We were very first introduced to Colton Underwood in 2018 as soon as he to be a contestant ~ above The Bachelorette. He ended up being a pan favorite and additionally appeared ~ above the spin-off show Bachelor in Paradise. After he was unsuccessful on both shows, he was announced as The Bachelor in the loss of 2018, and also his season started airing January 7, 2019.

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Colton’s season of The Bachelor has been classified together the many emotional and also dramatic in franchise history, and for great reason. That is the an initial Bachelor ever to go into the finale episode with no ladies remaining.

Things obtained so bad that he a nine-foot fence to escape filming for a while and briefly quit the show.

Everyone, and also we median everyone, is talking around the fence jump, yet there is other else people have been talk about, even means before he came to be The Bachelor: Is he pertained to Carrie Underwood?

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carrieunderwood) on jan 5, 2019 at 11:27am PST

Thanks come her solution to a Bachelor video, us now understand the truth.

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The Bachelor tweeted a video clip with the caption, “ might leave friend ugly crying, however that’s okay due to the fact that you can’t cry pretty” and included a montage of females – and Colton – crying transparent the season to the tune of “Cry Pretty.”

#TheBachelorFinale might leave friend ugly crying, yet that's okay due to the fact that you can't cry pretty. Pic.twitter.com/JXeV7nqsQw

— The Bachelor (
BachelorABC) in march 11, 2019

At the finish of the video, it promoted Carrie’s upcoming Cry pretty Tour and also she comment to the tweet by speak she had “#NoRelation” come Colton.