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Hello, strangerIt seems so an excellent to see you ago againHow long has actually it been?It seems like a mighty lengthy timeIt seems favor a mighty lengthy timeI'm therefore gladYou stopped by come say "hello" to meRemember that's the way it used to beIt seems like a mighty lengthy timeIt seems prefer a mighty lengthy timeI'm so happy you're here againIf you're no gonna stayPlease don't furious me prefer you did beforeBecause ns still love you soAlthough it seems choose a mighty lengthy timeIt seems choose a mighty lengthy timeI'm so happy the you're below againSeems prefer a mighty lengthy timeIt feels so good to have you earlier againHow long has it been
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Hello StrangerFrom Wikipedia, the cost-free encyclopedia

“Hello Stranger”


In 1985 Carrie Lucas" remake of “Hello Stranger” – i beg your pardon featured the Whispers – was a peak 20 R&B hit.


Other execution of the song have been taped by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas because that their warmth Wave album, by Queen Latifah in 2004 for she The Dana Owens Album, through Ebony Alleyne for she album never Look back (recorded in 2003/ exit in 2007), by Diane Marino (featuring saxophonist Wycliffe Gordon) for her 2008 ‘60s covers album just Groovin’, and by Julia Holter for her 2013 album according to City Song.Single VersionsArtist Year Recording details Chart positionBarbara Lewis196319631968 producer: Ollie McLaughlin (album Hello Stranger)Atlantic 2184HLK 9724Atlantic 584 153US popular music #3/ R&B #1 (2 wks)UK did no chartUK did no chartElkie Brooks 1964 Decca F 11928/ producer: Ian Samwell UK B-side that “Something’s got a hold on Me” (did no chart)The Capitols1966196619691971 producer: Ollie McLaughlin (album run the Cool Jerk)Karen 1524Atlantic 584 004Atlantic 584 251 attributed to The three CapsAtlantic 2091105 credited to The three CapsUS B-side come “Cool Jerk” (#7)UK B-side to “Cool Jerk” (did not chart)UK B-side to “Cool Jerk” (did not chart)UK B-side come “Cool Jerk” (did no chart)Darius 1969 Chartmaker 419/ producers: pat Glasser & Butch Parker us did not chartFire & Rain 1973 producer: Joe Saraceno (album Fire & Rain)Mercury 73373 us Pop #100 straightforward Listening #24New York Rubber absent Bandfeat. Colleen heather 1976 producers: Bob Motta & Vince TrainaHS 10002 us Dance #31Yvonne Elliman 1977 producer: Freddie Perren (album Love Me)RSO 871 united state Pop #15/ R&B #57/ simple Listening #1 (4 wks)UK (RSO 2090 235) #26/ Canada #13/ Netherlands #20/ new Zealand #12Carrie Lucas 1985 producers: invoice Simmons & Jeffery Cooper(album Horsin" Around)Constellation MCA 23589 united state R&B #20See also

List of number-one R&B singles the 1963 (U.S.) perform of number-one adult contemporary singles the 1977 (U.S.)


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