #2. As always you"ll be struck by an ext Qunari on your method back. These males really should stop reproduction ...

Back at the Courtyard you will be struck by the four Librarian"s who space pretty much fear Demons. Take treatment of them and then head back over come the island in ~ Map ar #1. You"ll now have the ability to use the measures you"ve increased to access the Eluvian in ~ Map location #1-F.

When you step out of the Eluvian at Map location #7-F you will ultimately greet the Viddasala. She"ll monologue for a bit and then leaving her minions to assault you. Defeat these guys and then loot the area. You"ll be able to pick up some nice amulets and find a great bow schematic behind the purple flames in this area. On among the dead Qunari should be a Darvaarad Keystone the you"ll need. When your done head increase the stairway to speak to the Archivist one critical time. They phone call you that the Viddasala is headed to the Darvaarad. They call you the to obtain to the Darvaarad you need the keystone you"ve looted together with the words "Maraas Nehraa". They likewise fix the route behind them bring about the Eluvian in ~ Map place #7-G. This will help you exit the area lot quicker. You can now retrace your procedures out that this area to head ago to the Winter royal residence to fill in your advisors.

Back in ~ the Winter royal residence your advisors upgrade you ~ above the existing situation. Throughout this conversation her anchor flares increase again and you finally come clean to your advisors that the anchor is death you

. You tell them that you must acquire to the Darvaarad to stop those crazy Qunari from destroying every one of Thedas.

Before friend head earlier out to the Crossroads again you deserve to do one more sidequest. Also though the Inquisitor is dice they supposedly feel choose celebrating with fireworks ...?? In the south-western corner of the palace courtyard girlfriend can shot your hand at some pyrotechnics. To gain max points at this mini-game you want to shot to detonate the fireworks in ~ their top point. The greater your score the better you reward indigenous this. If friend can regulate a score that 80+ you"ll nab yourself +6 to your magic stats and a Chromatic Greatsword Schematic.

Now the your done partying we have the right to return to the Qunari problem that threatens all of Thedas ... Head on earlier out come those Crossroads.

The Crossroads 4

Before proceeding with the main quest we space going to take a quick detour earlier to the Deep roadways at Map place #5. We need to end up the Lateral Thinker puzzle, that was formerly inaccessible, before we have the right to move on.

The Deep roadways - part 2

Arriving earlier at the Deep roadway for the 2nd you will notice that many of the area is currently underwater thanks to united state blowing every little thing up. From Map place #1 head v the room and also down the staircase towards Map place #2. In ~ this place you will an alert an caved in area surrounded by a couple of canisters of gaatlok. Through our nifty Anchor Discharge upgrade the now enables us to punch stuff up we can lastly clear the method here. Usage your Anchor Blast on the canisters and it will certainly clear the means through the door to an Eluvian. Head with the mirror and also you will certainly be transported to the Unknown Ruin.

The clue because that this Lateral Thinker puzzle is: "Where the Dread Wolf"s gaze blazes, routes are lugged to light." very first you will want to have actually one of your personalities light a torch with the veilfire that is obtainable when you very first get into the ruin. Then as soon as you enter the area v the Dread wolf statue friend will check out a big mural taking up the entire wall opposite, together with a brazier in the middle of the wall surface that is unreachable. Stretching from the statue come the brazier girlfriend will view notches jutting out of the floor in a directly line. What you want to do is have actually your character who is holding the veilfire torch stand on the notch coming out of the floor closest to the wolf statue and hold position (Map location A). Then usage a 2nd party member to press the button on the earlier of the statues head (Map location B). This will cause the notches in the floor to raise up and also create a staircase to the brazier. Switch ago to your character stop the veilfire torch and quickly have them operation up the stairs and also light the brazier. As soon as the brazier is lit the staircase will certainly retract and you will have the ability to read a veilfire rune that shows up on the mural wall. Following make certain to open up the chest in ~ the Dread wolf statue to attain your new staff, love of Pride.

Now retrace your steps earlier out come the Crossroads.

