I have uncovered a friend in Jesus, He"s whatever to me

Author: Charles W. Fried food (1881)Tune: SALVATIONIST (HAYS)Published in 351 hymnalsPrintable scores: PDF, MusicXMLPlayable presentation: text only, text + musicAudio files: MIDI, record Song accessible on My.inter-base.net

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The Lily that the Valley

The Lily that the Valley

The Lily the the Valley

1 ns have discovered a girlfriend in Jesus-He"s ev"rything come me,He"s the fairest that ten thousands to mine soul;The Lily the the Valley- in the alone i seeAll I have to cleanse and also make me completely whole.In sorrow He"s my comfort, in trouble He"s my stay,He speak me ev"ry treatment on Him come roll;He"s the Lily that the Valley, the Bright and also Morning Star,He"s the biggest of ten thousand to mine soul.

2 He all my grief has actually taken and also all my sorrows borne,In temptation He"s my strong and mighty tow"r;I have actually all for Him forsaken and all mine idols tornFrom mine heart, and also now that keeps me through His pow"r.Though every the people forsake me and Satan tempt me sore,Through Jesus ns shall safely with the goal;He"s the Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star,He"s the greatest of ten thousand to mine soul.

3 He will certainly never, never leave me nor yet forsake me here,While i live through faith and do His blessed will;A wall of fire about me, I"ve nothing currently to fear-With His manna He my hungry spirit shall fill.Then sweeping up to glory I"ll see His blessed face,Where rivers of pleasure shall ever before roll;He"s the Lily the the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star,He"s the best of ten thousand to my soul.Source: One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: an afri American ecumenical hymnal #109

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Author: Charles W. Fry

Charles wilhelm Fry uk 1838-1882. Born at Alderbury, Wiltshire, England, he to be a bricklayer through trade, and was eventually a successful structure contractor, however also, favor his father, a versatile musician, playing the violin, cello, piano, cornet, and also harmonium. He lead and also orchestra and also band in ~ the Wesleyan chapel in Alderbury. A Methodist, he also helped the Christian Mission in Salisbury. As soon as he observed the abuse heralded against the Salvation army when they established their to adjust in 1878, he offered to serve as bodyguard for the Salvation military workers. The next day Fry and his 3 sons verified up v their weapons, consist of of two cornets, a trombone, and a little tuba, which castle played, in between fighting o…Go to human page >