Whether you"re still wait for it to arrive, or you"re one of the lucky ones already holding the brand brand-new Rose Gold tool in her hands, there"s miscellaneous you need to know around your iphone phone 6s or 6s Plus. And also apologize won"t phone call you!

Your brand-new iPhone is pink.

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Now, you more than likely suspected that when you first saw itduring Apple"s big reveal or maybe once you ordered it. There it was: pink as pink can be.

In fact, it drops somewhere ~ above the pink spectrum between cotton candy and also Hello Kitty"s favoritehue.

Or, an ext precisely, it"s a dead ringer because that this pond polish dubbed Frosted Fairycakes.

Phone or polish, that a an excellent color. Really.

But if Apple’s pretty upfront about what room Gray, Silver and also Gold are, ithasn’t quite grasped the pinkness of pink.

The concern is, why?

Just due to the fact that it’s pink, doesn’t average it’s lesser. Iphone phone fans have been clamoring because that a pinkoptionfor ages — and also not simply that neon salmon-pink indigenous the 5c days.

Given that these so-called increased Gold phoneshave the longest shipping approximates out of every the new 6s devices, because of demand, pink has proven quite popular due to the fact that its release.

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So why aren’t we calling it pink — or in Applese, something closer come Nebula Pink? Is it just too feminine-sounding to hang with space Gray (my personal favorite)?

Seems rose Gold isn’t guy-friendly enough, either, v some calling it“Bros’ Gold,”in irradiate of that is popularity with dudes.

Side note: you re welcome never contact it Bros’ Gold!

Ultimately, the course, the doesn’t matter what you speak to it. Pink by any kind of other surname is quiet pink, and this is pink, y’all.

(Credit: Xaume Olleros/Bloomberg)

And it is OK!

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