Want to activate her microphone only once you speak? set up the push come talkoption to manage your microphone v a keyboard shortcut. Friend will be able to be mute by default and activate your microphone every time girlfriend speak.

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Tips: This feature permits people in a noisy setting to activate just their microphone when they speak.

Activate the push to talk option

You have the right to activate the push to talkoption from your settings. Girlfriend can pick a an essential on your keyboard to usage this option. Friend can specify the time you must press (activation delay) this an essential to use the option.

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Click on your Avatar ~ above the left menu of her screen.In the menu, choose " Settings" and click top top "
Audio/Video" to open the config page.Click top top the " Enable push to Talk" switch to activate the option.Use the slider to set the activation time. This permits you not to activate the microphone for example when your faster way is used when you form a message. Then click on the "Shortcut
" box to choose the crucial to usage for this option.Once the border of the box turns red, you have the right to press the chosen an essential on your keyboard.the brand-new shortcut is now shown in the insert. You can close the home window by clicking the "Close" button.

Manage push to talk notifications

You deserve to activate a tone every time the push come talkoption is triggered.


Click on your Avatar ~ above the left menu of your screen.In the menu, pick "Settings" and also click ~ above "
Notifications" to open the config page.Click on the " pat a tone as soon as Push to speak is triggered" button to activate the notification.

Use the push to talk option

You deserve to use the push come talkoption throughout your internet Calls, internet Conferences or phone call Calls.

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To use the push come talk option, make sure you are muted.At any kind of time, press and hold the vital you have actually configured (in our instance the shortcut key is A) to activate her microphone.You just have to stop holding the crucial to reactivate the mute mode.

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Warning: If you space using the Web application, the Rainbow tab have to be active ~ above the display screen for the push to talk choice to work-related (from another Rainbow Conversation because that example). With the Desktop application, you can use this alternative from anywhere (from one more application for example).