Superstar celebrity Hoo Joon (Choi Tae Joon) meets his enhance in spunky newspaper reporter Lee Geun Young (Choi Sooyoung) at the opening ceremony the a new nightclub. ~ witnessing his crude oil behavior and accidentally throwing up on him, Geun Young is fired from she job. Outraged, she assumes that Hoo Joon must be the mastermind behind her dismissal and stages a one-person protest exterior his talent management agency. News travels quick in the civilization of entertainment and she quickly gains a notorious reputation together Hoo Joon’s can be fried “anti-fan”. Capitalizing ~ above this debacle, an opportunistic truth TV producer supplies jobless Geun Young a chance to show up on a fact TV display with Hoo Joon. The new show will certainly be based upon the concept of a star having actually to live through his greatest “anti-fan”. In a hard financial situation and also running short on funds, Geun Young reluctantly agrees to participate in this show. Hoo Joon’s participation in this endeavor, however, remains to it is in seen. While originally disgruntled, Hoo Joon’s popular with the public takes a revolve for the worse and he ultimately accepts this offer too in the hopes of an increasing his image and recovering lost renowned affection. The pair set the end to make each rather lives daunting on the TV program. However, sparks fly and also they realize the they may be more compatible than they initially thought themselves to be. Is there hope because that romance to blossom on together a public stage? after all, they space filming a fact TV show… “So ns Married the Anti-Fan” is based on a 2010 novel the the same name by Kim Eun Jung. “So ns Married the Anti-Fan” is a initial South korean drama released in 2021 and directed by Kang Cheol Woo. With renowned actors and also even K-pop star Hwang Chan Sung the 2PM being cast for this renowned Kdrama, the show’s storyline is sure to acquire you hooked. Clock So i Married the Anti-Fan OnlineYou’ve check out the an introduction of So ns Married an Anti-Fan and are intrigued by the high ratings the present has received. What’s next? regardless of the show’s romantic comedy genre, the storyline is how amazing heartwarming and also feelings in between both next blossom earnestly and also sincerely. If you’re every for a strong storyline, believable character development, and good chemistry between the main leads, you’ll be interested to watch just how the story unfolds end the episodes!Frequently inquiry Questions around So ns Married the Anti-FanWhere have the right to I watch So ns Married the Anti-Fan oriental Drama?Rakuten is one of couple of streaming communication that have the legal legal rights to carry out East oriental content, including Kdramas to its members and subscribers. To watch your favorite shows online safely, you’ve involved the appropriate place.How have the right to I clock So ns Married the Anti-Fan ~ above your Favorite Dramas all over You desire – simply go to or download the App.

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See more: How To Draw A Suit Of Armor Drawing, Suit Of Armor Illustrations And Clipart (897) is easily accessible to download ~ above Android and Apple devices. supported Streaming Players and also TVs incorporate Roku, Android TV, apple TV, Chromecast, and also Fire TV. Are over there English subtitles because that So ns Married the Anti-Fan?Subtitles because that So ns Married the Anti-Fan are obtainable in English, Arabic, Czech, and also 29 more languages.How plenty of episodes are obtainable for So i Married the Anti-Fan?So i Married the Anti-Fan has 16 episodes x 60 min.