Yes, the is possible to develop a while loop that determines once the document has been ended. The while loop continues its execution till the specified problem is true. Once the problem turns come false the loop ended and also stop that execution. If the if expression worth becomes false the execution of the body will certainly not run even a single time. We can write many statements in ~ the while loop by applying the curly braces on multiple statements to represent the body of the loop.


While( condition)// statements come execute


Let's see an example, we desire to publish the also numbers indigenous 1 to 10 making use of the when loop. In PHP we will certainly write as;

Output:2, 4, 6, 8, 10


The over while loop continues to print the number if the number is even and also skip the number if the number is odd due to the fact that we need to write only even numbers. The while loop will protect against working as soon as the worth of ns will end up being 11 and also the problem becomes false. So, we can say the while the loop always determines as soon as the loop ended.

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