Similar words:manifest,manifesto,destined,clandestine,destination,lifestyle,destitute,testing.Meaning:n. A policy of imperialism rationalized as inescapable (as if granted by God).

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4 This to be the language the manifest destiny, whose speakers assumed that they to be moral examples to the whole world.
5 The theory of manifest destiny was distinctive from the imperialist dynamic that flourished roughly the rotate of the century.
8 The joined States has a manifest destiny come be an example and a blessing to the whole human race.
9 1845 - Manifest Destiny: us President James K. Polk announces to Congress that the joined States have to aggressively expand into the West.
11 In the 19th century Americans thought in manifest destiny, an interpretation that they thought God wanted them to accounting the whole continent.
12 among them, the Americans" sense of being God"s preferred people and also the related principle of "manifest destiny" have substantially influenced American view of China and also other countries.
13 In this essay,(www.inter-base.net) the writers are to analyze and explore how the "Manifest Destiny" influences American development policy.
14 This Indian fighter steady grasped the concept of Manifest Destiny saying the America"s extermination the the Indians and also thefts our their lands was ultimately useful as it was inevitable.
16 relocating the video game westward and also southward adheres to a grand historic progression, a sports tantamount of Manifest Destiny.
17 The think of the early on WASPs do Americans have actually a feeling of priority and also the idea the Manifest Destiny and also so on.
18 The diplomatic think of Quincy Adams can be stood for by three aspects: Firstly, the believed of continental expansion emphasized the theory of Manifest Destiny.
19 Jefferson"s Louisiana purchase doubled America"slandmass, giving the country a glimpse the the Manifest Destiny to come.

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