in terms of n?2 – n2n2 + n2n3. Which of the complying with molecules go NOT screen resonance? benzenephenylethanem-xylenecyclohexane

1. In a cyclic hydrocarbon with only carbon-carbon single bonds and n number of carbon atoms, how numerous hydrogen atoms space there in terms of n?A cyclic hydrocarbon containing just carbon-carbon single bonds is dubbed a cycloalkane it has actually a basic formula the CnH2n. Therefore, the correct among the choices is the critical option.3. I m sorry of the complying with molecules does NOT display resonance? The would certainly be cyclohexane.

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Tris- HCl buffer is often used as a buffer for biochemical reactions in pH selection from 7.1 come 9.1. It is do by dissolving in wa

You need to add 46 mL of 0,1 M HCl and also 54 mL of water.


First, that is important to usage Henderson-Hasselbalch equation:

pH = pka + log₁₀

}" alt="\frac" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

8,0 = 8,08 + log₁₀

}" alt="\frac" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

0,83 =

}" alt="\frac" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula"> (1)

If we will certainly to prepare 200 mL, the total buffer concentration must be 0,05 M, thus:

0,05 M = + (2)

Replacing (2) in (1):

= 0,027 M


) 0,023 M

The equilibirum is:

TRISH⁺ ⇄ TRIS base + HCl ka = 8,32x10⁻⁹

The equlibrium concentration of TRIS base and HCl are:

= 0,05 M - x whereby x should be 0,023 M, The concentration that TRISH⁺

= Y - x whereby Y is initial concentration of HCl.

The equilibrium concentration the HCl is the same pH, thus:

= 10⁻⁸ M.

Thus, Y is:

0,023 M + 10⁻⁸ M ≅ 0,023M

Which come from:

0,023 M × 0,200 together = 4,6x10⁻³ mol ÷ 0,1 M = 0,046 l ≡ 46mL

Thus, you require to add from the 100 mL of 0,1M Tris base, 46 mL that 0,1 M HCl and also 54 mL that water to finish 200 mL

I hope it helps!

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Which of these conjugate acid-base pairs will certainly not function as a buffer?
miv72 <106K>₃ and also NO³⁻ would certainly not duty as buffer


The buffer solution room usually prepared by using any type of weak acid (which would partially dissociate) and mixing this weak acid with its very own conjugate base or any kind of weak base (which would partly dissociate) and also mixing v with that conjugate acid.

A buffer systems is a solution which resists readjust in pH that the solution.

Since nitric acid is a very strong acid and also hence no nitric mountain HNO₃ or the conjugate base NO³⁻ anionb is perfect for the preparation of buffer solution.

HCO³⁻ is a weak acid and also hence it can type a buffer solution with that conjugate basic CO₃²-. Therefore they deserve to be used to kind buffer.

C₂H₅COOH is a weak acid and also hence it can also kind buffer equipment with the conjugate base.

So just HNO₃and NO³⁻ would certainly not be able to form buffer

So option a is the

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How would certainly I fill out this chart?
Sloan <31>

- chemistry bonds

<2nd row L-R> - Force, Ionic, Covalent

<3rd row L-R> - Atoms, lost or Gained, Shared

<4th row L-R> - an ext stable, Metal and also Nonmetal, Nonmetal and Nonmetal


Chemical bonds space a force that hold together atoms in a problem to make compounds more stable.

Chemical bonds include two kinds: Ionic and Covalent.

Ionic in which electrons are lost or gained whereby attraction is between a Metal and Nonmetal.

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Covalent in which electrons are mutual where attraction is in between a nonmetal and also nonmetal.

I have been may be to to fill the principle map making use of the correct terms or phrases. The concept map talks around chemical bonds. There space two varieties of chemical bonds; which ionic bond and also covalent bond.

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A chemist encounters an unknown metal. They drop the metal right into a graduated cylinder comprise water, and find the volume chang
blagie <28>

The density of the steel is 0.561 g/mL


The computation that the thickness of the metal is presented below;

As we know that

The density of the metal is



Mass = 4.9g

Change in volume = 6.9 mL

Now location these values to the over formula

So, the density of the steel is


= 0.561 g/mL

Hence, the density of the metal is 0.561 g/mL

We simply applied the over formula so the the correct density can arrive

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