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Que.A ____ includes the the smallest unit of coherent data, so you might speak to it the basic building block because that a data file.a.File structureb.Recordsc.Fieldsd.DatabaseAnswer:Fields

With multiple disks, we deserve to improve the move rate as well by ___________ data throughout multiple disks.
There space “record-once” execution of compact disk and also digital video clip disk, which have the right to be written just once; together disks are additionally called __________ disks.
The term _____ is occasionally used to describe a data record in which every the records have actually the same record format, that is, the same ar names, ar lengths, and data types.
In the disk packs, the tracks are separated into smaller block of info containing huge amount of information called
The _________ is the fastest and also most costly kind of storage, which is fairly small; its use is managed by the computer system system hardware.
______________ partitiones data and also parity amongst all N+1 disks, rather of storing data in N-disks and also parity in one disk.
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