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select the ‘’ installation guide, climate on the next page, copy the password in the box. Go ago to and into Settings. Select the blog girlfriend registered native the perform on the right. Click the ‘Edit theme’ button under Website Theme.

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this opens up the html of your blog for editing. Click inside the text entry box and also scroll (or ctrl+end) all the way to the really end. What I commonly do here is press go into a couple of times to create room between her blog’s currently code and the code you’re around to add. Dough your new statcounter code and also click the eco-friendly ‘Update Preview’ button located at the peak right the the ‘Edit Html’ panel.


click the Save switch - once it disappears, your code is now saved and also active! to check out your visitant records, go to, log in and select her blog.


this is your central hub for security blog views. I have actually mine bookmarked for continual checking. This page tells friend the date and time that visits, the OS used for the visit (helpful if your stalker provides a mobile phone to see your blog), their location (city, state and also country!) and lots the other helpful information, choose in the outward column. Under ‘Host Name/Web Page/Referrer’ is critical data.


the information will appear in these colors, in this format. This allows you to view the certain pages on your blog world have viewed, which can tell friend which articles a certain visitor has viewed, just how many people click your readmores, who’s been in your archive, etc. The will likewise tell you exactly how they got to the web page they perceived by reflecting you the introduce site’s attach (which is the attach in green)

and those space the basics of statcounter!


BLOCKING COOKIES!! they’re therefore helpful. While you’re logged in, walk over come and make a blocking cookie for her IP. This keeps your very own visits from showing up on your logs, which is useful due to the fact that some of you acquire a lot of hits and statcounter has actually a limit on how numerous entries your log holds prior to the oldest ones get erased to do room for new ones.

IP address LABELS!! the benefits are obvious. Use labels to recognize known visitors and any visitors v strange looking habits. ~ above your current pageload activity page, come the right of the IP address section of every entry must be a connect that claims ‘

NO referring LINK?? sometimes, the green referrer attach will no actually be a link, yet will instead read ‘(No introduce link)’. This just means that lock didn’t click v to every little thing page they saw on her blog from one more or website. This could mean the visitant was attached directly come this web page via skype or other similar, or it might be castle typed it into their attend to bar manually.