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Dave Wyers from Niles, Oh.I"ve constantly loved this beautiful, haunting, & an effective song! Robin sings that with remarkable depth & emotion! ns recommend anyone should check out the tremendous cover excellent by pool Pity Party!Kathy from Potosi Missouri many beautiful track I"ve ever heard! The depth of passion in his voice amazes me however today..I feel prefer it symbolizes someone thinking everyone is in the same attitude as that is, but, realizes it"s the full opposite, and of how cruel he must have actually been prior to this realization.. LOVE ITC pronounce (see) native MontanaGrateful for these men sharing their gifts, this track interpits for me the recovering indigenous an addiction, the core of addiction for me is spiritual apathy and dieing to represent no longer about self- messed and the positive effects this has actually on others.Vietnam Era Vet native MichiganI always thought the was around LBJ and the Vietnam War. The hoax was the war and his decision no to run for re-election was as soon as the world started come live.Arhicks00I always thought of the song for as ode come a human being who thought they were a winner, however in actuality space a loser. Basically, "They aren"t laugh through you, yet at you." These world thought anyone love them and that your fans were adhering to their every word when in reality their suppose fans space laughing at them. As soon as he says, "Till I lastly died, the whole people started living" ns took that as the targeted human fading from obscurity, i m sorry is as soon as the human being resume their resides until the next "joke." Perfect example is former well known celebrity Kevin Sorbo that has end up being a joke since Hollywood stopped calling that for much more roles. That has since become a joke and has somewhat faded right into obscurity.Anonymous native Rivia ns think it method that somebody passed away laughing and also everyone cried. Idk it is what i think. Marilyn L wolf from Coos bay Oregon 97420I love the punishment Gees. Ns am watching lock now!! They give me together joy!! True expert musicians!! say thanks to you!!Ellenrenee native MontanaI came below to possibly discover the definition to this song. My mommy passed away this past July. As soon as planning her funeral mine aunt (my mom"s sister) said mom wanted I started a joke played. I never ever remember she talking about this song, around liking it, around liking the bee Gees.. Therefore I"m struggling to figure out what the would have meant come her.Favi from TexasTo me this tune speaks the someone totally misunderstood through a bunch of narcissists. Someone who intended well, who maybe didnt have actually the finest of personalities, but constantly had the best of intentions. Someone that was really judged. The genious exactly how Robin composed it. I always think that my so late Father as soon as i hear it, and also how misunderstood he was by so many. Honeyb indigenous Muami, FlThere will constantly be miscellaneous special about Robin Gibbs. It"s exorbitant "Started a joke..." was played in ~ his minute of passing away, & I believe him when he says this is a spirituality song. It makes me think us take ourselves too seriously ... " the joke"s on me." It might be native Joyce ... Like right here it was every the time, or it might be about a higher being. Michellehrvth native Bennington My translate is that a song Jesus may have actually sung....John indigenous Baldwin indigenous Baldwin, new YorkI uncover some the the comment amusing. Creating songs in the 20th century did not begin in the 1960"s, believe it or not. In fact, there have actually been some really capable writing teams and also individuals before Lennon/McCartney and the Gibb brothers. Allow me suggest the Gershwin brothers, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers and either Lorenz hart or Oscar Hammerstein II. From the 50"s I offer Boudleaux and Felice Bryant, Lieber/Stoller, Carol King and also Gerry Goffin. In the nation vein, Hank Williams. Over there are countless others.Curtis from just City, Michigan Robin Gibbs, I started a joke screens his near genius talent together with unique voice the very few people can ever sing. It’s a powerful song that touches mine soul choose no other. Say thanks to you Robin Gibb you room a special human being Joe Remus from Los AngelesIt"s around creation: 1) A fundamental symmetry broke which released the energy that it is provided the large bang and created all the issue in the universe, 2) "Jesus" passed away which allowed "God" to forgive man for eat from the tree of knowledge" and also let person kind live without basic sin, shame and guilt, 3) our mortality in which our parental age and pass away, but the your union produced their children. (Man, this pandemic isolation is also much!).Iza from Califas U are