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biledriver posted...Even if over there is a timer nobody knows just how long that is or just how the "stack effect" is supposed to work when girlfriend don"t receive an exotic.Face it, anything friend hear is pure speculation unless Bungie actually tells us exactly how they function. Many of the reddit studies proved pure, unpredictable RNG.I"ll provide you the the 10 minute typical most people use is just the an outcome of multiple test by many human being - and not an really time offered to united state by Bungie. We use it because our Exotic typical seems to acquire worse if us wait much less than 10 minutes, and also doesn"t seem to readjust at all if we wait more.But regarding the "stacking effect," that us absolutely know how it functions - what us don"t recognize is the exact amount of an increase we obtain after every Coin (each full impact Coin).We know that as soon as you use a Coin, you acquire a details amount that "Exotic autumn chance." as soon as you don"t get an Exotic, you save the "chance" native the Coin and also the Timer identify the lot of "Exotic drop chance" your next Coin adds to the total.So (made up numbers as one example) your an initial Coin provides you 20% opportunity at one Exotic, however you don"t acquire one to drop. If girlfriend use one more Coin appropriate away, you gain a 5% chance rise to your total. If you save using your Coins the same means every time, your total will proceed to rise by 5% each time till you get a fall (and I"m gift generous, it"s probably much more like 2%).If friend wait the full Timer (to acquire the full impact of your next Coin), you get a 15% chance rise to your total. Store using Coins the exact same way, and also 15% will certainly be added to your total until you get a fall (this number seems specific to me with my present 1 in 6 average).Do both techniques depend top top RNG? Of course they do, yet 1 an ext so 보다 the other. Deserve to you pick out and also get back to back Exotics with both methods? Yep. What the Timer method has over the rapid Use method is consistency. If you desire to never have actually a 10 Coin dry spell (and ns do typical never) - then the Timer an approach is what girlfriend want.
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A failed coin use is around +5% if you consume a buff about 6 minutes after consuming the last.This is why slow use sees the most returns in ~ 9/10 coins in (about 50% chance)The opportunity is only around +2% if you consume inside the timer. This is why rapid user look at the most returns about 17-22 coins in.

DEMONPANDA212 posted...I still farm regicide, I get glimmer and wormspore like mad as well as blues and greens from all the mobs.Just every in every a much better spot because that me.Same, to add 5 Ultras is a great opportunity because that those to drop
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4 year ago#35
oberyn47 posted...pb331979 posted...xVIC5T3Rx posted...Does the 10 min wait before popping an additional 3oC still uses for this? Or just pop one after each ultra.I have actually no actual clue about the cool down however I simply used 31 coins on the black garden ago to back and came away with 4 exotics. No my best rate but was super fastDamn, that"s bad rng dude. Farmed the black color garden a couple of days ago, offered 24 and got 13 exotics. A while earlier I did the same farm, can"t mental the variety of 3oC used but I frequently use 2 dozen as soon as farming like this, I come away v 4 exotics.It"s rng dude, that Damn rng.Don"t talk ****
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Gloats about how great RNGesus has actually been to him, decrypts every engrams in 2 seconds, complains around how the grind in this video game sucks, never ever uses find bar because that answers, numbers out what has actually been known for end a year, makes brand-new thread...This topic feeling like one of those.
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4 years ago#37
A 5 min cool down works for me. I median an exotic 1-5 coins.
This twisted game needs to it is in reset... We"ll begin over native Zero with this V2, and trust the future come the next generation.
Never stack coins...And yeah, I admit it, castle messed with the Draksis drop price sometime in the last couple weeks. It"s method down. And also I"ve farmed thousands of exotics native Draksis. Can be the overall drop %, or might be the popping 1 ~ another, but he just doesn"t drop choose he offered to. That drops greens and also blues now, and also never go before. Everybody must really it is in farming exotics until the LL increase comes.

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