A set of function and contact programs that enable clients and also servers tointercommunicate is a(n) ________ interface.A) SQL B) relational databaseC) middleware D) applications programming

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2) The most basic class of client/server configuration is __________ , in i beg your pardon the clientis principally responsible for providing a graphical user interface, while basically allof the processing is excellent on the server.A) host-based processing B) cooperative processingC) server-based processing D) client-based processing
A networked info requester, generally a pc or workstation, that deserve to querydatabase and/or other info from a server is a(n) _________A) client B) swarm C) API D) SQL
The _________ allows many client to share access to the exact same database and also enablesthe use of a high-performance computer system to manage the database.A) relational database B) serverC) client D) middleware
5) __________ is a collection of drivers, APIs, or various other software that boosts connectivitybetween a client application and also a server.A) distributed message passing B) SQLC) Graphical user user interface D) Middleware
_________ processing refers to the timeless mainframe atmosphere in i m sorry all,or practically al, of the handling is excellent on a main host.A) Host-based B) CooperativeC) Server-based D) Client-based
The ________ processing design is the most typical client/server strategy incurrent use.A) server-based B) client-basedC) host-based D) cooperative
As a result of _________ , common functions have the right to be supplied by different departmentsinternally and by external business partners together well.A) middleware B) service-oriented architectureC) RPC D) XLM
A __________ is a specific kind of business provider that acts as a registry and also allowsfor the lookup of company provider interfaces and service locations.A) business requestor B) service providerC) company designer D) organization broker
A _________ is a team of interconnected, whole computers working with each other as aunified computing source that can create the illusion of being one machine.A) SMP B) nodeC) swarm D) single-system
With the _________ clustering method, data are continuously duplicated from primaryto an additional server.A) separate server B) passive standbyC) active second D) servers re-superstructure disks
The role of switching an application and data resources over native a failedsystem come an different system in the cluster is referred to as __________ .A) failsafe B) failnode C) failback D) failover
13) In the _________ approach, the programmer writes the applications from the outset torun top top a cluster and uses article passing to move data, together required, betweencluster nodes.A) passive standby B) parallelized applicationC) parallelizing compiler D) parametric computing
The usual disks space partitioned right into volumes, and also each volume is own by asingle computer, is the _________ approach.A) mutual disk B) servers re-superstructure disksC) solitary virtual networking D) mutual nothing
Pvmsync, EnFuzion, and BPRoc are examples of __________ system software.A) Graphical User user interface B) CORBAC) SQL D) Beowulf

Introduction come Algorithms3rd EditionCharles E. Leiserson, Clifford Stein, Ronald L. Rivest, cutting board H. Cormen



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