all correct on the an interpretation of this track , it definition will be various to everyone . Every little thing u"re feeling when u hear, will identify u"re translate of the tune . Doug native Waco, TexasThought that was around Adolf Hitler.AnonymousI I always thought the song was about Jesus.Angeline indigenous SingaporeEgg from Australia, give thanks to you; this little bit from Robin Gibb claims it all: "To me, the was a really spiritual song, about faith and also survival in life. The wasn"t a love song, that was one of the very first songs we wrote around struggling to make it through emotionally alone in the world." Gibb"s explanation/song mirrors the biblical verse 1 Corinthians 1:18: "the message of the overcome is foolishness to them that are perishing; however for those who space being saved, it is the power of God." The lyrics:"I looked in ~ the skies running my hands over my eyes; and also I dropped out that bed hurting my head native the things that ns said" is a reference to the folly that trusting person reason, thoughts and words. Looking up in ~ the skies, we SEE however don"t really view (the clearly shows is however a zero of the invisible: Plato); human reason and vision is always incomplete in time and also space. If we only we could see what God can see in time and space, we could be laughing at ourselves because that the things we to speak in jest or v such conviction that we space right.So for those struggling emotionally alone out there in the world, the lyrics are a spiritual encouragement to store Faith, and also not offer up. How perfect the Gibb"s kid played the track on his father"s chest top top leaving this world. Thank you because that this beautiful tune that reminds us constantly to be humble in the things we say and do...Karen from just Area, CaliforniaFor me, this tune is about the anguish the a human being who is at odds through the remainder of humanity. One"s actions produce the opposite of the intended effect. One"s emotional suffer lands opposite to others, producing unfathomable misunderstanding and isolation. At some point one look at skyward (to the elemental and also spiritual world) for visionary perspective. Finally, the misaligned facets of the ego die, and in this ego death, the whole civilization comes alive. Sol from BrasilHumanity started and supported all the Jokes and now the jokes shown up in the males in power. Donald trump card is the epitome of the Jokers. This tune debuted at (#66) in the United states in the main of 14 December 1968 which to be 50 years ago. Ns guess that just misses one more six. We are all seeing that the joke really is. Let"s not forget that it was humanity who deserved this Joker. The Joker only currently started come play his jokes. An ext jokes space coming and we won"t like it. Rachel native UsaI think the song means be nice through people, friend don"t know what others are suffering. Humans are quite lousy in ~ communication, what is funny for one person is not always funny because that everyone. This song was provided (very effectively) at the finish of the movie Sympathy because that Delicious. The film was around a young guy in a wheelchair who all of sudden discovers the is may be to cure others but not himself.Carey indigenous BerlinGuys men guys (and gals), come ON. It means nothing when a writer says he or she doesn"t recognize what their work-related "means" or was meant to mean. I"m a much-published novelist and I never claim to understand what my work "means." This disclaimer states nothing about the work"s value. And PLEASE everyone keep in mind (because many people seem come think this is a gloomy or depressed tune - perhaps since of the mention of fatality - oo-er! Eeek! - or Robin"s soulful way (always!) of singing it, however you"re not paying attention: if the human being starts come live when you die, this is not negative NEWS. It"s a beautiful prospect. You"ve got to die, yet the civilization doesn"t need to start to live... However it will certainly (in the song)! This is not "about religion." It"s a beautiful spiritual statement about man"s eternal resurrection; about eternityDylan from NswThis tune is covered and used in the trailer for self-destruction Squad.