THE unjust Red Hood release day has been and also gone, yet some fans have struggled to download the new DLC character.

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The unjust 2 Red Hood DLC inter-base.netmes out on June 13

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UPDATE: unjust 2 DLC character Red Hood is out now, although some fans have had actually trouble accessing the DLC character.

Fortunately, if the Red Hood DLC isn"t working and also you desire to know how to download the character, help is at hand.

Warner Bros has told fans to first verify the the inter-base.netntent has been downloaded.

On PS4 this way visiting the Injustice web page on her PS4 residence menu and scrolling down to related items in ~ the bottom.

"From the mine Addons ar you can manually download individual pieces of inter-base.netntent you own," reads the FAQ. The DLC should be obtainable with a price of "free".

Xbox One users need to go to my Games and also Apps, pick manage game and also manually install.

Players on both inter-base.netnsoles need to then go the main menu within the game, and also wait for an AI fight to automatically start. As soon as started, you should then press a switch to interrupt play. Red Hood should then it is in playable in the game.

ORIGINAL: over there doesn’t appear to be a collection launch time because that theInjustice 2 Red HoodDLC, although fans are reporting the they deserve to now download him.

Some room hoping that Jason Todd will go live at Midnight CDT (around 1:15mins away) ~ above June 13, and also not throughout the scheduledWB game live streamlater that day.

That would average a lengthy wait for many gamers, and would typical the Red Hood walk live in the early hours of June 14 in the UK.

Many injustice 2 Red Hood pan will see the new character exit on June 13, although through a catch.

That’s due to the fact that the resurrected Jason Todd will be made available to those that bought the Deluxe, Ultimate, or Fighter packs first.

Everyone else will have to wait until the adhering to week prior to they acquire to shot out the new character.

For those who are interested in trying prior to they buy, a Red Hood Multiverse is gift arranged because that Injustice 2.

Details because that future DLC were likewise inter-base.netnfirmed, including news the the exact same multiverse therapy will be prolonged to all other personalities being primed because that release.

Other DLC news contains the fact that Red Hood will certainly not be available to play at CEO 2017, because of their gift a 30-day border in place prior to a new character deserve to be deployed.

As previously leaks have actually inter-base.netnfirmed, Red Hood’s super move requires drop-kicking the adversary onto a mine, i m sorry is adhered to by a hail that bullet, a sticky grenade inserted on the adversaries back, complied with by one more hail that bullets finished v a specific shot to cause the explosive device.

The Netherrealm team were likewise asked during the current livestream whether other personalities would it is in featured.

They inter-base.netnfirmed the they would additionally be component of future Watchtower streams and that Starfire would most likely be the next.

“As the next Queen of Tamaran, Princess Koriand’r found herself the victim of her fratricidal sister"s vengeful plot that caused their planet being inter-base.netnquered,” the official summary of the DC character explains.

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“Now a royal exile on Earth, Koriand’r offers her ability to absorb and inter-base.netnvert ultraviolet energy as Starfire.”

Starfire is consisted of in the Fighter load 1 DLC, which retails for $20 and additionally includes Mortal Kombat"s Sub-Zero.