I, Himuro Ryouji, am one of the world thrown right into the famous different world as one inhabitant. Somehow, in a different people with ordinary specs and also no specific cheat ability. And so, I, who has trouble even with food, will usage the last resort! I’ll cultivate monsters and make them into dishes! A attention idea if ns say so myself.

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Because there space no vegetables in this world, while i’m cultivating monsters, I’ll do dishes, I’ll sometimes be dragged into fights, the that sort of story.

In addition, the format of the story is the the slow-moving life will certainly be thrown away in the latter fifty percent and there will be ‘serious’ form developments.

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Vol.2 Ch.65
2 months ago
Isekai desu ga Mamono Saibai shiteimasu.,異世界ですが魔物栽培しています。
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Vol.2 Ch.65 (2 month ago)
Adventure: Exploring brand-new places, atmospheres or situations. This is often linked with civilization on long journeys to places far away encountering amazing things.\" class=\"chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Adventure
Fantasy: Anything that involves, however not minimal to, magic, dream world, and also fairy tales.\" class=\"chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Fantasy
Harem: A series involving one male character and many female personalities (usually attracted to the masculine character). A reverse Harem is when the genders space reversed.\" class=\"chip blue mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Harem
Slice the Life: Novels v no clear central plot. This genre tends to be naturalistic and mainly focuses roughly the main characters and also their daily lives. Frequently there will be some thoughtful perspectives about love, relationships, life etc. Tied into the novel. The in its entirety typical moods for this kind of anime space cheery and also carefree, in various other words, it is your 'feel-good' sort of anime.\" class=\"chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Slice that Life
Adapted come Manga: This sign is to be used ONLY if a manga has been released based on the novel. Through manga, it describes the Japanese equivalent of a comic book, listed it is an main publication. The tag is come be included only after ~ the main release the the manga.\" class=\"chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Adapted to Manga
Cooking: tags is to be supplied ONLY if the protagonist that the series can cook (definition might vary based on novel). If the collection has many protagonists, only use this tag if food preparation is a prominent function of among them.\" class=\"chip pink mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Cooking
Cultivation: This tag is come be provided preferably only for Chinese novels. Growing refers to the protagonist trying to get immortality and/or supreme power by the accumulation and consumption of Qi. This sign is usual of the Xianxia genre.\" class=\"chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Cultivation
Farming: This tag is to only be provided if the story involve farming plants.\" class=\"chip red mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Farming
Male Protagonist: If the protagonist that the series is male, then this sign is to it is in used. By protagonist, it describes the leading/main character. No to be supplied with: woman Protagonist \" class=\"chip red mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Male Protagonist
Monsters: sign is come be used ONLY if the protagonist the the collection is a Monster (definition may vary based upon novel). If the collection has lot of protagonists, just use this tags if gift a Monster(s) is a prominent attribute of one of them. Can also be used if there gift Monster(s) has a big impact ~ above the story.\" class=\"chip indigo mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Monsters
R-15: come be used when the content of the story is suitable only for individuals who room 15 or older. This maybe due to the story having sexual or violent themes repeatedly. Keep in mind that it have the right to ONLY be offered for a JP.\" class=\"chip teal mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">R-15
Transported into an additional World: The protagonist the the story starts in one civilization until lock are sent to another, often through reincarnation or summoning. \" class=\"chip orange mb-1 mr-1 white-text\">Transported into an additional World
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It Is A various World and Yet ns Am Cultivating monster (LN), develop or Download EPUB and PDF
The finish of all people approaches.

The Demon King order harvests lives from all manners of life beings.

Within this darkness full of despair,A solitary person escaped native space-time, reverted to prior to the world collapsed, figured out to adjust the fate that the past.

But as time pass, he slowly finds the end that the Apocalypse isn’t quite as simple as he thinks…


World’s Apocalypse Online

A rebellious girl transmigrated with the people of Xianxia. Climate she was reborn again!Having passed the rebellious duration of youth, she determined to turn around and also reinvent herself! She studied hard, and improved every day, struggling come succeed!

Campus Forum: Surprise! that Shā mǎ tèi entered the top ten in school!That Shā mǎ tè crushed Xue Ba!That Shā mǎ tè ended up being the goddess the learning!She to be the first Shā mǎ tè to.

Romance, college Life

After transmigrating into the cultivation world, the school topper was reborn

Imperial prince of the Ka country Li Sekka is a beautiful, unassuming youth, but he holds vital secret. He possesses both genders. And as together he serves together a substitute because that his late sister, who was to it is in the following empress. Throughout this time, Ka nation is got into by the large army the the adjoining Yoh country. Sekka ran away from the country dressed as the imperial Princess, yet was recorded by the Emperor of Yoh country Ryuu Kishoh and had to go into the male harem together a princess. “If that learned that i am a man, I would be killed…” however just as he was feeling uneasy, he to be ordered through Kishoh to invest a night v him…!?

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Ch.7 Pt.4
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From climate on, the gates of a new world to be opened.

When Qi Le opened up his eyes, he found himself tho lying in the hospital, yet there was a small problem.

Everyone aided clear up his confusion: “You’re gay.”

Qi Le: “……”

Everyone: “You’re a 0, which means you’re the one on the bottom.”

Qi Le: “Bullshit! Laozi is a directly man!”

Everyone stepped forward to pat the on the shoulder: “Forget it, every the guys in the people can rotate straight, however not you.”

Qi Le shook with anger: “We’ll see around that!”

Everyone reminded him: “Everyone knows around your confession, anyone knows the you’re gay. I m sorry girl would be willing to date you ah?”

Qi Le: “=口=”

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This human being Has gone Crazy
Ch.73 Pt.2
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One day, a truck ran over me, welcome the suddenly death, ns woke increase in a unfamiliar room.

Checking my appearance in the winter considering over there is a silver- haired beauty… and also in the nether region there are changes from mini size to extra-large size.

Apparently ns reincarnated in a different world. Follow to God I have a spear the can cause the downfall that humanity.

Therefore through this erection i will save the world.

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Rose in a Yuri Field

In today’s society, i beg your pardon is damaged by zombies, over there is just one guy who is not attacked by zombies, and this story follows a male selfish lifestyle.

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Action, Adult, Adventure, Drama, Harem, Mature, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural
Only ns Am Not assaulted In A civilization Overflowing through Zombies
Vol. 2 Ch.36
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