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn December 15th 1968 "I started A Joke" by the punishment Gees entered Billboard"s warm Top 100 chart; and on February 2nd it peaked at #6 (for 1 week) and spent 11 mainly on the height 100...On January 20th, 1969 it reached #1 (for 2 weeks) ~ above the Canadian RPM Singles chart, then one month later on February 22nd the peaked at #1 (again because that 2 weeks) top top the Australian Kent Music Report chart... R.I.P. Maurice (1949 - 2003) and Robin (1949 - 2012).Jinny from Brighton , united KingdomRobin didn"t choose to define his lyrics together he felt the took far from what human being "got" from the songs. Victor indigenous Cádiz, SpainThis song is among those living things whose definition vary follow to its listeners. It greatly depends on the listener"s life experiences, which is an excellent for the emotional worth a song, because that it"s miscellaneous anyone deserve to relate to, one method or another. Because that me, it"s about unrequited love. The hoax the narrator speaks of, it"s the naive illusions from the start, which grow into other sad and unwanted. After ~ the rejection, the loved one and everybody rather goes on with their lives without giving the matter any much more attention, while the narrator remains heartbroken. BTW, good melody. It"s a nice, nice song.George indigenous Glen Burnie, MdThis song is about a doomed relationship.Bill indigenous Drexel Hill, PaI believe the tune "I started a Joke" is around Adolph Hitler, or anyone else that has comparable designs ~ above a huge scale come control and also manipulate cost-free human us by attempting to damage their inherent human liberty and dignity and reduce them to slaves of the state if equating them come ordinary fill animals. Ns guess come Adolph, the seemed like a pretty great idea in ~ the time.Jun Misugi native Bandung, IndonesiaI always hear this song as soon as I childhood..and I desire to listen this song again and also again...until I will die sometimes and also I to be memories to mine family..Alika indigenous Houston, TxI dunno maybe songs prefer poems space the guides in our soul, marking a details imaginary region where one"s thoughts and also heart clicked in ~ the same time. I missed mine girlfriend terribly as soon as barely 19 i was top to Vietnam, didn"t recognize if I"d make it. And she composed to me around this song. Tho remember it playing in the NCO society (bar) at basic after a couple of beers. It appeared that she was right beside me whispering the words in my ear. I began a hoax is quite heavy, I recognize it. Thanks, BeeGees, it retained the unrealness of the times be a bit more great and true.Leo from Aberystwyth, united KingdomAny art has to elicit part feeling or emotion. One atmospheric track such as this will certainly do simply that, specifically if it is gift played in an atmospheric situation, possibly driving house late in ~ night, or in a quiet street overheard ~ above somebody"s tranny. In these situations the definition of the text is in the head that the listener, ns think as a item of arts it is act its job. That is a beautiful song and also I expect Robin and Barry proceed to sing it.Brad from yellow Coast, AustraliaHi all. Denise native lakeland, FL thanks for informing me about the tune "Holiday" that is yes, really awesome and also I think under rated. Ns love the track "Words" it difficult to beat. Likewise my every time favourite by Aussie tape "Hunters & Collectors" "Throw her arms about me" you need to source the initial song from their initial album together it has been re-released and re-re-released and the newer versions whilst still great lack it"s soul and also haunting appeal.Vince native Despatch, south AfricaThis is what i make that the song...over assessing as usual, yet I live because that this moments.ABOUT SONG:Said something he heard to someone about someone, however only to find out the something was about him (the someone)Realizing the the gossip/joke was actually about him... Spring up at the heavens for help and asking, "Why?" while wiping the tears native his eye (frustration) Knocked native his pedestal, beating self up (remorse )for spreading the rumor/joke about himselfHe embraced the reality that he was the hoax & therefore went on living, however is continually reminding self " think prior to you talk about others"-Vince, south AfricaPeerless indigenous Portland, OrHey guys/girls (us). This track answers the age old concern of why we are here and how did that happen? scientists tell united state the "Big Bang" developed us. This tune tells united state why. God want to know himself. For this reason he explosive himself and started this vast joke the we recognize as life. Over there is naught to be done, it has currently been done and here we are! gain it. P.Five indigenous Sai Gon, Viet NamWhen i was young this song made me had felling deeply in my heart....Five SaigonGary from Watford, united Kingdomregarding the bee gees they are most likely joint 2nd in line through jagger/richards as the most achieved singer/songwriters the 20th century- lennon/mcCartney gift no.1Denise native Lakeland, Fli additionally really preferred the punishment gees song entitled holiday. I also agree with the human being who created that this was a very haunting track that reminded us of once we were kids. He could not of placed it any type of better. Denise espositoDenise indigenous Lakeland, Fli really choose this song, and also i entirely agree v the human being who commented the