MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that ideal completes the declare or answers the question.

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12) ________ is the world's many populous nation, house to ________ the the human being living on Earth.

A) India; one-third

B) China; half

C) The joined States; half

D) The joined States; one-fifth

E) China; one-fifth

13) i m sorry of the complying with is not one the the world's top five most populated nations?

A) Indonesia

B) Vietnam

C) Brazil

D) unified States

E) India

14) instead of fertility ________.

A) restores populace size ~ a catastrophic event

B) is same to 2.1 in secure populations

C) is listed below 2 in Africa

D) is a contraceptive technique

E) is listed below 2 in Latin America and the Caribbean

15) The 1994 Cairo, Egypt, conference was arranged ________.

A) by chairman Clinton to seek world resources for family?planning initiatives

B) to urge governments to far better address social issues such together poverty, disease, and also lack of education and learning as potential sources of population problems

C) to lower the world's population to preset targets by advocating the usage of contraceptives

D) to reevaluate the efficiency of China's one-child policy

E) to deal with the growing AIDS epidemic in Africa

16) Life expectations in parts of southern Africa ________.

A) has actually stabilized early to populace control

B) is starting to fall

C) cannot be determined due to lack of adequate methods for data collection

D) has fallen dramatically since 1990

E) is ~ above the rise

17) A high birth price coupled through a declining fatality rate result from boosted food production and also improved medical care is characteristic of the ________ stage of the demographic transition model.

A) stabilization

B) revolutionary

C) postindustrial

D) preindustrial

E) transitional

18) IPAT represents ________.

A) Impact, People, Affluence, and also Technology

B) Impact, Population, Affluence, and Technology

C) Industry, Population, Attitude, and also Teaching

D) Industry, People, Attitude, and also Teaching

E) Impact, Population, Attitude, and also Technology

19) The hatchet demographic shift refers to ________.

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A) the slowing down in the development of a population as it approaches it biocapacity

B) the slowing down in the growth of a population as it approaches the transferring capacity

C) the decline in fatality rates followed by decrease in bear rates, developing as a nation economically develops

D) the decline in fatality rates adhered to by a decline in birth rates that developed because sanitation levels in locations improved

E) a requirement for a populace to reach a specific size before it becomes stable

20) i m sorry of the following determinants drives TFR down?

A) poverty

B) social and also economic security

C) high child mortality

D) rural lifestyle

E) background and tradition

21) The transitional stage in frank Notestein's demographic design is initiated by ________.