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Map: sink of SeersRecommended Element: LightningHeart Container: LanaHeart Piece: SheikSkulltula: defeat 1,000 enemiesFor your main objective, you have actually to catch the two an essential keeps come the west and also east. Meanwhile, Impa will certainly encounter Volga and also a darknut top top her means to the eastern keep. You can head there and also defeat the two of them instead for potential material/weapon drops. They"ll reveal their weak points best after their strike so make certain to evade and also close the distance instantly so you have the right to take the opportunity to smash your weak allude and transaction extra damage.


Once the two space defeated, relocate out and also head towards the keeps. These Keeps have actually Beamos emplacements, which are prefer laser turrets. Destroy them utilizing bombs. Catching the West store will disclose a chest include a Sealed Weapon.

Continue killing adversaries for the meantime till the target is updated. You"ll need to escort the allied engineer on his means to reduced down the dark vines protecting the ruins entrance. Head towards the engineer"s path and also take the end the marked enemies that will certainly intercept him.

After gaining rid of the enemies, the engineer will have the ability to lower the east Ruins Bridge. You have the right to head over there or spend some time reinforcing your allied strongholds getting swarmed by enemies and also darknuts. Head in the direction of the eastern Ruins Bridge and shortly after, a small group the Summoners will appear. Backtrack and also fend them turn off to help maintain your allied position in the area.

You can technique the damages from either the west or eastern sides because they both cause one of the keeps inside the ruins. Defeat all opponents inside and also the store Boss to expose a chest. This contains a brand-new tool, the Boomerang. You have to use this to reduced down the dark vines impede the way. You can also head come the middle of the ruins and defeat the Gatekeeper. This will open up the door in the center of the ruins.

Once you"re ready, head come the Summit and confront Cia. After the scene, the scenario boss will certainly appear. When you"re in the summit, friend can record it come get much more Rupees. Head come the middle of the map and also fight Manhandla.Equip your Boomerang and also fight the monster. You have to hit it with your boomerang as soon as the heads rotate green. This normally happens only once the boss attacks. It"s less complicated to fight the 4 heads at as soon as when the boss prepares for its bite attack. When knocked the heads room all knocked out, the will reveal its core. Attack the core till you totally deplete its Weak allude Gauge. ~ that, the Manhandle will burrow and sprout 5 stalks. Head out and defeat every one of them utilizing your boomerang till the key body appears. Repeat the same procedure until you fully defeat it.
Once defeated, the party will split into 3 scanario paths. Impa and also Sheik will take the peak route, Lana will take the middle, and finally link will take the bottom path. These stages are various eras and also dimensions of previous Zelda games.
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