it reminded her of the trials and tribulations that jesus christ. Ns feel the exact same way. Denise esposito.I native Florida(not A City), FlOk, so possibly I live in a different more spiritual world, yet I alway believed this song as about Jesus. It renders sense come me and that"s all the matters, really profoundKevin from analysis , PaI think the comment by Kirsten the N.Y. Is a an essential to liking this tune -- it"s so grandoise and also over the top, in a sort of adolescent way, that you can"t help but obtain swept up in it. I love that"s vague and doesn"t tell you what the "joke" was that wreaked together havoc top top the narrarator"s life. This is good songwriting, due to the fact that it allows a listener to usage their imagination. Robin Gibb was the good singer in the bee Gees early on years, no Barry. His quivering vocal format is perfect because that this song and also their other early on "over-the-top" hits favor "I"ve Gotta get a Message," "I Can"t watch Nobody," and so on etc. At the finish of this song, as soon as you hits the high note on "oh five oh oh oh five . . . " it really is fairly stunning. It"s favor the finishing to a Roy Orbison song. Really dramatic.Judy indigenous Evarts, KyThis track is what you do of it. It"s every little thing you feeling while you"re listening to it. There is no appropriate or wrong. -Judy C. KentuckyKirsten from brand-new York, NyI always thought it to be perfectly aligned to appeal to a highly emotional adolescent who thinks in really melodramatic terms, that every little thing s/he does has actually great definition and impact. "I start a joke the made the *whole world* cry! i am so powerful and evil I"ll never ever forgive myself!" The heat "I lastly died, which began the whole people living" actually provides me laugh the end loud. OTOH, Robin"s voice is stunning and also full the emotion. It"s a beautiful sound song. Marty from san Francisco, CaWhen this tune was very first released, many people rumored that it was around "Hitler". Made sense!Joe from Pittsburgh, PaThe tune was supposed to have been about an incident in i m sorry a Pennsylvania official declared that several college students, high ~ above LSD, were blinded after lied in a meadow and also staring in ~ the sun. ~ the story got notoriety approximately the world, and also reporters were not successful in tracking under the source, the hospital, or the college student involved, the main admitted to concocting the whole story and was compelled to resign.Farrah native Elon, NcI really favor this song. I recognize some world think this is dumb. But believe you me, there space songs the end there that room far an ext stupid than this one could ever be.Egg indigenous -, Australia ***QUOTE***ROBIN GIBB: The idea because that the song came as soon as I was sitting on a plane over Germany, and also I heard a melody in the droning of the engine. As soon as I gained on the ground the night i completed the song with Barry and Maurice. To me, that was a an extremely spiritual song, about faith and survival in life. That wasn"t a love song, the was among the very first songs us wrote around struggling to survive emotionally alone in the world.*************************************************Mike from Jersey City, Nj"I began a joke," and also "Holiday" are two an extremely haunting songs despite lyrics that are rather vague. The the atmosphere of woe comes throughout in both songs and also the mournful singing suggests fleetingremembrances of points that delighted united state as kids and also maybe embarrassed united state as adults. Mike S. ChicagoGlen indigenous Kent, NeLee"s ideal - to an extent. Robin claimed he was influenced by the sound of the jet engines on the plane. The melody is in reality based roughly the sound that the airplane taking off.Christopher from Tucson, Azits funny to watch people short article comments on individuals music tell what the track is about. Being a songwriter its every subjective and relative come the artist. Its an ext fun come hear world say what the song is about even despite they didnt compose it. Music is art. Its all relativeLuke from Manchester, EnglandCovered to a an excellent degree by confidence No much more and the video clip is really strangeFyodor from Denver, CoI always thought that was about being misunderstood by and also out of action with others. The pathetic next of alienation.Lee indigenous BournemouthI as soon as saw an interview v Robin, (who wrote this song), and he stated that the doesn"t really have actually a meaning.

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Human being speculate it"s around religion etc, but he claimed it came right into his head whilst top top a plane. So while what the over facts say space true in that they describe the lyrics, the script quoted is no what Robin necessarily had actually in mind.see an ext comments