Reciprocal inhibition method that when one sensory nerve is stimulated, another sensory neuron because that synergistic muscle in the exact same area is inhibited and cannot respond.

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The patellar "knee jerk" reflex is an example of a(n) ________. A) extensor thrust reflexB) stress reflexC) crossed-extensor reflex D) large reflex
Which the the adhering to is not an example of an exteroceptor? A) touchB) pressureC) ache D) temperature E) baroreceptor
The abducens nerve ________.A) provides innervation come the lateral rectus muscle of the eye B) relays sensory details from taste sprout on the tongue C) exit from the medullaD) if paralyzed, exhibits Bell"s palsy
Striking the "funny bone" is in reality stimulation of (or injury to) the ________. A) radial nerveB) sciatic nerveC) ulnar nerve D) typical nerve
A reflex that causes muscle relaxation and also lengthening in an answer to muscle anxiety is dubbed a ________.A) Golgi tendon reflexB) flexor reflex C) crossed-extensor reflex D) plantar reflex
Pressure, pain, and temperature receptors in the skin are ________. A) interoceptorsB) exteroceptorsC) proprioceptors D) mechanoreceptors
Potentially damaging stimuli that an outcome in pain room selectively detect by ________. A) interoceptorsB) photoreceptorsC) nociceptors D) proprioceptors
Nerves that carry impulses towards the CNS just are ________. A) afferent nervesB) efferent nervesC) motor nerves D) mixed nerves
In a crossed-extensor reflex, if the right arm was got it would certainly flex and the left arm would ________.A) also flexB) extend C) abductD) adduct
Which of the complying with is the correct straightforward spinal reflex arc?A) effector, afferent neuron, integration center, efferent neuron, receptor B) receptor, afferent neuron, integration center, efferent neuron, effector C) effector, efferent neuron, integration center, afferent neuron, receptor D) receptor, efferent neuron, integration center, afferent neuron, effector
The flexor muscles in the anterior arm (biceps brachii and also brachialis) room innervated by what nerve?A) radialB) average C) ulnarD) musculocutaneous
The cranial nerve the has major neural relations with the tongue is the ________. A) vagusB) occulomotorC) glossopharyngeal D) Abducens
Problems in balance might follow trauma to which nerve? A) abducensB) vestibulocochlearC) trigeminal D) accessory
The engine branch the the mean nerve serve the? (pg 507) a. Flexor team of the anterior lower limbb. Extensor team of the lower limbc. Flexor group of the anterior forearm d. Extensor team of the forearm
The motor efferent department of the PNS has actually two subdivisions, they are (pg 485): a. Somatic and also autonomic concerned systemb. Sympathetic and parasympatheticc. Ventral and also dorsal nerve roots d. Anterior and posterior Rami
Muscle spindles recognize muscle ______________ and also initiate a reflex that reasons __________ of that exact same muscle (pg 488) :a. Shortening, contractionb. Stretch, convulsion c. Stretch, inhibitiond. Contraction, inhibition
The three key levels of neural integration space (pg 489) : a. Neural, hormonal, humoralb. Afferent, efferent, spinalc. Ach, epinephrine, no one epinephrine d. Somatosensory, association, multimodale. Receptor level, circuit level, perceptual level
Loss that a spinal dorsal nerve source would an outcome in the ns of? a. Efferent signal to the spinal cordb. Efferent signal to the musclec. Afferent signals to skin d. Afferent signals to the musclee. Afferent signals to the spinal cord
Cranial nerves I, II, and also III are the_____, ______, and _____ nerves (pg 493): a. Trochlear, Trigeminal, Abducensb. Olfactory, Optic, Occulomotorc. Facial, Vestibulocochlear, Glossopharyngeal d. Vagus, Accessory, hypoglossal
The ____________ plexus offers rise come nerves the innervate the top limb; and also its spinal source originate and span ________ and _______(pg 506)?a. Cervical, C4 and C1b. Brachial, C5 and T1 c. Lumbar, S4 and also L1 d. Sacral, S4 and l1
The area the skin innervated through cutaneous branches the a spinal nerve is called a__________ (pg 510) a. Reflexb. Plexusc. Dermatome d. Ventral nerve source e. Dorsal nerve root
The "Babinski sign" is evident when the nervous device is _________ (pg 519). A. Immature and also unmyelinatedb. Mature and myelinatedc. Immature and myelinated d. Non-existent
The „head-bobbing‟ that regularly occurs as when falling sleep in anatomy class is an example of the ________ spinal reflex?a. Golgi tendonb. Large (myotatic) c. Crossed Extensord. Flexor or Withdrawal
Golgi tendon reflexes serve to ______________ muscular contractions? a. Enhanceb. Suppressc. Restore d. Accentuate
________ is a safety reflex that likewise overrides the spinal pathways and prevents any other reflexes from using them in ~ the very same time.
Information about skeletal muscle stress and anxiety is noted by ________ and muscle length by ________.

Hole"s Essentials of human Anatomy & Physiology12th EditionDavid N. Shier, Jackie L. Butler, Ricki Lewis



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