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Quick question if i start the server with new save video game selected in the begin with backup menu go it just delete the one maps progress or every maps and also data?

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I simply want to clarify are you questioning if you start a brand new game on a map that had been previously saved will you lose old saves?

If friend say have actually an island map and you desire to switch to the center map and you had played the center previously. If you begin fresh ultimately it will overwrite the old saves for the map.


I mean I might have worded the better, so essentially what I\"m trying come ask is if i play top top extinction because that months then relocate to island i beg your pardon we had a conserve on before and i use begin with a new save video game does it just reset the island, however we still keep all progress on extinction if us move ago to it.

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yes every map has actually it very own save and earlier up files. For this reason you deserve to switch ago and forth in between maps as many times together you\"d like.

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