The Crossroads (Last Time)

This is going to it is in the suggest of no return. If you have actually left something unfinished up to this suggest you will have actually to complete it now. When we head come the Darvaard we will certainly not be return this way. So end up up what you want to do now. If you"re ready to end up this video game off and great to go, head come Map location #9 and also enter the Darvaard.

The Darvaarad

You begin off in the Darvaard close to Map place #1. Do you method across the leg while fighting turn off the Qunari. Do your method to Map ar #2 and also kill the Qunari in this area together well. Make certain to loot all of the Qunari that you kill in this area together one will have a Gatehouse key on him. Likewise make sure to take advantage of the Inquisitor"s capability to explode gaatlok barrels while offering the group temporary invulnerability in ~ the very same time.

The Gatehouse vital that girlfriend loot will unlock the regulate room in ~ Map place #3. The equipment to opening the locked door blocking the way forward from the manage room is:

Turn the right wheel until the appropriate pole is completely retractedTurn the left wheel till the left pole is completely retractedTurn the facility wheel until the vertical facility pole is fully retracted

This will unlock the method forward, but before we carry out that allows take a rapid detour and get an achievement. Head over to the research study Tower at Map place #4. We space going to finish our last lateral thinker puzzle. The clue because that this puzzle is: "One sees the hunter, one flees from it, one outwits them all." inside the study Tower space statues of an owl, halla and a dragon. You desire to irradiate the veilfire braziers in former of lock in the exactly order. The tower has three levels and also you want to start on the bottom or basement floor. Down right here is the Dread wolf statue. You have the right to light your veilfire torch down here. This is additionally where the owl (hunter) frosting is. This is the one the you desire to light first:

Then you"re going come head to the an extremely top floor. Up below are the Halla and Dragon statues. Light the Halla (flees indigenous it) frosting second:

This will unlock the prey box down at the Dread wolf statue. Before heading down to the bottom level there is a gold nug frosting behind the halla frosting up here that you deserve to use to synch up all of your schematics with. You can want to usage this if you have to do one more playthrough as it provides all characters throughout your account access to all schematics you very own from the get go. If you need to do another playthrough the the game this have the right to be very useful. Now that her synched increase head come the basement and retrieve girlfriend new twin blade dagger - The Bloody Bargain! You"ll additionally unlock this:

Now that you are done in this area head with the door friend unlocked previously at Map place #5.

When you enter the Barracks you"ll desire to head left very first to Map place #6. The door to Map ar #7 is at first locked. Clear out the Qunari in this area and loot a chest because that a key. With this crucial you have the right to now head to Map place #7 and unlock the door. You"ll have the ability to nab one Amulet of physical Immunity.

Now head end to Map ar #8. From right here you can get in the research at Map place #9 come learn much more about the Qunari"s plans. In ~ Map location #10 you should have the ability to pick a lock to among the cell doors below for a it is provided cache.

When you lastly reach the gaatlock manufacturing facility at Map place #11 you will have one more run in v the Viddasala. At this point in the game you will certainly run right into the Viddasala again. If you never ever finished steel Bull"s sidequest, requirements of the Qun, or if friend did end up the sidequest however chose come sacrifice the Chargers, then you will end up having actually to death Iron Bull in this upcoming fight. Also if Bull is no in her party he will still show up to fight you at this point. The doesn"t issue if you space in a romance with Iron Bull either. He"ll still assault you. If you determined to conserve the Chargers in the sidequest and Bull wake up to it is in in your party then he will not revolve on you. After ~ you have actually dealt with every one of the Qunari in this area girlfriend will must make your way over to Map location #12 because that the last fight the this area.

