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I will certainly assume that because you room trying come unscrew a screw without a screwdriver, you space in a hurry. The you don’t have the time to buy a screwdriver.

If that’s not the case, and you have actually the time, then merely head over to Amazon or come your regional hardware store and also get you yourself a driver set. There room some an extremely cheap ones and having one will save you a most time and frustration.

If you found yourself here due to the fact that you stripped a screw and it can not be gotten rid of with a driver anymore, then review this article instead.

Anyways, going back to the very first case, listed below are five ways in which girlfriend can try to remove your screw ideal now.

5 means to Unscrew a Screw If girlfriend Don’t have actually the Time come Buy a Screwdriver

Most the the methods listed below use day-to-day items. As such, you must be able to try them relatively easily. However, the outcomes you will get will rely on the type of screw you are trying to unscrew, and on how tough it is tightened, and so on.

1. Use a Table Knife

Chances space that you’ve encountered this cheat before. After ~ all, it should be around as old together screws and also knives themselves.

Just take it a table knife out of your drawer, and use its reminder as a screwdriver. One thing to keep in mind is the you should avoid knives through pointy tips and use one v a round tip instead.

This method works well through both slotted and also Philips screws that are large enough to accommodate the knife.

2. Usage a Coin or a credit transaction Card

Considering just how thick coins and credit cards are, this trick won’t be beneficial when do the efforts to eliminate a tiny screw. That won’t work-related well through screws the don’t have a simple, slotted head.

For bigger screws, though, it can work just fine. At the same time, using coins and also credit cards is the most valuable when working v screws designed to be used that way.

Some examples of those incorporate camera tripod screws, screws ~ above toy and also other battery covers, and so on.

3. Use a Rubber Band

Just like when extracting damaged screws, using rubber bands can be useful when make the efforts to remove a screw there is no the appropriate tool.

Placing a rubber band – ideally the one that is relatively wide – will produce a surface with an ext friction than the screw itself. When you deserve to then try turning the screw v your finger, you will be far better off combining this method with among the 2 above.

A mix of a rubber band and a table knife will job-related the best in most situations when the knife by itself doesn’t work.

4. Use Pliers

While possibilities that you have pliers if you don’t have actually a screwdriver space slim, I’m walking to encompass this in the list.

In many cases, this method will not work as the screw head will certainly be flush with or barely over the surface ar of whatever it is screwed into. And also as such, you won’t be able to get a tight on it through pliers.

However, if you take place to have actually pliers in ~ home and also your screw is sticking the end a fair amount, then this will an extremely likely be your best bet.

5. Use Your Nail

Finally, if you room in a situation where you don’t have any type of of the items compelled with the approaches above, you can try using your nail.

To begin with, friend will have to have a long enough nail. Also, the screw will have to be fairly loose to begin with.

I don’t introduce trying this technique unless you absolutely have to. Have to you go for it, be very careful not to break her nail.

Frequently request Questions

The above should offer you a fairly an excellent idea of how to tackle your issue. However, if friend can’t find what you require there, try reading through the questions and their answers below.

What have the right to I Use instead of a Phillips Screwdriver?

If you should remove a screw with Phillips drive, but don’t have actually the proper screwdriver, you can use a little flat-head screwdriver instead.

If you don’t have a driver at all, then try a table knife. Keep in mind, though, the Phillips screws are several of the hardest persons to remove without the ideal tool.

What have the right to I Use rather of a Hex or Torx Screwdriver?

Just like with Phillips screws, when it is feasible – however quite an overwhelming – to eliminate hex and also Torx screws there is no the corresponding screwdrivers.

Likely, none of the methods I talked about earlier in this article will work. However, if you have actually a small flat-head screwdriver, girlfriend might be able to unscrew your screw.

If friend are dealing with a security Torx screw, friend will have to punch out the defense pin first.

What can I use as an Eyeglass driver Substitute?

Because of your very little size, precision screwdrivers – or eyeglass screwdrivers together they are recognized in some situations – room quite challenging to substitute.

However, if girlfriend don’t have the time to get one, friend can shot tweezers or a razor-blade.


As discussed in the beginning, if you don’t have a screwdriver, obtain a collection now. When doing so, likewise consider gaining other tools choose a tape measure up or a hammer the you might find beneficial every now and also then.

If you should remove some kind of screw prior to you can gain a appropriate screwdriver, climate trying v a table knife will be your finest bet. Be careful, though, as trying come unscrew a screw without a screwdriver can an outcome in damage to everything it is that you room working with.

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Also, keep in mental that plenty of screws will be daunting or difficult to unscrew the way. That’s especially the instance with very little screws and also with screws that don’t have actually a straightforward slotted drive.