Do they average the same thing? room they interchangeable for any kind of cases? Is the consideration for officially vs. Informal involved?

For example, "round stone" means the shape of the stone is round. In this certain situation, what"s the difference in between "round shape" and also "rounded shape"?

I don"t watch the difference in between google image: rounded rock and google image: round stone

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They mean the same thing in some contexts, particularly when relenten aspect/shape/form, but not in others.

You are watching: Is round a shape gives the following different meaning:

fully developed, perfected, or complete; diversified and (sometimes supplied in combination): a education; a rounded character.

As a issue of preference I would additionally make a small difference between the 2 words where shape is concerned, as in:

She picked up a round rock from the beach

The sculptor gave the orb a rounded form(implying some action to create the shape)

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"round shape" -refers come something i m sorry is circular form in nature.

while "rounded shape" -represents to a point which deserve to be characterize in different forms however was intendedly designed and curved as a spherical object at some point.Like a rounded shape Satinter-base.netite Dish, that attached in a property to offer as an Antenna.

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Mickhael Chua BajandiMickhael Chua Bajandi
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