L>Chapter 9: QUIZChapter 14: Quiz1. In a an easy regression analysis (where Y is dependent and also X is independent), if the Y intercept is positive, then A.there is a positive correlation in between X and Y B.there is a negative correlation in between X and Y C.if X is increased, Y must also increase D.if Y is increased, X must also increase E.none that the above2. In regression analysis, the variable that is being predicted is the A.dependent variable B.independent change C.intervening variable D.none of the above3. A procedure used for detect the equation of a straight line which gives the best approximation for the relationship between the elevation variable and also the dependent change is the A.correlation evaluation B.mean squares method C.least squars method D.most squares method E.none that the above4. Applications of the the very least sqares an approach results in worths of the y intercept and also the steep which minimizes the sum of the squared deviations between the A.observed worths of the live independence variable and also the approximated values that the independent change B.actual values of the live independence variable and also the estimated values the the dependent variable C.observed values of the dependent variable and also the approximated values that the dependent variable D.none of the above5. A regression asnalysis in between the sales (Y in $1000) and advertising (X in dollars) caused the complying with equation: y-hat = 50000 + 6x The over equation implies that an A.increase of $6 in proclaiming is linked with boost of $6000 in sales B.increase the $1 in heralding is connected with an increase of $6 in sales C.increase of $1 in heralding is connected with an increase of $56,000 oin sales D.increase of $1 in advertising is linked with an increase of $6000 in sales E.none that the above6. Larger values the r2 suggest that the monitorings are much more closely grouped around the A.average worth of the elevation variables B.average worth of the dependent variables C.least squares heat D.origin E.none of the above7. In regression analysis, whcih the the complying with is not a required assumption around the error hatchet e? A.The meant value the the error ax is 0 B.The vari ce for the error term is the same for all worths of X C.The values of the error term space independent D.The error hatchet is normally distributed E.All of the over are forced assumptions about the error term8. In a regression and also correlation analysis if the r2 = 1, then A.SSE = SST B.SSE = 1 C.SSR = SSE D.SSR = SST E.none of the aboveUse the following data because that the following two questions. Regression evaluation was used between sales data (in $1000s) and advertising data (in $100s) and the following information was obtained y-hat = 12 +1.8x n = 17 SSR = 225 SSE = 75 Sb1 = 0.26839.

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The t-statistic for testing the meaning of the slope is A.1.80 B.1.96 C.6.708 D.0.555 E.none of the above10. The vital t-value for trial and error the definition of the slope is A.1.756 B.2.131 C.1.746 D.2.120 E.none the the aboveClick right here to obtain the appropriate answers