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A slightly perverted, but rather median Romanian ends up dead after being shot in the ago of his head while playing his favorite game. That is then reincarnated together the Dungeon Core mounted in a Magic Academy. Now, his human body is the building of the Magic Academy and his function is to preserve it too as aid the students through their researches while protecting them native various external forces. Can he perform it? v those beginning stats, I would be surprised if that didn"t…

Volume 1 can be bought on Amazon:I"m a WHAAAT?!

Volume 2can it is in bought top top Amazon: never knew what hit him!

Volume 3 coming soon...

Warning: Tagged 15+ because that Gore and Violence.

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Chapter name Release day
thing 1: I'm a WHAAAT?! 5 years ago
chapter 2: mine stats, mine race, my... God? 5 years ago
chapter 3: Summoning a divine Item! 5 year ago
chapter 4: Pervert-kun 5 years back
thing 5: Hi! My surname is... 5 year earlier
thing 6: The complimentary and the drunk! 5 year earlier
chapter 7: Midnight massacre 5 year back
chapter 8: My bad el'doraw... 5 year earlier
thing 9: just how Nanya stole mine el'doraw... 5 years back
side Story: An take on unlike any other 5 year earlier
thing 10: Illsyore's report 5 year back
chapter 11: The "easy" means to develop a gazebo 5 year back
chapter 12: mine questions and Nanya's answer 5 years back
thing 13: My very first 5 year back
chapter 14: Muhahaha! 5 years ago
chapter 15: The wrong definition of 'Easy' 5 years ago
thing 16: Nanya's secret! 5 year back
chapter 17: walk I simply enslave a imperial princess? 5 year ago
thing 18: the monsters and also Nanya's panties 5 years earlier
chapter 19: The after-effects of my actions... 5 years back
chapter 20: The duel with a Godlike petite teacher 5 years earlier
chapter 21: Ayuseya's fate and also Illsyore's insanity 5 year back
next Story (2): A night the "terror" at the Magic Academy! 5 years earlier
next Story (3): What do you average LAVA top top the first FLOOR?! 5 years earlier
chapter 22: 2 rings come lock me in Hell... Or Heaven? 5 year back
chapter 23: inside turmoils 5 years back
thing 24: brand-new skills, new dungeons, and also a sandwich! 5 years earlier
chapter 25: The critical day the peace... 5 years back
thing 26: Dankyun's arrival at the Fellyore Magic Academy 5 years back
chapter 27: My first Emperor rank Skill! 5 year ago
thing 28: Nanya's pranks 5 year back
chapter 29: and also so that begins... 5 years ago
chapter 30: The cries of mine spells 5 year ago
chapter 31: I carry out as i please for ns am a Godlike! 5 years earlier
thing 32: Fire. Blood. To trust 5 year ago
chapter 33: unforeseen circumstances... 5 years earlier
chapter 34: Shanteya's fight 5 years back
thing 35: The 'monster' hidden in the shadows of my dungeon 5 years back
thing 36: The Dankyunator 3000 5 years earlier
chapter 37: break the borders 5 year back
chapter 38: The attend to the darkness 5 years back
chapter 39: My form of revenge 5 year earlier
next Story (4): In the eight of an angel 5 years ago
side Story (5): between sanity and insanity 5 years earlier
thing 40: Waking up 5 years ago
chapter 41: One action was every it took... 5 year ago
chapter 42: A taste the melons and also apples 5 year ago
chapter 43: Nanya's surprised attack! 5 years earlier
chapter 44: Pillow talk and also headaches 5 years back
thing 45: The Guild's new adventurers 5 years earlier
thing 46: Bucket Head 4 year ago
thing 47: A an overwhelming question 4 year earlier
thing 48: The horde the zombies… and skeletons 4 year back
chapter 49: Tears and death 4 years back
thing 50: below kitty kitty! 4 year back
chapter 51: when a Bucket, constantly a Bucket! 4 year back
thing 52: The new players in city 4 years earlier
thing 53: Ayuseya makes a move 4 year ago
thing 54: A princess’ embrace 4 year earlier
thing 55: completing the pursuit 4 years back
chapter 56: The annoying vendor 4 years ago
chapter 57: The downfall the a greedy merchant 4 year back
thing 58: The surprise dungeon 4 year earlier
chapter 59: battle in the night 4 year back
thing 60: Illsyore’s fury 4 years earlier
chapter 61: Madness and also destruction 4 year ago
chapter 62: The curse 4 year back
chapter 63: providing up on my el’doraw 4 years ago
next Story (6): The foolish Prince 4 year back
side Story (7): Felicity 4 years back
chapter 64: The stalker 4 year ago
thing 65: The battle in the forest 4 years back
chapter 66: A new party member 4 years ago
chapter 67: The start of a new day 4 years back
thing 68: The mystery plan 4 years earlier
chapter 69: Nightmare 4 year earlier
thing 70: Memories and Turmoil 4 year earlier
chapter 71: Zoreya's turmoil 4 years ago
chapter 72: A history untold 4 years earlier
thing 73: Tears of a coward 4 year earlier
chapter 74: The el'doraw's true fate 4 years ago
thing 75: A spark of fact 4 years back
thing 76: A moment of suspicion 4 year ago
chapter 77: damaged 2 year earlier
thing 78: broken faith or not? 2 years back
chapter 79: Zoreya matches The Darkness 2 years back
chapter 80: Tears 2 years back
thing 81: Illsyore unchained 2 years ago
thing 82: long list the nicknames 2 year ago
chapter 83: The laws of production 2 years earlier
chapter 84: In the 'deadly' take on of mine wives 2 year ago
thing 85: Colly Tos because that the win! 2 year earlier
side Story (8): What could have to be 2 years back
chapter 86: six years... 2 year ago
thing 87: The overly shy lioness 2 year earlier
thing 88: Anvil overboard! 2 years back
chapter 89: The cap'n it is in flyin' 2 years earlier
thing 90: six years. Five wives. OP stats. 2 year earlier
thing 91: Cap'n's apartment 2 years ago
thing 92: The map 2 years back
chapter 93: A wise decision 2 years ago
thing 94: Deciding your fate 2 year earlier
thing 95: Calamity unleashed 2 years ago
chapter 96: The end of Pirate Island 2 year back