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Refrain:I discovered love on a lonely highway (2x)I was blind, and I can not seeSomebody was blowing her horn and looking at meShe said: pull over, ns wanna speak to youIt's appears you need a friend, and I wanna be with youShe said: deserve to we talk about it? that looks choose you're hurtingI think I've been in your shoes, tell me what girlfriend wanna doRefrain2:I said: Woman, you're crazy, girlfriend can't help meI'm looking for a lover that won't ever hurt meShe said: Why carry out you think ns pulled you overI wanna give you mine loveRefrainOh yes i didI said: maybe this is my possibility to find brand-new romanceI shouldn't action so crazy, and also giving up on loveShe said: Come and also go with me, I'll take it you thereTo a far better place, you'll have a far better time v meYeah, you'll have actually a better time with meRefrain2
RefrainOh yes ns did, ooh yeahWell, wellSure enoughSweet thingOh babyAnd whohoho (2x)BabySweet thingSure enoughShe said: Why you do you think i pulled you overI wanna offer you my loveShe said: If you desire it, come and also get itCome and get it (3x)Come and get every one of my loveSo stop (I don't think ns understand)You see I wasn't looking for loveI offered up a long long time agoI didn't want it, i didn't require it (2x)I didn't want it, require it, desire it, need itI did want love no more, no!You check out y'all, love and also I... Love and I...Love and also I don't get along no moreBut she said: traction over, i wanna speak to you

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Y'all know, sometimesYour heart get in the means of what your mind is trying come tell 'emYou see, mine mind said: Don't carry out itBut my love said: walk ahead on and also see what she wantsGo front on, it's alrightShe said: traction overSo i pulled over y'all, choose a foolLike a fool y'allSomewhere in between Jacksonville and DaytonaI traction over favor a fool, yeahBut you watch y'all, ns told the girl, that i really lovedNot one time, not two times, not three, no four, no five, yet time againMy my my mine my my my, oh!I pulled over y'allNow once she stepped out of the car...When she stepped out of the car, y'allI threw mine head downI believe I said something like (...)I wonder have the right to I change...I wonder can I turn ago the sands that timeYou watch y'all, as soon as she stepped out of the car...When she stepped the end of the carShe was looking for this reason good, for this reason goodI said: Lord have actually mercy top top meY'all understand the rest...Y'all understand the remainder of the story nowShe placed her arms roughly me, y'allAnd we've been together ever before sinceI guess: v I discovered love...