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Day Tripper is one of my favourite songs the The Beatles and one of my favorite guitar riff together well. It has actually a really catchy and well known riff offered in the intro and also verses.

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Riffs space just component of the song, and also they’re often the catchiest, most recognizable component of a song.

This is key repeating riff to “day tripper”, and if you listen to the track you’ll notice that come play the following riff every you need to do is move the whole riff, the entire structure, increase one string so that it starts on the A string instead of the E string.

When this song was released together a vinyl 45, it was a double A side v “We can work the out”

How to Play work Tripper

Below is the chords of the song that we will shot to play. It offers chords E7, A7, F#, G7, C# and B major.

The track is relatively simple as it only have eight and quarter notes.

The explanations that adheres to are based on the tab you watch on the left. That far better see/hear the in activity that to read. 

The E7 Riff

The riff begins with the E7 chord through the root note on the open up E string.

The riff then goes: 3rd fret, 4rth fret of the sixth string.

This follows by the B note, that is the 2nd fret the the fifth string until it got to the next octave of the E note. That keep in mind is in the second fret the the fourth string.

Final keep in mind is the open up D for the first bar of the song/intro.

To complete the very first part of the riff, the 2nd bar starts with the B note, on the 2nd fret that the 5th string. The following note is the F# note on the fourth fret the the D wire (4rth String).

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It climate goes back to the B keep in mind (second worry of the B string) and also then open D string complied with by the E keep in mind by pushing the second fret that the 4rth string.


riff 1: riff 2:|—————————– |—————————-|—————————– |—————————-|—————————– |———–2-0—–4—-0-2-|———–2—0—4—0-2— |———2——-2—-2—–|———2——-2—2——- |-0—3-4——————–|-0—3-4——————— |—————————-

play riff 1 2x, then riff 1 once, climate riff 2 once

E7Got a good reason, for acquisition the easy way outA7 E7Got a an excellent reason, for taking the easy way outF#She was a day____ tripper, one means ticket yeahA7 G#7 C# bit took me so____ lengthy to discover out, and also I discovered out

She’s a large teaser, she took me fifty percent the means thereShe’s a large teaser, she took me half the method thereShe’s a work tripper, one means ticket, yeahIt took me so long to discover out, and also I discovered out

Tried to you re welcome her, however she only played one night standsTried to please her, however she only played one night standsShe to be a work tripper, Sunday driver, yeahIt take it me so lengthy to find out, and also I found out