win Australia by 6 wickets in the last ODI versus Australia at Sydney. Capture the full video highlights that the complement here.

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* held their nerve to complete things turn off in the last end of yet another high-scoring contest as Manish Pandey’s maiden One-Day international (ODI) assisted his side gain over the line. Australia, buoyed by flawless loads by David Warner and also Mitchell Marsh moved them to 330 because that seven. gained off come a sterling start through Shikhar Dhawan (75) and also Rohit Sharma (99) but it was Pandey who anchored the innings to help the guys in Blue obtain a face saving win. Australia took the series 4-1, bringing an end to their unbeaten home-wins streak, i m sorry stretched ago to January 2015. Catch the video Highlights the the complement hereAlso read - EdelGive Hurun Philanthropy perform 2021: Azim Premji Tops; inspect How lot He Donates every Day

Through debutant pacer Jasprit Bumrah’s accurate bowling, snared four early on wickets to pile the push on Australia. However, Warner and also Marsh released a spectacular counter-attack in the middle-overs, help the next to acquire past the 300 mark. Bumrah and Ishant Sharma’s tight bowling assisted the inter-base.netns restore some same in the last 2 overs, wherein they conceded simply seven runs. Likewise Read - Yay! totally Vaccinated Australians cost-free to Travel overseas From November

Despite seeing wickets tumbling all roughly him, Warner wasn’t fazed and also once he gained his eye in, go after the inter-base.netn attack. The southpaw was major on Umesh Yadav in specific and the younger swamp soon obtained in on the act, playing free-flowing cricket. The boundaries came at alarming regularity and it looked like the visitors had actually let the match slip, in spite of being in command ~ the very first hour of play. Additionally Read - efficiently Test-fires Agni 5 Ballistic Missile with 5,000-km Range

The inter-base.netn chase had no shortage that drama. Dhawan blazed away in the at an early stage overs while Rohit reduce anchor. After laboring his method into the bilateral series, the Delhi opener remained in his element, play his trademark booming drives and also cut shots as inter-base.netns to be in the hunt to chase the mammoth complete down.

The Australian bowlers, barring the consistent John Hastings (3 because that 61) went because that plenty yet sent scare in the inter-base.netn ranks together they dismissed Virat Kohli at an early stage on. There to be a bit of conflict that involved the inter-base.netn vice-captain too. Early during his quick stay in ~ the crease, he had slashed Hastings and also the ball went high over first slip, and was all set to with the third man fence. Alas, the sphere hit one of the cameras the hung from a rope and also a dead round was signaled.

After Kohli’s dismissal, Rohit and also Pandey calmly went around with the chase. They struck Nathan Lyon and also the sustaining pacers and also had the follow well under control. Rohit to be flabbergasted as soon as the umpire’s finger walk up. He to be all collection to bring up his 3rd hundred of the series.

MS Dhoni surprisingly struggled to get going in the early overs and the equation at that point favoured Australia. It was not till the last end of the game that Dhoni went for one of his characteristic bottom-handle hits over the fence. still necessary 6 turn off 4 once Dhoni departed. Pandey to be a snapshot of calm and also brought up his maiden ton through a trickle to third-man. He assisted victory the video game off the next ball.

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Australian fielding to be their biggest nemesis. Shaun Marsh and also Nathan Lyon reduce sitters off Dhawan and Dhoni, which ultimately proved to it is in the difference. Rohit Sharma to be rightfully vested the guy of the Series.