Billy McFarland was relatively unknown inside and also outside that American clubbing circles till April 2017, once a VIP party he had organized turned into a nightmare, leave those existing stranded and completely shocked.

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McFarland, that co-founded the festival along with the well-known American rapper Ja preeminence (born Jeffrey Bruce Atkins), was later arrested and put top top trial. Currently, the Fyre media chef is serving a six-year sentence in commonwealth prison after pleading guilty to 2 counts that remittance fraud.

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Below space all the facts around the judge Fyre media chief. Friend will also learn who his parents and girlfriend are and also whether he is pertained to the American actor, author, and also director Seth MacFarlane.

Billy McFarland Biography

The founder that the Fyre Festival, whose real name is william McFarland, to be born in the United claims of America ~ above December 11, 1991. However, he prospered up v his parental in the short Hills ar of Millburn, brand-new Jersey.

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After high school, McFarland checked out Bucknell university in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, to study computer system science. However, he left the school after less than ripe months v the on purpose of creating an online advertising platform dubbed Spling.

He briefly offered as CEO that the company before joining an elite new York Millennium club known as Magnises. Located in a townhouse in the West Village. Magnises membership costs $250, when members got discounted accessibility to high-profile events and also were likewise invited come lectures, dinners, cocktail parties, and also art exhibitions.

Later, however, that turned out that the agency did not keep its promises, together was revealed through its members. About this point, Billy perfected his idea of arranging the Fyre Festival.

Fyre Festival Debacle

The high-end festival, managed by Fyre Media (a company founded by Billy in 2016), was booked to take place in the Bahamas in late April and also May 2017, through tickets marketing for $1,200. Party-goers were assured the they would certainly be flown in indigenous Miami in a custom Boeing 737 and also treated come gourmet food and also exotic tents to sleep in.

The Fyre Festival additionally attracted the fist of numerous influential supermodels such together Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and also Alessandra Ambrosio, that participated in the shooting of the event’s promotion trailers. Upon their arrival ~ above the island of good Exuma because that the festival, the participants were greeted through a collection of severe misrepresentations, administrative, and also management difficulties that ultimately led to the cancellation that the event organized through Ja Rule and Billy McFarland.

After the spectacular fail of the event, which spread massively on Instastories and Twitter timelines, the Fyre Festival automatically became the topic of several lawsuits and also the federal examination of the unified States. Billy and also Ja ascendancy were later sued because that $100 million in a class-action sue in may 2017, and Billy pleaded guilty to 2 counts of cable fraud in march 2018.

McFarland agreed come forfeit over $26 million and also was sentenced to 6 years in federal prison on October 11, 2018. The convicted fraudster is incarcerated in Otisville, FCI Otisville, in Orange County, new York. In 2019, the conflict surrounding the failure Fyre Festival to be recounted in the 2 documentaries Fyre fraud (Fyre fraud, exit by Hulu top top January 14) and also Fyre: The best Party That never ever Happened (released by Netflix top top January 18, 2019).

Billy Mcfarland Girlfriend

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According come the Hulu documentary, Billy McFarland is in a connection with a beautiful model named Anastasia Eremenko. The design was born in 1990 and also comes indigenous Rostov-on-Don, a city in southeastern Russia.

Anastasia moved to Delaware at the age of seventeen and also later earn an M.B.A. In ~ Goldey-Beacom College. She started her modeling job in 2012 and also has because worked for several brands, including Balmain and also Guess. Eremenko right now works at quiet Models.

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The couple is claimed to have actually met after ~ the fraud at the Fyre Festival was uncovered. Back McFarland is in prison, he is tho in love through his girlfriend.


Billy McFarland, son of American parents, established his very first company in ~ the age of thirteen. In contrast to the disgraced fraudster, not lot is known around his parents. However, authoritative sources report the Billy’s parents room both actual estate developers. Except this information, their household background and also where lock live is still a mystery.

Is Billy concerned Seth MacFarlane?

Seth MacFarlane is ideal known together the creator that the television collection The household Guy. Back the online audience is convinced that the judge criminal and also the actor bear a particular resemblance in part ways, Seth has actually no household relationship whatsoever with Billy.

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Apart indigenous the truth that there is no possibility that the two could be brothers, Seth knows nothing about the Fyre Festival, his parents are not actual estate developers and also his last surname is MacFarlane.