Just had a lecture there where the lecturer was doing revision on electronic configuration.

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He stated that the electronic configuration of $$\ce{In^3+= 5s^2 3p^1}$$

He didn"t include the $\ce{4d^10}$ orbital. He said it doesn"t matter and if we write the full E.C out it"s incorrect. It basically goes against everything we studied in 1st year general inter-base.net. Also I believe he didn"t take into account the fact that $\ce{In^3+}$ has $46 \, e^-$ not $49 \, e^-$.

Should the electronic configuration not be $$\ce{ 5s^0 4d^10 3p^0}= \ce{ 4d^10}$$

Can someone shed some light on whether he is right.

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Yup, it"s $<\ce{Kr}>4d^{10}$. Post-transition ($p$-block) elements rarely if ever ionize or even covalently bond their $d$ subshell electrons. Although we use the bracketed core designation only for noble gas cores, by the time we get to Group 12 or 13 the $d$ electrons are also effectively part of the core.

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