The essay sample on I know Why The Caged Bird Cannot review Annotations dwells ~ above its problems, providing a reduce but considerable overview of an easy facts and also arguments concerned it. To review the essay, role down.

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Francine Prose, “I understand Why the Caged Bird can not Read”

“I recognize Why the Caged Bird can not Read” Essay Introduction

In Francine Prose’s “I recognize Why the Caged Bird cannot Read: just how American High school Students learn to Loathe Literature”, the author is do the efforts to describe why high institution students space not asked to read an ext quality pieces of literary works now a days.

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In my opinion ns agree with Prose since I think the texts we read in high institution are not difficult and not a most students gain the readings due to the fact that they can not relate. Prose provides the rhetorical strategy of degrading the publications high institution students space reading and also she supplies her own an individual experiences to assistance her argument.

Literature in high schools

Throughout the essay, Prose suggests that literature in high institutions are dumbing down the English curriculum.

She says publications that space “chosen because that students to review are because that ‘obvious lessons. ’” However, Prose go not mention “great” books that students should read and also that will aid them to understand what the characters are feeling. “…The weaker novels of john Steinbeck, the fantasies of ray Bradbury,” (424). Prose describes how her sons never read the far better of Steinbeck’s novels in high school and she makes the assumption that all high college students review the so-called weaker Steinbeck novels.

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English curriculum issue

She likewise makes an dispute that the English curriculum is an important issue both culturally and politically. If both the teachers and also books room not an overwhelming the young students minds, climate how have the right to we intend them come understand an overwhelming books. “We listen the an ext books room being bought and also sold than ever before, however no one, as far as i know, is saying that we are producing and becoming a country of avid reader of severe literature” (423). Again, Prose brings up her own personal experience and also what she has actually heard. From what she has actually heard, civilization today room not analysis “serious” literature.

The finest Book I ever Read Essay

She walk not also go to safeguard her argument and further describe what she method by “serious literature” and also “avid readers. ” The an initial point that Prose makes in her essay is the she is not satisfied through her two sons’ educations. Prose is the sort of person who has actually a large passion for an excellent books and also she find herself “appalled annually by the dismal perform of messages that my sons are doomed come waste a institution year reading,” (422). She walk not understand why the older and also well-known authors are not being read in high school.

Prose supplies a personal experience from she son’s sophomore English class. He had to review a “weeper and former bestseller by Judith Guest” (424), around a dysfunctional family handling a teenage son’s self-destruction attempt. “No instructor has ever before asked mine sons to read Alice Munro, that writes for this reason lucidly and beautifully about the hypersensitivity that provides adolescence a hell,”(424). She again mentions publications she authorize of that need to be read in English classes. Another huge point in Prose’s essay is the assignments connected with high institution literature.

Role the the teacher

She suggests that teachers do students write around the books and also not around the books they read. “No wonder students are rarely asked to take into consideration what to be actually composed by this hopeless racists and also sociopaths. Instead, lock told to write approximately the book, or, much better yet, compose their very own books,” (430). The assignments that teachers provide these days space nto around the book or the story itself. They normally ask the student to rewrite the ending, or ask what the student would carry out if they were in the same case as the character.

Prose suggests that high school students are seen as having the same experience as few of the characters they check out about, such as Jay Gatsby in The an excellent Gatsby. “And is it any type of wonder that teenagers should complete these exercise with small but contempt because that the writer who so pointlessly facility and obfuscated a personal true story that 16 year olds can have told therefore much much more interestingly themselves? ” (431). However, in this component of her essay, Prose can acquire a small bias since she only talks about the an unfavorable assignments.

Books should only be debated for your language

We all understand that no all high college assignments are like the ones she mentions and she knows that too. The last allude in Prose’s argument is that she only talks about that publications should only be discussed for their language. This is one point where i disagree v her due to the fact that I think that books can be debated for your value and their language. Prose think that, “The existing vogue for to teach “values” through literature uses the novel together a springboard because that the kind of conversation formerly performed in civics or principles classes–,”(427).

I perform not agree with this statement since not every high institutions are may be to offer civics classes. My high school, because that example, did have actually a civics class however it was an ext driven towards the background end than English literary works classes. Therefore the only location for values in literature be disputed was during English class. Also, English class should not just be around the language. Students should learn the worth of the story additionally through discussion and assignments.

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“I understand Why the Caged Bird can not Read” Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, Francine Prose does have actually a couple of an excellent arguments in her paper, “I know Why the Caged Bird can not Read: just how American High college Students find out to Loathe Literature”. She argues her opinion the students in high school English classes are not getting good education due to the fact that of the weak piece of literature they space reading. Prose however, deserve to be a little bias and also bases to much of she essay ~ above her an individual experiences.

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