By currently your party has established that the Qunari"s Dragon"s Breath setup involves an yes, really dragon. At Map ar #12 girlfriend will face a ton of Qunari along with the dragon Ataashi, who is not as well thrilled v the Qunari"s plans either. You have the right to now decide whether you want to kill Ataashi or set her free. It is no clear if freeing Ataashi will certainly have consequences in more games or not, however there is likewise no reward because that killing her. I"ve constantly chosen to complimentary her, If you want to totally free Atashi sick her party members top top the Qunari first. Then take her Inquisitor near the dragon. There space rings that fire top top the soil floor bordering Ataashi. There is also a wagon ~ above the floor right here filled through gaatlok. With your Anchor Blast/Discharge ability blow this wagon up. You will now require to move the flames the flame rings that space holding Ataashi in the circle. There are three wheel on the upper level that will move their corresponding rings the flame. You don"t also have to bother v the inner and middle rings of flame. Just use the wheel the controls the outermost ring. Indigenous the entrance to the room this is the wheel that is the the furthest to the right (South top top the Map). Relocate the wheel till the flames line up and also someone will cite that they space in place. Once that is done run over to the door door and throw the levers that room on both political parties of the gate. This will finally complimentary Ataashi and you"ll gain a pretty cool cutscene. I honestly didn"t fight any of the Qunari with my Inquisitor throughout this fight. If they get in the method you have the right to use girlfriend Anchor Discharge capability to help you out. Basically simply run native one target to the next ignoring the enemies. As soon as the dragon is freed this fight is over.

With the dragon totally free you"ll follow after the Viddasala again. She"ll tell you her plans to kill Solas and also leave through another Eluvian. You"ll automatically follow in pursuit.

Elven Ruins

Chasing after the Viddasala you will wind up in the Elven Ruins. Your Inquisitor"s Anchor will start to flare up even more and the will reason a large explosion. Your Inquisitor will now have the Anchor Meltdown upgrade. Her Anchor is currently discharging whether you want it come or not. If you enable your emphasis to fully build up your anchor will certainly explode damaging your party. In this area friend will need to continuously usage your Anchor ability whenever it"s obtainable to protect against it "overheating" and also damaging your party members.

This area is very linear. Basically fight v Qunari until you with an Eluvian and can move onto the next island. Struggle your means through Map place #1, 2 and also 3. At Map place #3 simply be careful which method your Inquisitor is encountering when making use of the Anchor Meltdown ability as it generally blasts them back and you space fighting ~ above a narrow bridge. When you head with the eluvian after ~ fighting across the leg at Map location #3 you will lastly reach the Shrine to the Dread wolf at Map ar #4.

When you run right into the courtyard below the Viddasala will come the end of one Eluvian together with her super powere Saarebas Saarath. She"ll sick Saarath on girlfriend while she watches. Saarath has actually a pair of strong attacks. He"ll launch a glowing orb the magic at you the is an extremely hard to dodge and also he has an AOE leap attach. When he puts up a barrier about him, ranged attacks will no much longer work. You require to acquire in the barrier with him and also deal close selection damage. Over there will likewise be other Qunari top top the field while you fight him. As soon as you"ve done enough damages to Saarath he will break his chain and run off along with the Viddasala.

Follow after come the next courtyard. In this area there will be a unch much more Qunari in addition to several active Eluvians. There is only one exactly Eluvian to head v in this area. The remainder will command you right ago to the courtyard. I headed v the Eluvian that was to the really North of the Map, right ahead of you in this area. This was the correct one best off the bat.

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Once you"ve gone v the exactly Eluvian you will certainly arrive in one area v one critical Eluvian together with the unleashed Saarath. This fight is pretty comparable to the critical one, except Saarath will perform a lot much more AOE attacks this time around. Once he beginning to gain low on health he will likewise start to summon demons. Loss Saarath for an excellent this second time around and head with the critical Eluvian.

This last area will be one big cutscene pack up the entire game. You"ll lastly get to talk to Solas. He"ll tell girlfriend stuff, yada yada ... You"ll at some point arrive ago at the Winter palace where you will have to decide the fate that the Inquisition. Execute you disband the Inquisition and also avoid corruption indigenous within, or perform you keep the Inquisition intact and also risk infiltration indigenous agents the Fen"Harel. The selection is as much as you, but I"m pretty certain this decision will have some influence on the following Dragon age game. Make your decision and also you"ll earn you yourself the critical story accomplishment of this DLC: