In super Mario Bros. Wii, there space cannons ~ above the overworld map the you deserve to use to skip worlds. However, the cannons are originally inaccessible, and you should complete details levels in a details manner to acquire to them. What levels perform I require to finish in stimulate to accessibility these cannons?



For each cannon, girlfriend will have to discover a secret exit in a specific level.

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World 4 to civilization 6: Wendys Fortress.

World 5 to world 8: Ghosthouse.Inside the Ghost House"s first room, drop down the very first shaft, run the second, rise the stairs and jump the third. Drop under the column at the otherwise dead-end, climate drop under the gap. Disregard the door and also head left through a fake wall surface to find another door.

World 6 to civilization 8: Level 6-6.Enter the red pipeline suspended from the ceiling, just prior to the second fire brother

For added pointers and images, you have the right to look in GameSpot"s new Super Mario Bros. Wii video game Guide

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As I claimed in this inquiry : inspect this connect to help you to find the secret exit.

so look right here for Wendy"s Fortress

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