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Colin from brand-new JerseyReally feel this tune pays homage to standard 60"s tunes musically. It yes, really has very early "Beatles" vibe come it the I"ve always thought was neat.Adrian native Crossville, TnThe heat "If i play the very same three chords is a direct comment on their GORDON album which so many of the song were an easy three chord progressions. A E D and also G D CPete from imperial Oak, MiI recognize -- knew -- a woman like this, off and also on and off again, for much more than twenty-five years. I daresay we continue to be too familiar and also yet not particularly friendly to this day. The times us were back together had actually the very same sort the wistful feeling of starting something brand-new and however old, antediluvian really, that "It"s every Been Done" records here. Also the same sort of enjoy it condescension on her part, the feigned forgetting, to enhance my breathless hopefulness and, to it is in frank, cloying.I hear the chorus a small different, though:"If I placed my fingers here, and also if ns say "I love you, dear,"And if i pray the step recordsWill you just yawn and also say, "Ha! together if!""Alone, and bored, on a Thirtieth Century night, will certainly I view her on "The Price Is Right"? will I cry, will I smile, as soon as she runs down the aisle? the will, the has, every been excellent before.Jean from Cupar, ScotlandThey created this song as they felt their formerly released song had been as well wordy, and they wanted to write a track with a straightforward chorus ("woo hoo hoo").Jon native Juneau, AkJust my personal take on what someone else has already commented on: my understanding is the the currently "Will ns cry, will certainly I laugh as you run, under the aisle?" are also referring to the Price is right (from the ahead line), since contestants operation down the aisle once they are selected come play a game.Kevin native Quebec, Canadathey had actually andy creegans mam speak french in the center in this song however i cant decipher what she is sayingKelli indigenous Cedar Rapids, IaThis song renders me think of lover being reincarnated through time, and also meeting again, over and also over, constantly ending increase together.see much more comments
dance In The DarkBruce Springsteen

Before she was famed on Friends, Courteney Cox danced on stage with Bruce Springsteen in his "Dancing In The Dark" video.

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stay With MeSam blacksmith

A gospel choir appears in Sam Smith"s "Stay through Me" video, yet the vocals ~ above the tune are every Smith - around 20 monitor of his voice were provided to make him sound like a chorus.

All with The NightCyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper"s struggle "All through The Night" to be written and also originally videotaped by Jules Shear, who additionally wrote "If She Knew What She Wants" through the Bangles.

ScreamMichael Jackson

The video for Michael and also Janet Jackson"s "Scream" was the most expensive ever before made, costing $7 million.

sisters ChristianNight Ranger

"Sister Christian" was composed by Night Ranger drummer Kelly Keagy, that was imploring his younger sister come be careful in she reckless youth, especially when "motoring" (driving around) v friends.

simply A GirlNo Doubt

Gwen Stefani wrote "Just a Girl" together a blog post to her overprotective father.

Edwin McCainSongwriter Interviews

"I"ll Be" was what Edwin called his "Hail Mary" song. He says it proves "intention of the songwriter is 180 levels from potential interpretation by one audience."

Goodbye, Hello: Ten Farewell tourism Fake-OutsSong creating

The 10 greatest "retirement tours" that didn"t take.

Ron and also Russell Mael the SparksSongwriter Interviews

The men of Sparks on their album Hippopotamus, and also how Morrissey handled it when they suggested he lighten up.

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Corey HartSongwriter Interviews

The Canadian superstar talks about his sudden climb to fame, and also tells the stories behind his hits "Sunglasses in ~ Night," "Boy In The Box" and "Never Surrender."

Dean Friedman - "Ariel"They"re play My track

Dean"s saga started with "Ariel," a song about falling in love through a Jewish girl from new Jersey.

The Punk Photography of kris SteinSong writing

Chris Stein the Blondie share photos and also stories indigenous his book around the new York City punk scene.