EXPLAIN: If adenine renders up 20% of the bases in a DNA twin helix, what percent of the bases is guanine? 30%
Answer: Adenine=20% Thymine=20% bc they are complementary pairs (40% total) This way cytosine and guanine (complementary pairs) make up the staying 60%. Divided by 2 you acquire 30% because that guanine and also cystosine.

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EXPLAIN: ~ replication _____ each new DNA twin helix consists of one old strand and one new strand
Answer: This is since to replicate DNA the enzyme helicase the end the initial strand into two strands (replication fork) then each "old" strand" serves as a design template for a "new" strand of DNA to complete the replication process. The "old" and also "new" come to be a semiconservative new twin helix strand the DNA.
Answer: Both eons and also introns room transcribes native DNA to RNA. Prior to RNA pipeline the cell core INTRONS are eliminated leaving the EXONS to express the gene of the RNA w/ a continuous coding sequence
A mutation within a gene that will insert a premature avoid codon in mRNA would - an outcome in a reduce polypeptide chain
A premature protect against codon would certainly signal the termination of the translation procedure by publication ribsomal subunits come disassociate which outcomes in releasing the to reduce polypeptide chain.

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The figure below shows the circulation of hereditary information in a eukaryotic bio cell. The move of info from DNA into and RNA molecule is recognized as _______
Consider the following figure. It illustrates that a solitary amino acid substitution in the hemoglobin gene _____
EXPLAIN: take into consideration the following figure. The illustrates that a single amino acid substitution in the hemoglobin gene -may transform a protein so the it no longer attributes properly
Answer: through slightly transforming the one amino mountain in the DNA succession of (T/A) to mutant (A/U) affects the proteins as whole structure and function resulting in the person from having actually normal book to having sickle-cell anemia.



Fundamentals that Biochemistry: Life in ~ the molecular Level5th EditionCharlotte W. Pratt, Donald Voet, Judith G. Voet