This week’s illustration of If love You Is Wrong to be a little bit slower 보다 last week’s episode, but it was still pretty good! we still haven’t found the areas of the infant or the infant daddy, and we tho aren’t fully sure what happened, yet this episode offers us countless other cases to speculate about.

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If loving You Is Wrong illustration 137: Betting ~ above Tina.

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Remember, Alex struggle a tree last week, so us catch ago up v her at the start of this week’s episode. She’s fine, but the vehicle catches top top fire.

Meanwhile, Marcie talks to Steven and also tells him around Brad saying that he visited Bandit mountain and also how his shoes to be a different mud color and blah blah. Basically, she spilled all the tea. Steven said Eddie to walk up there to check it out, yet Eddie was just taking his sweet and also precious time – being disrespectful, as usual. Some man named stack is walking by and Eddie stop him to find out what’s walking on. Stack knew the wasn’t any kind of good, yet went ahead and told him that they think Brad has actually something to do with this. Once Rick asked the if he knew Brad, Eddie to be like, “Nah. I recognize of him, however I don’t know him personally.” Really, dude??? Anyway, Eddie it s okay on his back-up phone and calls Brad: “If you needed assist doing something, I can have helped you. Where space the bodies at? cause they’re investigating.” Brad said, “What’s going on? What room you talking about? What bodies? space you high?” Eddie called him, “Dude, they are investigating and they will certainly arrest you.” Brad was like, “I’m tired and also I’m going come bed. It’s to be a stormy night.” after ~ they complete talking, Esperanza comes up to Eddie like, “If Brad remained in this, i bet you to be too. Miss Louise claimed it.” Eddie’s wheel were transforming – he much better not execute anything to her!

After Brad gets turn off the phone v Eddie, the tries to call Marcie, yet she doesn’t answer. She’s running to the restroom puking. Might she be pregnant?? ns think so!

As that’s happening, Travis finishes leaving his 39 voicemails. Kelly and Esperanza are in the house, wherein they play the voicemails. Esperanza to be like, “Girl…what sort of voodoo sex ingredient did you put on this guy? You need to document some papers on Travis – trust me, ns know.”

At the hospital, Natalie and Lushion space still wait while Joey is in surgery. As they’re waiting, Joey’s P.O. Comes in and tells Lushion, “He violated his probation, therefore he’s gonna have to go to jail.” Lushion is like, “First of, he’s not going all over right now. Second, here’s my card. From currently on, don’t speak to she – talk to me.” as soon as Lushion went back to Natalie, she speak him that him being there isn’t just around Joey – transforms out that he’s to be trying to obtain with Natalie. You recognize Lushion didn’t wanna listen that, therefore I’m certain he’s going to have actually something for ole boy once they talk again.

Then we see Ben talking on the phone through Julius, that was still trying to win him over. Julius to be like, “You want few of that pure Colombian?” Ben said, “Yeah, yet Eddie is constantly watching me.” Julius said, “Like a boyfriend?” What’s up v all these doubt comments? room y’all vibing or nah? just tell me! Julius to be like, “I desire you.”

“You desire me?”

“Yeah…on mine team. What’d you think ns meant? I have a girlfriend.”


I think Ben is fighting something.

Julius just kept teasing till Eddie to walk in and they had to acquire off the phone.

Then us get back to Kelly, that gets a contact from DianeTerrell’s mom. She’s like, “Don’t make me come over there and whoop girlfriend a**. You’re the one supposed in it is in in jail, no him. And also then you overlook him! Don’t make me go to that bank and tell lock what yes, really happened! following time he calls, you better answer!” What the hell did Kelly do??

Then we get ago to Alex, that manages to obtain a ride from a truck driver. He available her a phone, however she wouldn’t take it it.

As that’s happening, Brad phone call Marcie again – she’s still in the toilet floor. Brad explains that he doesn’t recognize what’s walking on, yet he has actually nothing to perform with it. There’s new construction in ~ Bandit Mountain and that’s why he had actually mud on his shoes. She want to think him, but she quiet wasn’t sure. As they were talking, the cops hit on Brad’s door. Castle go straight to the boots and also immediately phone call Brad the he’s under arrest.

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And that was the finish of If love You Is Wrong!

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